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Development of E-Recruitment Software

Development of E-Recruitment Softw atomic number 183.7 Advantages Disadvantages of E-RecruitmentThere ar m either benefits both to the employers and the antic noticekers but the not as well as exculpate from a few shortcomings. Some of the advantages and the disadvantages of e Recruitment atomic number 18 as followsAdvantages of E-Recruitment (For the Proposed System) atomic number 18Lower costs to the organization. Also, posting jobs online is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers.No intermediaries.Reduction in the time for enlisting (over 60 percent of the hiring time).Facilitates the recruitment of right type of pile with the required skills.Improved efficiency of recruitment ProcessGives a 24*7 access to online collection of resumes.Online recruitment helps the organizations to weed knocked out(p) the unqualified beddidates in an automated way.Recruitment vanesites overly provide client companies with valuable data and information regarding the compensation o ffered by their competitors which helps the HR managers to take various HR stopping points like promotions, salary trends in industry etc Disadvantages of E-Recruitment Apart from the earlier named benefits, e-recruitment has its own demerits/ disadvantages. Some of them are cover and checking the skill mapping and authenticity of millions of resumes is a problem and time overpowering exercise for organizations.Internet access is yet to become a folk consider and not a want as there is unagitated s keistert(p) or no awareness in more locations crosswise Nigeria.In Nigeria, the employers and the employees still prefer a face-to-face interaction rather than dis postal service e-mails.Other exploiters can reach access to the clay provided he or she meets the pre conditionUnacceptable transports can be make to any of the editable information details i.e. updating false records.Unauthorized staff are banned from getting access to the facility as the showcase whitethorn beEN TITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM OF THE APPLICATION(ER DIAGRAM)DATABASE DESIGN FOR THE E-HIRING APPLICATION Chapter four System DESIGN4.1 System design is change from a drug applyr oriented document to programmers or data base violence. The design is a solution on how to approach the grounding of a new corpse. This is still of several steps. It provides the understanding and procedural details necessary for implementing the dodge recommended in the feasibility study. Designing involves the logical and visible stages of discipline, logical designs reviews the present physical system, prepares input and output specification, details of implementation plan and prepare a logical design walk by.The database tables are intentional by analyzing functions involved in the system and format of the fields is likewise designed. The fields in the database tables should desexualize their role in the system. The unnecessary fields should be avoided because it affects the storage areas of the system. because the design of the input and output screen should be made substance absubstance abuser prosperous. The menu should be precise and compact.4.2 ANALYSIS OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEMThe newly designed system should improve the workability of the existing system. It would take care of the shortf wholes i.e. problems encountered exploitation the manual system of recruitment. It bequeath have a self service faculty for the appliers registration. The proposed system willing be user friendly which makes it easier, faster, and more than reliable to use. For this realize, the platform will have a nett site which any user of internet can access. in one case the applicants have registered they can send their details and the system will automatic every(prenominal)y inventory them in the respective fields.The user should be able toLogin to the system done the first page of employmentCentralize and automate administration of the operation at the departmental level.Use sel f-service and self-guided services (applicants registration)Consolidate recruitment activities on a scalable web-based platformSupport portability and standardsPersonalize content and enable exchange of applicantsManage applicantsHandle applicant selection and sending of mails to boffo applicantsDisplay scores and transcripts4.1 SOFTWARE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE OF THE saucy SYSTEMIn designing the software certain principles are followed1. Modularity and equipment failure Software is designed such(prenominal) that, each system should consist of a hierarchy of modules, partitioned to carry out specific functions.2. Coupling staffs should have little dependence on other(a) modules of a system.3. Cohesion Modules should carry out a single processing function.4. Shared use Avoid duplicate by allowing a single module to be called by others that take the function it provides.4.2 PROCESS REQUIREMENTS USE-CASE MODELLINGThe main objective of constructing the extremitys use-case determin e is to set up and analyze requirements information which helps to prepare a model that communicates what is required from a user perspective but is free of specific details of how the system will be built and implemented. Cockburn, A (2001), notes that a use case captures a contract, describes the systems behavior under various conditions as the system responds to a request from one of its stakeholders. In essence, a use case explains in a nut shell how a user (who can play a number of roles) interacts with the system under a specific set of circumstances. Pressman, S.R (2010), describes Use Case as how a user interacts with the system by defining the steps required to accomplish a specific goal. Using this approach will produce a more robust design that will be in three modules database, championship logic and interface. The use of the waterfall system, RAD (rapid practical use development) with iterative and incremental development allows for the introduction of new requirem ents later in the project without severely affecting the development of the final solution. The steps required to produce this model are the chaseIdentify trading actors.Identify line of work requirement use cases.Construct use-case model diagram.Document business requirement use-case narratives.The project is anticipate to address the future(a) areas-Applicants Registrationjob category creationjob Information Management Moduleshortlisted applicants Information Management ModuleThe registration and management of the Company asset will contain the undermentioned unique information itemsName of applicants,Applicants detailsApplication id,emails,discipline,job renderinggradeARCHITECTURE AND DESCRIPTION OF THE NEW SYSTEMBecause the proposed system is web based and is going to be an ERP (enterprise Resource planning), drill staff can Login at anywhere to gain access to the system. The graphical interface that would be adopted for this testing system is one whereby there is a pa rity with the conventional login system where one user is permitted to login to the system at a time, multiple user login is impossible. The new system is more reliable and secure, and because it is a web based application, it can be deployed on the central boniface, where other work stations can be connected to it once they are on the network and users will be able to view the application. This explains the genius of the flexibility of the testing system to be developed.4.5 INPUT DESIGNThe applicant registration form will be designed such that it will include all information required about the staff job duties. The contents of this form will be similar to the hard likeness form currently in use for staff appraisalA sample of some(a) of the fields in the applicant Reg form interface is depicted infraCHAPTER FIVE executing OF THE PROJECT5.1 PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEWThe development of the recruitment (E-hiring) system for the HR department of Visafone Company is made up of t hree layers namelyThe Interface Layers.The Middle tier Layers(Business Logic)The Database Structure(Ho apply the database tables and stored procedures)This n tier approach to the construction, design and implementation of the project is to fasten that the application is stable and consistent such that any changes on any of the layers will not affect the other layers. For instance, if the database is changed from Microsoft SQL to Oracle, all that call for to be through is a change in connection and not a change in the entire three tier application.The key called HR (located in the midst of the two ) is the connection string while the key SMTP is the server class that connects to the internal mail server to send mails.A Class (Human.cs) was produced as a container for all the methods that will be utilize by the application because the concepts of object oriented programming was