Sunday, March 15, 2020

Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered essays

Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered essays On my eighteenth birthday earlier this summer, I was informed of my new responsibilities as an adult. Legally, Im old enough to move out and live without supervision, get married without a parents permission, be held accountable for my actions, and face the consequences as any American adult would. At age eighteen, Im able to get into dance clubs, and some clubs on the eastside that cater to the adult crowd, or so I hear. Im old enough to join the military and fight for my country, and am considered an adult by all legal standards. I have the same amount of independence as my parents, or do I? This drinking age in this country is age twenty-one. When one reaches twenty-one, the have complete freedom. They can drink freely without fear of being caught and punished along with the many freedoms they received when they turned eighteen. Years ago, the legal drinking age was eighteen. The government changed this because? My thoughts, they didnt think the youth of that generation were mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with the consumption of alcohol. A responsibility of that magnitude does require a certain level of maturity. I feel that by age eighteen, one is mature enough to handle that responsibility. If youre old enough to go to war, why arent you old enough to drink? I believe society would benefit from this change because drunk driving rates could possibly lower. An underage person goes to a party, and drinks until he or she is not in proper state of mind to drive home. They dont want to call a parent or someone else to pick them up for the fear of getting in trouble for drinking underage. If they were of age, they could freely call someone without the chance of getting in trouble for doing something illegal. Ive heard stories that people my age drink mostly because its somethi ...

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