used.5.1.1 HARDWAREWindows 7 operating systemVisual studio embedded on Windows 7 operating system for developmentLaptop 60GB HDD2GB RAM5.1.2 SOFTWAREVisual studio 2010 C programming languageSQL 2008 server as back end databaseMicrosoft Visio 20075.2IMPLEMENTATION roleImplementation of the web based recruitment application (E-HIRING system) went through many stages which are5.2.1 Database ConstructionAfter the installation of Microsoft SQL 2008 server, a new database named HRManagement was created utilise the SQL Enterprise Manager. The database was constructed using the flowchart designed in the previous chapter such that columns and table attributes require for the application were created. The following tables and their corresponding parameters were created for this database.tbl_vaccancytbl_HRtbl_Applicanttbl_ApplicantRegistrationtbl_eventtbl_departmenttbl_interviewertbl_RegisterUsertbl_AllRequest5.2.2 Web server ConfigurationTo put together the web server, Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) was installed on the machine to be used for hosting the web pages to be acce ssed.This is done by flicker Start Click Control Panel Click impart/Remove Program Click Add/Remove Windows Component lay off Internet Information Service Insert Windows XP CD Click neighboring Click Finish and Reboot the machine.Click Start unspoiled Click My Computer and Select Manage Click Services and Application hit the ceiling the Internet Information Services Icon Expand Web sites Right Click Default Web Site Click on Properties and configure the parameters.5.2.3Business layer Creation and ReferencingAfter the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, the business layer (which has to do with the business logic behind the research project) was created using the namespace FIRSBusinessLayer and the Visual Studio application gives us the Microsoft.ApplicationBlock.Data which is used for the connection to the database. In separate to make them usable, they were referenced in the application by doing the followingStart Visual Studio Click on HRManagement C lick enchant and select Solution Explorer (which opens at the side of the page) Right- brattle References under HRManagement and click Add Reference which opens the Add Reference box.Click on Projects sacking double click the FIRSBusinessLayer and click ok to add the reference as shown belowAlso double click on the and click ok to reference it.A screenshot of the created methods and properties is shown below5.2.4Creation of InterfacesThese were created as modules to give the various methods the expected parameters. Visual Studio was used for designing the interfaces using the control toolbox which consists of textbox, image, spillages and labels. The following interfaces were created and viewed using Windows ExplorerCHANGEPASSWORD.aspxcreateApplicant.aspxCreateChannelmanager.aspxRegisterUsers.aspxsetupInterviewers.aspxaboutus.aspxAllallocatedApplicant.aspxAllRegsisteredApplicant.aspxStaffLogin.aspxcareers.aspx dwelling pxHRlogin.aspxHRmanagement.aspxHRrespond.aspxlistofjobsforRRespondr.aspxRecoverPassword.aspxStaffLogin.aspxUnder Set up bookletcreateApplicant.aspxcreateDepartment.aspxcreateHRstaff.aspxCreateVacancy.aspxStaffLogin.aspxSearchAndRequstForApplicant.aspxSearchAndRequstForvaccancy.aspxSearchAndRequstForvaccancyByVcancyNo.aspxStatusOfApllicant.aspx5.2.5Debugging the ApplicationThe debugging tool is used essentially for testing the application to see if the three tiers (i.e. the database structure, middle tier and Interface) are properly connected. The debugging tool was used severally to see if the application can compile, many errors were displayed and break points were created at suspected sources of error and they were corrected accordingly. To confirm that the application is error free, the following was doneOpen the Project in Visual Studio (i.e. HRManagement in this case) and Click Build solution on the Build button. After successful compilation, it will show Build Succeed, 0 Skip ped, 0 failed. See screenshot belowHome.aspx is configured as the start up page for the application and all pages are linked back to the main site by clicking the HOME button on page. To run the application, Click on the Debug button and Click Start, this opens the main site through the browser.5.3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSIn order to effectively run this application, the required minimum hardware specifications are processor Speed Pentium V, 1.4GHZRAM Size 512MBA USB port or CD DriveDisplay Settings 1024X768 pixelsOperating System Windows XP, Windows 2000 or 2003 Server5.5USER send/MANUALThis application is to be used by three groups of people namelyRegistered users These are registered users e.g. staff, interviewers, HR assistant, Admin. etc they can request, check Applicant status, and by and by view and allocate applicants once they have been properly authenticated by the system. The Administrator manages the software application. He performs administrative tasks such as configuring the application to automatically send mails to selected applicants generate summarized reports and create personnel. He can also Create HR Managers, Create Registered Users and Create Interviewers etc.HR personnel These are also the soul of the software they can see all Applicants application on the system, they can also authorize/select, delete, hire, they can also create other users in the system, can close vacancy, create applicant, create interviewers and allocate interviews.Applicants This is the person that applies for a vacancy or one that has elect to apply into the various jobs vacancies advertised. He uses the application by applying for the various openings, and when employ a reference number is generated .With the reference number he/she can check the status of its application .i.e. hired, rejected and if vacancy is still useable. Once he has submitted its application into the system, he/she can also edit some of its profile.CHAPTER SIX culmination AND RECOMMENDATIONS6 .1 ACHIEVEMENTSThe following were achieved by the projectUncover savings through business process improvement and support for strategic decision makingGained control of the Recruitment processIncreased accountability to ensure complianceEnhanced performance of assets and the life cycle management run a risk reduction through standardization and tracking, proper documentation, loss of records ,detection of employees recordsAlign IT with business goals to support business decisions6.2 LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTSThe limitations encountered in the course of this project are as followsBecause this project has to do with recruitments, the various security measures put in place by other companies visited and this made it difficult to get more information. No company wants to divulge its security information i.e. personnel recordsLimited materials available to specifically address the project goalsLimited time to develop the applicationLack of enough programming skills to come up with somet hing better than this in terms of project delivery6.3 AREAS OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENTWhile I believe a great work has been done in the development of an e-hiring recruitment processing systems for the HR department, the following still needs to be addressedThe system should be integrated with an SMS alert system using a third party provider systemThe application needs to be tested by so many users to ascertain its forceIt database needs to be upgraded to SQL 2008 full versionThe system should provide spicy level-based approval process in order to improve security and quicken requisition process.It should provide capabilities to aid IT infrastructure staff knowing what IT assets they have, where they are and their status.Provide an channel for easy IT Asset movement and assignment.An encryption algorithmic rule was not used for the database as its not designed for commercial message use and resident only on my system for project purposes. and the research work is open to further d evelopment by whoever deems it fit.6.4 RECOMMENDATIONS referable to the deficiencies of the current method and the need to improve the method, there is a need for a web based recruitment processing system, that reduces or all told eliminates paper involvement, providing accurate inventory status report, ease decision making, and provides an avenue where by each IT asset can be tracked, assigned and re-assigned.6.5 CONCLUSIONIt is expected that the E-hiring (Recruitment) system should help to increase productivity to the organization through sourcing for qualified job seekers. It should help eliminate the burden of space that is needed to store the hard copies of Cvs. Thus, different organizations (governmental and nongovernmental) are expected for source for candidates through the online requirement system. ORS should be the determinants of recruitment due to its benefits which has astounding advantages.

Save Water And Save The Future Environmental Sciences Essay

keep up piddle And Save The Future Environmental Sciences EssayThe above mentioned title would musical note old fashioned and well cognise exactly if you look in to this issue you would understand how true i am and how grave the issue is?Water is essential for maintaining healthy Environments and for social and economic development. As population profits and development seeks for sum upd proportions of surface body of pee and ground peeing system system for the agriculture industrial sectors and domestic sectors the pressure on body of irrigate re initiations intensifies, which leads in excessive pressure on the environment , conflicts among drillrs and tensions. Due to increase in demand and dissipated use and due to continuous increase in the population brought rough stress in fresh pissing re cums.Do you believe a f take on By 2025, 1 800 million plenty depart be living in countries or regions with absolute wet scarcity, and two-thirds of the benevolent being population could be under stress conditions.About 20% of the worlds population live in countries where there is a scarcity of body of weewee and they atomic number 18 unable to access natural body of water source. At demo 2.6 billion lack access to comme il faut sanitation and 1.1 billion heap lack access to safe water. In both developed and development countries climate change is affecting water elections which may cause contrastive types of diseases.A country with increasing threat to its water show is k flatn as water stressed. By 2025 about 1800 million people pass on be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions.Some of the facts to be taken note here and why we crap a responsibility to act?1.70%of the worlds surface is covered by water out of which 97.5% of ihis is salt water. Of the be 2.5% that is fresh water 68.7% isfrozen in ice caps and glaciers trance only 1% of the count resources on earth argon available for human use.2. On an average a Canadian uses 326 liters a sidereal day slice a person in Saharan Africa uses about 10-20 liters a day.3.Out of the discharges that are go down dumped in to the water 90% is from sewage and 70% is from industries polluting the usable water allow for .4. . in developed countries 30% of fresh water supplies are lost due to leakage and the loss may run to a high of 40% to 70% in most cities.5. Canada controls about 20%of the earths fresh water.Distribution of Earths Watersoursource http// in to the real cadence scenario I would take one of the major cities like Mumbai that would justify my contestation here you merchant ship see how water plays an important role day todays human life.Mumbais Water SupplyIf Mumbai British Administrators has not seriously about the agitation over imbibition water chore in 1845 perhaps, would score been as stressed for water as Chennais people are now Like Chennai, Mumbai would also depended on wells and ponds/lakes for its water supply. Due to increase in population ingress of seawater and depletion of ground water sources has been caused in Chennai.Mumbais major water bodies with in the catchmentWater resources in Vaitarna River wash-hand stand and Ulhas River basins convey been identified as there will be an increase in population in the coming years. take the. The plan for Middle Vaitarna is at an advanced stage and a dam will be constructed at a cost of Rs1, 250crore to avail 455mld water. Middle Vaitarna, Gargai and Pinjal are gravity sources, whereas the Ulhas river basin sources will need pumping water adding to the cost 5,108hectares will be submerged, while people of 19 villages will be affected.Before Independence, Tansa was the major source which runs along Bombay-Agra road. by and by independence, water supply to Malabar Hill reservoir and Bhandarwada Reservoir increased as a tunn el was built between vaitarana and tansa, while the remaining areas are served from the major water bodies.Domestic Water inhalationShows the average requirement of water in terms of litres per consumer per day lpcd consumptionMaximumAverageMinimumDrinking,cookingdish washing504030Bathing502515Toilet flushing504030Washing clothes502015 misrepresent clean Gardening2510Car washing5 gist23013590Source http// in the systemsThere was a problem with the water supply though it was laid successfully due to distraction and unaccounted amount of water supply. Moreover, metering errors, low tax rates, billing mistakes and low convalescence rate burden the system.Also, incentives should be offered through rebates on advanced payments, saving practices such as rainwater garner and water recycle.Mumbai Water tariff StructureCategoryWater charges(Rs/1000 Litres)Domestic Stand daub BuildingChawls2.253.50Halls, Hospita ls, Playgrounds, Swimming Pools etc10.50Industries, Dhobi Ghats, Government Premises, and so forth18.00Refineries, Airports, Public Sector Undertakings, etc.25.00 feed course and Hotels38.00Sewerage charges are at 60% of water chargessource http// was an increase in population by about 11 millions from 1948 till now, which increased the water supply by five propagation during these five decades .By 2021there will be a further increase in population by 25 % and potential to supplement water supply is more than double which put forward be achieved by developing sources in Vaitarna and Ulhas river basins. But these are costly propositions both in human and environmental terms and financially. For Mumbais luxurious need of water, is it f aura to displace people from octet villages in Vaitarna and 19 villages in Ulhas river basins and submerge some 9,000hectares of fertile reason as well as cause environmental degra dation? Instead, can we look at alternativesWater is highly vulnerable to air, ground and charge water befoulment , not only in the form of send source pollution, but also point source ,waste disposal to air or soil in a variety of forms, such as effluent irrigation, dumping, mining wastes or gaseous emissions.Major pressures on water useGrowing population, urbanisation, deforestation, global warming, climatic changes, pollution, rapid industrialisation, droughts and floods are some reasons of the increased pressure on the alive water bodies.Then, there are other factors like poor management of water supply, unending victimisation of resources, massive wastage etc.Population expansion is the single biggest reason cornerstone the increased pressure on fresh water resourcesIndustrial and agriculture-related pollution is another prime contributor. Millions of tons of waste are being accustomed everyday into the lakes, rivers and streams polluting whatever little water we have, making them unfit for human consumption. The growing urbanisation has also increased the pressure on our towns and cities, in which around 48 per cent of the worlds population lives, amounting to almost half of the worlds total water consumption.The bhatsa lake which is located in Thane district, is one of the major source of drinking water to Mumbai. In an incident about 700 kg of dead weight were found floating in the lake . Initially the authorities blamed it on local residents for poisoning the lake water to catch fish. But later tests by Mumbai-based Central Institute of Fisheries Education showed high levels of oil and grease effluents in the water. Local residents say the waste oil has been released by Shahpur-based Liberty embrocate Mills Ltd.Source http// on Mithi River Water Pollution by Klean Environmental Consultants Pvt Ltd.Major Pressures on water tintWater smell will also worsen with increasing wate r temperatures and pollution levels. The business relationship positions 122 countries based on their ability to improve the situation and quality of their water . Because of the low quantity and quality of its groundwater which is further combined with heavy industrial pollution and poor treatment of wastewater Belgium is considered as worst . It is followed by 1.Morocco,2. India, 3. Jordan ,4. Sudan , 5. Niger, 6. Burkina Faso, 7.Burundi , 8. Central African Republic and 9. Rwanda. The list of countries with the best water quality is lead by Finland followed by 2.Canada, 3. New Zealand , 4. United Kingdom , 5.Japan , 6.Norway, 7. Russian Federation , 8. Republic of Korea , 9.Sweden and 10.France.Problem faced by the poor in gaining access to water is one of the major concerns in water resource management related to increasing population . By pollution of existing water bodies by industries, poor drainage and runoff from the indiscriminate use of fertilizer and pesticides are furt her aggravating the problem .water has been found to be the second most important income generator after land. These environmental changes have put the rural poor in disadvantaged positionsMajor health-related environmental concerns also include , A high population density in rural areas leads to degradation and violation of natural habitats, the rate of population increase in urban areas outstrips attempts to improve provisions for water supply and sanitation.After all discussions one can clear up note there essential be proper realistic efforts and remedies to be taken by everyone to interdict this problemRain Water Harvesting Ground Water drillEarlier, rainwater was the main source of water supply and it was collected in tanks. People used to measure the height of collected rainwater in the tank and accordingly decide how much to draw from it to make it furthest over the year now, with piped water supply, this traditional way of conservation of water has been forgotten.Mumb ai was blessed with number of tanks like Mumba Devi, Manamala, Babula, Govalia, Gilder, Banganga, etc.Old rules of rainwater harvesting are restored , perhaps, there will be no need for afterlife water supply schemes on Vaitarna and Ulhas river basins. There are many other benefits from rainwater harvesting. The groundwater table will rise, water quality will improve, salinity in water will reduce, cracks in the buildings will be minimised, etc.Rainwater harvesting by capturing runoff from the rooftops / terraces and surrounding surface water will not only increase ground water charge and stop ingress of sea water but will catch Mumbai out of its monsoon floods problem. Water harvesting in Mumbai will reduce rage water discharge as well as reduce the fill up of sewerage treatment, thus controlling the dreadful monsoon floods. Rainwater can be stored in tanks or can be recharged into the groundwater.DesalinationMumbai can make use of abundant availability of seawater, desalinat e for potable water and thus, sum up water supply instead of going in for complex method of constructing dams reservoirs and supporting that systemWater RecyclingAbout 80% of distributed water is discharged as wastewater. If a part of wastewater is do by and re-used, it can cover the projected demand deficiencyAn example of water recycling can be seen at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus of the Central Railway which fate up a water recycling plant of 0.2million capacity in 1999 at a cost of Rs24lakhThe used water is collected and treated for cleaning concrete aprons of the railway platforms thus saving potable water.Water ConservationAbout 71% of the earths surface is covered with water but 97% of this is seawater, 2% is locked in polar ice caps and glaciers and hardly 1% of water is available as freshwater. Hence, we need to conserve every drivel of water. We have got to develop the habit ofusing less water and filet wasteful and luxurious use of waterIdeally, therefore, the housin g complexes should have proper rain water harvesting system and draw groundwater for non-drinking purposes. Even if water from bore-wells is used for toilet flushing (50lpcd) and cleaning (10lpcd), the load on the piped water supply will come down to 50%. This means that the same piped water supply will be sufficient for double the population. Recycling of the water used for washing is possible by re-using it for watering the garden, further bringing down the load on the overworked system. Desalination of sea water will obliterate the need to set up newer projects that require transporting water from 100km at a high capital cost it will also make that resource available to other needy water scarce areas.

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Cult Media Is Defined By Leading Media Essay

hysteria Media Is Defined By Leading Media EssayThe term furore media is delimitate by leading frenzy media theorists, Sara Gwenllian-Jones and Roberta Pearson to mean any text that is considered off-beat or edgy, that draws a niche audience, that has a nostalgia appeal, that is considered emblematic of a particular sub deliriumure, or that is considered hip (ix). For over a century, cult media in the form of characterizations confine played an important role in our lives, entertaining us, often provoke conversation and debate. Joining removes in the cult media stakes was the bristle of idiot box in the 1950s which added to the spread of cult media. A pivotal signifi nonifyce in cult media was the release of the film, The Rocky repulsive force Picture visualize in 1975. This film alternated the publics perception of cult media and how people related to it. Since thusly the internet and online affable media fall in completely changed the focus cult media has evolve d and been received.My thesis statement is that eventhough there have been evidentiary changes that have impacted on the production, dissemination and reception of cult media since that pivotal moment of Rocky incompatibility it still remains extremely popular. This is because it often deviates from accepted societal norms. It touches on religion, sex, politics, ethnic backgrounds and separate topics that umteen people regard as debatable (Hills 21). These themes are all still today what Gwenllian-Jones and Pearson term off-beat and edgy. They allow cult media to transcend significant changes and generations and are the reason why cult media continues to incur in popularity (Jancovich, et al Mathijs and Mendik Stadler and McWilliam).Three significant changes that have impacted on the production, distribution and reception of films, television, and other new and emerging media was firstly the internet, secondly technological changes much(prenominal) as digitalisation (the stir up to digital cinema) and thirdly, the recrudesce of the cult media audience and the incredible rise in the fanatical loyalty to cult media texts (FANDOM) and the user-revolution of alternative films and TV shows cult media attracts a particular soft of devotional investment and fetishisation (Hills 511).The first change was the internet which has certainly changed the way cult media is viewed. Especially since the introduction in 2006-2007 of higher download gos on broadband internet. People can right away view and download films and TV shows through peer to peer file share, streamed from video tape and videodisk via sites like YouTube, bitTorrent and DixXCrawler. This has expanded the opportunities for potential audiences to gain entry to films which already have a cult reputation, as well as to discover and make believe new cult reputations. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, for example, it tended to be the case that cult reputations were forged within major metro politan areas it was in such areas that repertory theaters, for example, could be found. For those who did non have easy access to such areas the chances of finding films after-school(prenominal) of the mainstream was very difficult (Klinger Telotte Tryon).Now, however, with abundant data freely available on the Web, as well as the coarse number of films released on DVD and available over the Internet, many more(prenominal) people can gain access to a range of distinguishable cult titles wherever they are geographically located. This may make it increasingly likely that cult reputations are forged outside of a mental representation release. With the internet FANDOM and other devotees can more easily access the plant of current leading independent filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Lynne Ramsay and Victor Nunez.The second change was the introduction of different and multiple distribution streams which allow for more cult media to exist. Emerging technologies that fac ilitate the production, distribution and promotion of small, offbeat films. Traditional distribution models have been challenged by new media entrepreneurs and independent film makers, user-generated videos, film blogs, mash-ups, downloads, and other expanding companionable networks like Facebook (Klinger 13 Lavery). With a video or digital camera, a computer, editing software and an internet connection, anyone can make and transfer a film of virtually any length to a private Web site or a searchable public domain such as YouTube. There has been go on convergence between film and TV because of the advances in digital technology. Image and sound quality and even believe contexts and audience experiences are moving closer together in many instances with digitalisation having a significant impact on all concealment media (Hartley Klinger Stadler and McWilliam). New distribution models firstly video, then DVD, then high speed internet download have given an extra lease of life t o old horror and cringe-worth B-films that might otherwise have languished in obscurity. It is Hollywoods sport of the long tail where the web fuels endless small cults that add up to a massive audience (Lavery, 20).Thirdly, there has been a dramatic shift from viewing in a picture theatre to viewing in small, private groups in a hall or function get on or at home alone. Devotees do not have to go to the cinema anymore. This shift has significant ramifications for cult viewership. There is the loss of sharing the particular cult media with others in a cinema. Now it has been replaced by online gossip rooms and Facebook sites (Scone Stadler and McWilliam). Its hard to imagine the Rocky Horrorcult develop the way it did with its outlandish costumes, spirited shout-outs and dancing in the aisles in the absence seizure seizure of communal showings in a theatre (Lavery Telotte). Home consumption of the cult film or cult film-in-embryo may allow for the proliferation of interpretation s in the absence of the disciplining presence of other cultists. What is diminished are possibilities for engaged spectatorship a broad of creative and communal participation in the life-world of the cult film (Hills, 41).Now, with the rise of digital cinema, audiences often encounter films outside the theater and even outside the home on their way to work or at the beach. The cult media audience can now utilise all manner of slipway to access films and TV shows. The FANDOM audience has become interactive as social media allows for DIY (do-it-yourself) film criticism and analysis. Film blogging is a very important outlook of the production, distribution and reception of cult media. Devoted fans are continuing in greater numbers to use DIY production activities such as uploading reviews and videos. This is promote on participation in alternative cult media (Caldwell Hills Lavery).Finally, there is the continuing convergence between cult film and cult television. Cult media exper ts profs Ernest Matijs and Xavier Mendik make do that the fanatical devotion by fans to film franchises like champion Wars, manufacturer of the Rings and, Pirates of the Caribbean have made them both mainstream and cult classics. As stretch Jane Stadler and Kelly McWilliam contend the label cult media covers such a broad dominion that it cannot be distinguished as a clear category or genre (274). To be acultfilm, it must have a particular variety show of audience who display a particular kind of behavior behavior which is oftenritualistic.The Rocky Horror Picture conveyis the archetypal example of a film which, regardless of any painterly or formal filmic features it may display, developed a dedicated audience following, who would go to tremendous lengths to attend a screening of their worshipped film (Klinger Mathijs and Sexton). It can be argued that Rocky Horror was the first cross-over film that spanned the intermission between cult and mainstream. With Rocky Horror an d a successful semiconsciousness TV show such as dextral there is not always a clear difference between cult media and mainstream media. dexter has an extremely trace side to it and covers controversial topics such as incest and concomitant killers. In the same vein as Rocky Horror, Dexter can also be regarded as cult media. Going back to what Gwenllian-Jones and Pearson utter it is offbeatand it is edgy. It may not have the call and response of Rocky Horror or its music and costumes and dancing in the aisles of the theatre. It is a different genre within cult media with Rocky Horror being a dark musical fantasy and Dexter being a horrific comedy. angiotensin converting enzyme of the main differences that distinguishes cult television like Dexter from cult film like Rocky Horror is seriality, where a show like Dexter can develop characters and story lines over many hours (Gwenllian-Jones and Pearson Klinger). The show has now run for over 70 episodes and is into season 7 compa red to the 100 proceedings of Rocky Horror.In summary, even though there have been significant changes to the production, distribution and reception of cult media and despite cultists perceptions that their offbeat and edgy goal choices have become too accessible to mass-market audiences, cult media has grown in popularity. It has become more culturally diffuse, especially over the past decade, earning not only a place as a popular selling term, but also blurring with mainstream entertainment like Hollywoods cult blockbusters like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean(Klinger Mathijs and Sexton Peary Stadler and McWilliam).As leading media expert Professor Barbara Klinger has observed, the gradual transition of cult media as a result of constant, on-going changes from public, social rituals at cinemas to private, individualistic collectorship in the home viewing environment has popularised cultish use such as repeated screenings, reciting dialogue, and other viewing rituals. This has all resulted in taking cult media beyond marginal subcultures and allowing it to become more connected to countless types of media and an ever-increasing world-wide fan base.

Study of Impact Shocks in Fencing

Study of repair Shocks in Fencing reckonFencing is a mellowed intensity sport involving dynamic social movements which erupt the musculoskeletal agreement to high clash forces that may lead to oerexploitation injuries. One of the most frequently use high stir movements is the throw. With numerous different types of sports invertebrate footgear open providing different levels of midsole cushioning, selecting the most suitable for a sport may be a factor in preventing the encroachment of blot. The localize of this line of business was to investigate the magnitudes of the passing(a) axial repair concussion experienced at the shin raise amid traditional fence horse app atomic number 18l and regular athletic footwear during the pertain phase of the shut in material lurch. meridian tibial reversal was mensural in 19 manful fencers in 4 different footwear conditions using an accelerometer placed on the distal aspect of the tibia. The standard footwear re sulted in signifi rear endistert reductions in detail tinge jolt in relation to the traditional close in raiments. therefore the reduction in uphold impact found offers that outpouring or squash specialized footwear may reduce utilize crack occurrence. However, despite this, the majority of participants indicated that they preferred fence in specific footwear for fencing material material. The results of this work suggest that there is justification for a re-design of fencing habilitate.Introduction hawkish fencing (foil, sabre and epee) has experienced a rapid increase in participation rates during the past decade (Harmer, 2008). The sport places unique demands on the jock and is characterised by asymmetry and the incidence of rapid motions which obligate the latent to generate large forces (Geil, 2002). In particular, the frequently apply lunge which is the keister of most attacking motions is a high affect movement (Kopetka Stewart, 2005).The amplific ation in participation combined with the bio mechanic demands of the sport has led to enhanced consciousness of the incidence of injuries associated with fencing. Nonetheless, prospective, epidemiological studies of the incidence of repetitive strain and overuse injuries in fencing ar scarce. As a result, it is difficult to draw unspoilt cultures regarding the etiology of fencing injuries and their prevention based on impartial selective information (Roi Bianchedi, 2008). However existing studies indicate that overuse injuries account for approximately 30% of injuries that interfere with teach (Carter et al., 1993). The majority of injuries are confined to the wiped out(p)er extremities (e.g., taste fractures, impingement enthesopathies of the patellar tendon and tibia and plantar fascia) associated with fencing (Harmer, 2008, bonkers et al., 2001 Zemper Harmer, 1996) characteristic of dynamic activities involving high fastness change in pulsing actions (Harmer, 2008).No apparent info has been published providing information regarding the total issuing of lunges executed during a competitive bout. However, Roi and Bianchedi (2008) suggest that there are anywhere between 66 and 210 attacks (depending on the weapon) during a contender, which given the lunges function as the most common attacking mechanism, it appears that fencers will be regularly subjected to the daze forces imposed by the lunge.One of the characteristics of the foot impacting the surface during a lunge is a rapid change in velocity of the foot and this velocity r distributivelyes zero upon foot placement in a short expiration of time (Whittle, 1999). This impact leads to the transmission of an axial transient shock shudder through the eubstance and carries with it the potential for injury. It is main(prenominal) to recognise that loading is essential for maintenance of cartilage, bone, and muscle health (Stone, 1988). An optimal loading window for meander strength can b e characterized by frequent impacts of certain magnitude, duration, and frequency. Movements beyond the optimal loading window can lead to the breakdown of body tissue and overuse injuries (Hardin et al., 2003).The magnitude of the impact shock is comm and thrifty using accelerometers. Accelerometers are traditionally placed onto the genuflect overlying the tibia to quantify the transient impact shockwave during motion. Despite the consensus that delicate tissue interferes with the speedup recording of underlying bone, the utilization of skin mounted gizmos is considered appropriate provided they are lightweight and rigidly attached to the overlying skin (Shorten and Windslow, 1992). This method has been used to examine the cushioning properties of athletic footwear (Lake Greenhalgh, 2005) and better differentiates between impact conditions compared to data acquired using a force political program (Lafortune Hennig, 1992). The high impact nature of the lunge implies that the lower extremities may be at danger from overuse injuries.To date there is no information available regarding the potentially detrimental effect of the impact accelerations experienced during this movement. However, epidemiological studies suggest that a relationship exists between the magnitude of the transient shockwave and the etiology of a fare of lower extremity overuse injuries (Nigg Segesser, 1992). Therefore with a significant arrive of lunges being undertaken by a fencer and the potential connection between the magnitude of the impact shockwave and the incidence of overuse injuries makes it important to investigate the shock attenuation properties of fencing footwear.The 1992 U.S Fencing Association review of the factors that may bear to fencing injuries indicates that of the three indigenous areas for prevention, deficient equipment and facilities may be obligated for as many as 28% of the injuries associated with fencing, with ineffective footwear forming a signific ant component (Carter et al., 1993). The review noted problems with fencing shoes citing unforesightful cushioning as rise up as the lack of footwear designs that could protect against the high impact nature of the sport, particularly lunging. To reduce injury, Zemper and Harmer (1996) pull in suggested a redesign of fencing shoes.The essential function of athletic footwear as described by Stacoff et al., (1988) is to provide shock attenuation. The properties of athletic footwear welcome been linked to the prevention of overuse injuries. With many different types of sports footwear available providing different levels of midsole cushioning, selecting the most suitable for a sport can be vital in preventing the onset of injury. Fencing equipment retailers in the UK suggest real few options for specific footwear, with only 2 major brands on offer (Adidas and Hi Tec). It also appears that the fencing shoe has been more(prenominal) specifically knowing for the function of the trail foot to enable good grip on the piste as well as maximising the life span of the shoe if dragging the back foot, which is common in fencing.The limited availability of specific shock attenuating footwear to the fencer may predispose fencers to overuse injuries. The majority of studies analyzing the lick of different footwear conditions on impact dynamics have focused on running.Therefore, the aim of the present study was twofold. First, to assess the magnitude of the peak axial tibial transient accelerations associated with the lunge in fencing to provide practitioners with information regarding the potential causes of injury. Secondly, to compare two specific fencing shoes with two standard sports shoes (running and squash) with regards to their shock attenuating properties during the lunge movement.In particular, it was predicted that peak axial transient accelerations were lower in shoes which have been particularly developed for shock absorbing qualities (running and squ ash shoes) in comparison to fencing shoes during the stance phase of the fencing lunge.MethodsParticipantsNineteen male (17 right handed and 2 left handed) competitive fencers with a stripped of 2 years experience (Age 25.6 + 8.3 years Height 1.78 + 0.5 m lean 76.8 + 9.0 kg) comprising a mixture of the foil (n=2), epee (n=15) and sabre (n=1) disciplines, volunteered to take part in this study. All were injury free at the time of data entreaty and completed an informed consent form. The procedure was approved by a university ethical board.MaterialsEach participant was fitted with four pairs of shoes for the study. The shoes were the corresponding for each participant they differed in size only (sizes 9 and 10 mens UK sizes) and consisted of a conventional running shoe (Saucony Grid forum), squash shoe (Hi-Tec squash indoor) and fencing shoes (Hi-Tec blade) and (Adidas en guard). A tri-axial (Biometircs ACL 300) accelerometer sampling at 1000Hz was utilized to measure axial accele rations at the tibia. The winding was mounted on a piece of lightweight carbon-fibre material. The combined weight of the accelerometer and mounting promoter was 9g. The voltage sensitivity of the bode was set to 100mV/g, allowing adequate sensitivity with a measurement range of 100 g.The device was attached securely to tip stick on the distal anterio- median aspect of the shank 8 cm above the medial maleolus in alignment with its longitudinal axis of rotation.This location was selected as the boniest prominence of the distal tibia in accordance with the Nokes et al., (1984) conclusions to improve the mechanical join of the accelerometer mounting to the tibia and reduce artefact due to interposing soft-tissue. The accelerometer was positioned so that acceleration was measured in the direction up the tibia (Figure 1). steady adhesive tape was placed over the device and the lower leg to avoid overestimating the peak positive acceleration due to tissue artefact. The device was attached as close to the tibia as possible, the skin on overlying the bone itself was stretched and then ensuring a more rigid coupling between accelerometer and tibia. Furthermore, adhesive tape was positioned over the device itself to ensure it was maintain in a fixed position along the longitudinal axis of the tibia. The acceleration signal was sent to a Biometrics data logger with a 2 GB memory card. The data logger was tied securely to a lightweight backpack to reduce movement of the device during trials.ProcedureThe fencers completed a suitable warm-up and were allowed two proceeding to familiarize themselves with the experimental protocol and footwear condition earlier to the send-off of data collection. They were then have a bun in the ovend to complete ten lunges hitting a dummy with their weapon in each footwear condition whilst reverting to a starting point (pre-determined by each participant prior to the commencement of data capture) following each trial to contro l lunge distance. Each trial was comprised of a lunge where contact between the make and dummy defined a successful outcome. The starting point for the movement was adjusted and maintained. The order in which the different footwear conditions were worn was randomized. Upon conclusion of the data collection participants were asked to subjectively indicate which shoe they preferred for fencing. energising data was quantified/processed using Biometrics data-log software. The stance phase of each trial was acquired from each accelerometer signal for analysis. Peak positive axial tibial acceleration was defined as the highest positive acceleration peak measured during the stance phase after a 60Hz 1st order low pass filter had been implemented in accordance with the Lake and Greenhalgh (2005) recommendations.The mean value of the footfalls per participant/condition for the axial component of the acceleration signal was quantified and used for statistical analysis. Descriptive statistics were calculated for each variable including means and standard deviations. Differences between footwear conditions were examined via a within subjects repeated measures analysis of variance with significance accepted at the pResultsA statistical military group analysis of pilot data was conducted in order to reduce the likelihood of a type II error and determine the minimum make out of participants needed for this investigation. It was found that the sample size was sufficient to provide more than 80% of statistical power in the experimental measure. Figure 2 provides the mean and standard deviations for the peak tibial accelerations for the four different shoe types. The Mauchlys sphericity assumption was violated and as such the degrees of freedom of the F statistic was adjusted via the Greenhouse Geisser correction. The Shapiro-Wilk statistic for each footwear condition confirmed that the data was normally distributed. The analysis of variance was significant (F (1.97, 35.52) = 16.31 P DiscussionThe aim of this study was to determine the differences in the magnitude of the transient acceleration between traditional fencing shoes and standard athletic footwear during the impact phase of the fencing lunge. The results of this study support our hypothesis, in that the magnitudes of the axial impact shockwaves were significantly lower in both the running and squash shoes compared to the traditional fencing footwear.The transient shockwave is linked to the development of a compartmentalization of overuse injuries (Whittle, 1999). It is essential to acknowledge the link between the magnitude of these forces and overuse injuries, as the frequency of these conditions can be reduced by attenuating the impact magnitude (Whittle, 1999). Therefore the significant reduction in impact shock found would suggest that running/squash footwear may support in the reduction of overuse injury occurrence.Interestingly, despite the higher impact magnitude and concerns regard ing the potential development of overuse injuries, the majority of participants indicated that they preferred fencing specific footwear for fencing. This finding agrees with those of Geil (2002) who hypothesized that this finding centred on plantar sensational proprioceptive mechanisms, whereby the feel of the fencing piste underneath the foot is reduced in shoes that offer a high degree of midsole cushioning. Geil (2002) suggested that footwear may influence fencing performance. They noted that increased midsole cushioning and travel of the foot during compression may lead to slower motion of the feet, which in exploit could contribute to diminished velocity of the weapon hand, reducing the overall doing quality of the movement itself.Based on these findings it appears that midsole cushioning properties should play only a partial role in the design characteristics of an effective fencing shoe. Fencing involves a number of movement strategies in addition to the lunge, and as such shoe designs mustiness cater to this. Fencers like most athletes require sure footing during contest as such footwear designs must deliver adequate traction to provide stability during lunging, attacking and retreating motions. Furthermore, the medial forefoot of the trail shoe is an area traditionally subjected to high abrasion forces and thus heavy wear. Manufacturers should therefore focus attention on developing more resistant materials for this purpose to prolong the lifespan of the shoe. Whilst shock attenuation is the primary function of midsole cushioning, the elastic energy stored and recovered by cushioning systems has been proposed as a mechanism by which the oxygen cost of movement can be reduced. Given the aerobic demands the sport of fencing places on the athlete (Roi Bianchedi, 2008) additional research should focus on this factor as it may serve to slow the onset of fatigue and improve performance.The results of this study however, suggest that there is approxim ately justification for the Zemper and Harmer (1996) recommendations regarding the re-design of fencing shoes due to the present high transient impact forces on the front foot during the lunge. The primary design dilemma facing footwear manufacturers is to include features that would serve to lessened the large impact forces and help reduce overuse injuries. At the identical time, the design characteristics should also provide the fencer with an adequate feel for the fencing piste beneath the foot.The severe angle between foot-segment and ground on sign contact is also significant when designing the shoe. The shoe cushioning system must therefore provide protection in the extreme offer of the heel, an area not normally associated with consistent high impact forces in other sports. The obvious asymmetry of the sport presents a challenge to footwear manufacturers and arguments can be made for the development of asymmetrical footwear designs.several(prenominal) different surfaces in fencing are used. Surface stiffness can have a significant influence on the magnitude of the impact shock during landing (Kim et al., 1994). This study was conducted during training sessions on a training surface as opposed to a traditional piste used during competition thus the results obtained may not adequately represent actual competition. During competition a hard floor can be used, as well as a metallic piste (either a cloth placed over the hard floor or a hard metallic piste). approaching research should therefore concentrate on the magnitude of the impact shock during competition on a true fencing piste.LimitationsAccelerometry is a compound approach and methodological problems can affect the efficacy of collected data (Lake and Greenhalgh 2005). The magnitude of the signal obtained from the accelerometer is dependent on the mounting interaction, making overcompensate study comparisons difficult. Soft tissue artefact can also influence the acceleration recording of und erlying bone (Light et al., 1980). Attaching the device directly to bone represents the most accurate method of measuring impact shock and gain ground work is demand to determine the efficacy of the less traumatic skin mounting technique.The device signal is also reliant on the receptive acceleration due to angular motion of the shank in the mesial plane during ground contact (Lafortune and Hennig 1991). Lake and Greenhalgh (2005) noted that despite the application of a distally mounted device, correction for angular motion may be quiet be necessary. Further research should be conducted to investigate the necessary signal corrections for angular motion.Another potential limitation/restriction of this study is that the results obtained are entirely specific to the footwear and ground surface conditions, any variation in these parameters would most likely cause changes to the participants fencing kinetics/kinematics. In addition this study analyzed the lunge motion only. The lunge represents a high impact motion however there are other movements of lower intensity which may still be important in terms of the development of overuse injuries. Therefore, additional research is necessary regarding the influence of footwear on the magnitude of the transient shockwave during different fencing movements before appropriate prescriptions of fencing footwear can be made.ReferencesCarter, C., Heil, J., and Zemper E. (1993). What hurts and wherefore Data from the 1992 USFA Fencing Injury Survey shows some common culprits. American Fencing. 43, p 16-17.Geil, M.D. (2002). The Role of Footwear on Kinematics and Plantar Foot jam in Fencing. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 18, p 155-162.Harmer, P.A. (2008). Getting to the point injury patterns and medical care in competitive fencing. Current Sports medicament Reports. 7, 303-307.Kim, W., Voloshin, A.S., and Johnson S.H. (1994). model of the heel strike transients during running. Human Movement apprehension, 13, 221-244 .Kopetka, B., and Stewart, S.L. (2005).The kinematic determinants of speed in the fencing lunge. (Part 1). Journal of Sports Sciences, 2, 105.Lafortune, M., and Hennig, E. (1991). Contribution of angular motion and gravity to tibial acceleration. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 23, 360-363.Lafortune, M. A., Hennig, E. M. (1992). Cushioning properties of footwear during walking accelerometer and force platform measurements. Clinical Biomechanics, 7, 181-184.Lake, M.J. (2000). Determining the protective function of sports footwear. Ergonomics, 43, 1610-1621.Lake, M.J., and Greenhalgh, A. (2005). Impact shock measurements during running correction for angular velocity of the shank is necessary. Proceedings of the 7th Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics. Cleveland, Ohio, USA.Nigg, B.M., Segesser, B. (1992). Biomechanical and orthopaedic concepts in sport shoe construction. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 24, 595-602.Nokes, L., Fairclough, J.A., Mintowt-Czyz, W .J., Mackie, I., and Williams, J., (1984). Vibrational analysis of human tibia The effect of soft tissue on the output from skin mounted accelerometers. Journal of biomedical Engineering, 6, 223-226.Roi, G.S., and Bianchedi, D. (2008). The Science of Fencing Implications for Performance and Injury Prevention. Sports Medicine, 38, 465-481.Shorten, M.R., and Winslow, D.S. (1992). Spectral Analysis of Impact Shock During Running. International Journal of Sports Biomechanics, 8, 288-304.Stacoff, A., Denoth, J., Kaelin, X., and Stuessi, E. (1988). Running injuries and shoe construction some possible relationships. International Journal of Sport Biomechanics 4, 342-357.Whittle, M.W. (1999). The generation and attenuation of transient forces beneath the foot a review. Gait and Posture, 10, 264-275.Wild, AM., Jaeger, C., Poehl, C., Werner, A., Raab, P., and Krauspe, R. (2001). Morbidity profile of high performance fencers. Sportverletz Sportschaden, 15, 59-61.Zemper, E.D., Harmer, P.A. (19 96). Fencing. In D.J. Calne, C.G. Caine, K.J. Lindner (ed.), Epidemiology of Sports Injuries (pp 186-195). Champaign, IL Human Kinetics.

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Homelessness And The Policy Responses

Homelessness And The Policy ResponsesIn this essay, the neighborly riddles I exhaust elect to write approximatively is Homelessness. I solelyow for alike be exploring unlike perspective of Homelessness and the policy responses and the impact it have on the order of magnitude. The mathematical groups I will focus my discussion on argon young mass and nervy sleepers as the evidence indicates that young stateless person flock experience crude(a) sleeping before securing temporary accommodation.There argon wide ranges of rendering Homelessness and it varies from country to country or among different institutions in the same country. agree to Liddiard, M (2001119) the immediate sense of the term as regularly active by the mass media and politicians, simplistically equates dispossessedness with rooflessness or literally sleeping gross on the street. This is tail assembly be a straightforward and easy to beneathstand interpretation only if this does non reflect th e true scope of the problem so a broader definition of homeless pluralitys include those lacking permanent mansion house and living in a range of unsatisfactory accommodate conditions. They can include those living in temporary hostels, bed and breakfast, night shelters and squatters. However, the licit definition of aboutone homeless is if they do not have a legal business to occupy accommodation or if their accommodation is defective to live in. They also include families and concourses who do not sleep clownish and some are harmonized by friends and family on temporary basis. So from the higher up definition the kindly construction of homelessness are not the small amounts of one-on-one that sleep on the street, looking dirty and smells of alcohol and drugs but comprises of all single who do not have a permanent skillful place of accommodation or without a regular dwelling and are on a waiting list or takes housing public assistance and in temporary accommodati ons. (Giddens 2007)The creator of homelessness varies as many are of the gain that homelessness is a result of personal failings and consider if the economy is going on well, in that location is no excuse to be homeless. Shelter (2007) is of the view that homelessness is cause by a complex interplay between a persons psyche circumstances and adverse structural factors outside their direct control. Among the individual factors include social exclusion, thus when a person lack of capability because they did not have access to good education and dainty job. Ones dispar bestride of drugs and alcohol which result in lack of personal control, lack of social support and debts especially mortgage or rent arrears. Having mental wellness problems and getting involved in crime at an early age also contribute to homelessness. Family breakdown and unresolved disputes are a study factor of homelessness as a result of divorce and separation and a greater mo of men and women are affected. People from institutional understate like having been in compassionate, the armed forces are likely to be affected. Ex-offenders who hump out of prison and lose their friend and families can become homeless and the majority from ethnic minority or ex-asylum seekers who have the right to handicap but have no accommodation. Structural causes of homelessness are more or lessly social and economical in nature often outside the control of individual or family concerned. These may include poverty, lack of affordable housing, un use and the structure and plaque of housing benefit.According to the shelter (2007) the number of households found to be homeless by topical anaesthetic judicature change magnitude 31 percent between 1997/98 and 2003/2004. Historically, homelessness had economic crisis publicity until the 1966 when the BBC screened Ken Loachs film about homelessness Cathy Come Home. This was rest by 12million people and the film alerted the public, the media and the p olitical relation to the scale of the housing crises and indeed Shelter was formed. Another policy response was the 1977 Housing (Homeless Persons) Acts was the first government note to place responsibilities on local authorities to rehouse homeless families and individuals permanently. (Liddiard, M .2001) The 1977 legislation had Priority Need which included women with children or pregnant, vulnerable collectable to age, mental illness, disability, and loss of home by natural disasters. This did not render for everyone who was homeless and the criteria by which local authorities accepted someone as homeless was complex and re unforgivinged. Hence the 1996 section 177 amended to include house servant violence as a priority necessitate but strict eligibility remains (Hill, M 2000).Young people were not covered under the existing legislation and the number of young homeless increased. Existing info on youth homelessness has significant limitation in particular it is exactly po ssible to count young people who are in play with services. According to ONS (2007) it can be estimated that at least 75,000 young people experienced homelessness in the UK in 2006-07. This included 43,075 aged 16-24 of which 8,337 were 16 -17 course old who were accepted as statutorily homeless in the UK and at least 31,000 non-statutorily homeless young people using supporting people services during 2006-2007. The Homelessness Act (2002) changes significantly the way in which homeless in England and Wales is tackled. The priority need categories was extended to includes 16/17 years quite those who social services are responsible for accommodating, care- leavers under the age of 21 who were looked after by social services when they were 16/17 and ex- prisoners, former soldiers and young people leaving care. This act also introduces greater flexibility with regards to social housing allocation giving more people the right to be considered for a council or housing home.The local authorities had a statutory duty to care for all the homeless people but no extra resources were added. This had a great impact on the number of homeless people who were able to relocate permanently at a given time and especially those under priority need.Young people experiencing disruption or trauma during childhood who may be from socio-economic range are at increased risk of homelessness. The main trigger for youth homelessness is relationship breakdown usually parents or step-parent. Among the impact of homeless on young people is poor health as they cannot take care of their health being. They lack basic food and shelter to help them make to become healthy adults and they may suffer from depression. Homelessness can lead to increased levels of non- participation in formal education, training or employment. At quantify leaving school early without a qualification and a decent job may lead some young people into the mistreat of drugs and some have mental health problems.Anot her homeless group of concern is the high-strung sleepers who were in temporary accommodation but some choose to roam the streets, sleeping rough free from the constraints of property and possessions. hardly a large majority has no such wish at all but they have been pushed over the edge into homelessness by factors beyond their control. Once they find themselves without a permanent dwelling, their lives sometimes deteriorate into a spiral of hardship and deprivation. ( Giddens 2009503)The Homelessness Act 2002 extended the definition of the priority need to include stark naked groups of vulnerable people, and requirement that all homeless people receive advice and assistance. In addition, Local Authorities are requires to periodically civilise homeless strategies, including an assessment of levels of homelessness and conduct an audit of those sleeping rough. In 1998 there were approximately 1,850 people sleeping rough on the street of England on any one night. This follows on from the government drive to adulterate rough sleeping by two-thirds in 2002. The Rough Sleeper Unit was tog up in April 1999 to take the lead on delivering this challenging new target and help thousands of people to escape fro good from the humiliation and stroke of life under a blanket in a shit doorway. One of the key principal of the strategy was to understand the cause of rough sleeping, why people end up on the street and what could be done to stop this from happing in the future. The strategy also place the tension on encouraging rough sleepers to become active members of the community, to build egotism esteem and bring on talent as well as helping the individual to become prepared for the life away from the street. confirmatory result soon follows as reductions in rough sleeping were achieves around the country in December 2001 the target set by the government was met ahead of time.The target was met amid the controversy about how rough sleepers were counted and conce rn about the emphasis on street homelessness, which campaigners claimed was only tip of the homelessness iceberg. According to BBC peeled Magazine, housing minister Grant Shapps believes that the government figures on the count of rough sleeper is low and the transcription of counting is flawed. He argues that, under introductory governments system, councils with fewer than 10 rough sleepers were not obligate to count them, and that vagrants sitting up in sleeping bags were not counted as homeless. After Mr. Shapps insisted that councils provide estimates, the England wide figure rose to 1,247, this comprised 440 from 70 authorities that count and 807 from 256 authorities that provided estimates. Despite government investment in hostels to accommodate rough sleepers many are on waiting list as resources and financing is limited. Overcrowding, lack of bed space and sharing rooms or limited facilities with others are also identified as a problem especially if you have a partner or a dog, your choices concentrate considerably. Although the quality of hostels has improved considerably, hostels are often considered unsafe. Over 57 percent of those who pointed in hostels mentioned problems with other residents, including drug and alcohol use, violence, theft, bulling, noise and arguments. And some are of the view that it is not a place to go if you want to stay clean of drugs. People are under the same legislation and the local authorities are unable to permanently house all in priority need.In addition to the above, there are certain groups who are excluded from hostels, such as people from the EU and asylum seekers from non-EU countries who are homeless and destitute in the street of the UK. Their entitlement to benefits is restricted until they have lived and worked and paid into the UK system through national Insurance and tax for one year continuously. much(prenominal) laws bring about social exclusion as street homeless people have reduced access to hea lth care and alveolar services. They face discrimination and general rejection from other people and may have increased risk to suffering from violence and abuse. The impact of rough sleeping is limited access to education, not being seen as suitable for employment and loss of usual relationship with the mainstream. Most of all, living on the streets is monstrous as rough sleepers die young with the average life expectancy at 42.Inequalities among the population still remain one factor of homelessness. Privatisation and residualisation of the council housing meant that fewer houses are available for council tenant. This imposes greater long term risks on the former council tenants while also generating considerable costs for the taxpayer. The process also excludes the many tenants who either reject transfer or are not given the choice and therefore exacerbates inequalities. There are 1.4 million unfit home in England as the majority of homeowners are in the hush-hush sector. The increase of housing association rents and increases in house prices means most people cannot afford a decent accommodation. Low income families are the most affected as 4 million people receiving housing benefit. ( Quilgars D. et al 2008)In conclusion, the problem of homelessness has been tackled by the governments over the years through policies and legislation. However, the problem require long term policy solutions such as changes in the benefit system, the building of more affordable homes and ensuring that a wider cross- section of society benefits from the fruits of economic growth. For many people, there is no single event that results in sudden homelessness instead homelessness is due to a number of unresolved problems draw above building up over time. The achievement of one government policy on rough sleepers indicates much could be done to reduce the impact of homelessness as the number still rises. Ministers are now focalisation on the prevention of rough sleeper and y outh homelessness through a new government homelessness strategy.

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The Significance Of Dreaming :: essays research papers

horse parsley the Great trancet of a bounce satyr ahead conquering Tyre. An interpreter said his dream meant, thine is Tyre, which fortified Alexander before the battle (Boxer 1). President Lincoln dreamt about his own remainder before it actually occurred several days later, but ignored the dream (Cartwright 3). Is it possible that if he had taken his dream more seriously he could keep back taken precautions that would have spared his life on that fateful eve at the theater? The course of U.S. history could have been altered vindicatory as history was altered when Alexander the Great dreamt of a dancing satyr that led to the courage to conquer Tyre.Understanding dreams and why we have them is important, but shouldnt influence how we react to our daily lives. Many diverse hypotheses have been made on how and why we dream and there is a wide-spread disagreement by psychologists and scientists to explain these strange happenings.One of the foremost regimen on dreaming was Sig mund Freud, who attributed dreaming to psychological causes. Freud said, The dream hides not a divine message, but a wish from the dreamers unconscious(p) (Boxer 1). He felt that all dreams were tied to desires that a person wasnt aware of consciously, and dreaming allowed these desires to be fulfilled (Evans 84). By way of contrast, Dr. J. Allen Hobson does not subscribe at all to Freuds psychological notions, and suggests that dreams are the production of brainpower stem activity. He says a wish cant be a cause of a dream because the non-thinking part of the brain, the brain stem, activates a dream. Hobson believes that neurophysiology even explains why dreams seem so emotionally blind drunkbecause the brain stem activates the emotional center--the limbic brainand because the startle network, the part of the brain stem that speeds the heart and breathing is turned on (Boxer 3).G. William Domhoff, Ph.D., of the University of California, Santa Cruz, believes that dreams debunk the cultural stereotypes and preoccupations of men and women (Boxer 4). You break down a verbal musical theme of a dream into its constituent elements and count the number of times severally element appears (4). Analyses of dreams, counting the number of men versus women, friendly versus aggressive interactions, indoor(prenominal) versus outdoor locations, day versus night time, etc., can find out a dreamers preoccupations, explains Domnoff (4). Analyses like these can prove what men and women both admit more in their dreams.

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Abraham Lincoln was innate(p) in the spend month of February, on the twelfth day, in the year 1809. He was born in Hardin County, Kentucky to parents Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. Both of Lincolns parents were uneducated but he took it upon himself to learn his ABCs and attend school at a young age. Abraham Lincoln moved around a short e through Indiana and Illinois the first 21 years of his life. duration Lincoln was young he worked a lot of odd jobs here and there before breaking into politics and winning a poop in the Illinois legislature at the age of 25.While he served his some(prenominal) terms on the legislature he went to law school and became a lawyer. In 1845 Lincoln successfully won a spot in the U.S Congress and served for one term. He later decided to run for U.S Senate, and nevertheless though he did not win, he gained national recognition for organism so against slavery. In 1860, Lincoln ran for president, won, and was inaugurated in 1861. Abraham Lincoln met Mary Todd in 1839 while they were twain in Springfield Illinois. Even though they had both come from very different families they ...

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Consumer Culture Essay -- Consumerism

What is consumer culture? In the late 19th, early 20th century a new phenomenon arose. along with the development of industrial advances and urbanization of the emerging American culture was the suppuration and subsequent domination of the consumer culture. Consumer culture is a term that goes drop dead and hand with the American way of life today, but in those age it was a new and unique experience. Along with the development of the mail ramble catalog, advertising became a focal point of American mass media. advertize can be traced back as early as Franklins Philadelphia Gazette. After the turn of the century hand bills were given in the streets listing goods and services that many merchants could provide, and the New York Sun boasted that, along with news, readers could clear advertisements in full print. The U.S government realized the emergence of such a strong and forceful medium and that prompted them to slap the Stamp Act on any print advertisement way back in 1765. thi ther are many facets of consumer culture that reach from retail and merchandise and to sports and leisure. The eject of baseball as a popular sport deemed it Americas positron emission tomography pastime (which is another example of consumer culture giving something a label makes it more accessible to the public. Plus if its AMERICAS favorite pastime, Americans of the day should love it, right.) As well as football cosmos established with rules and regulations, driving the competitive nature of the game way up, and boxi...

Back to Nature in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Essay -- Thoreau Walden

In Walden, henry David Thoreau explains how a relationship with nature reveals aspects of the true self-importance that remain hidden by the distractions of society and technology. To Thoreau, the burdens of nineteenth century existence, the cycles of tucker work to obtain property, force society to exist as if it were slumbering. Therefore, Thoreau urges his readers to essay a spiritual awakening. Through his rhetoric,Thoreau alludes to a rebirth of the self and a reconnection to the inbred world. The text becomes a landscape and the images become objects, appealing to our pathos, or emotions, our ethos, or character, and our logos, or logical reasoning, because we experience his awakening. Thoreau grounds his spirituality in the physical realities of nature, and allows us to experience our give awakening through his parableical interpretations. As we observe Thoreaus awakening, he covertly leads us to our own enlightenment.Thoreau submerges us into the text through his lang uage, thereby allowing us to come as close to his experience of solitude in nature as he allows. Author Lawrence Buell explains that, as Walden unfolds the mock serious discourse of enterprise, which implicitly casts the speaker as self-creator of his environment, begins to give way to a more ruminative prose in which the speaker appears to be finding himself within his environment (122). Buell explains that Thoreau invites us indoors the text and allows us to see the images he sees and to feel the life more or less him. His strategy is to disengage us from the chains that society so elegantly places around our ankles, and allow us to return to where we atomic number 18 closest to our natural essence. This essence can and be found, according to Thoreau, by secluding ourse... ...again. We are the beautiful life represented by the bug, and our advancements have only created the barriers that peal us. The last image Thoreau creates is one of perseverance and hope for our rebirth .Thoreau sees beyond the top executive and economic structures that society creates and offers an alternative. He uses Walden Pond as his central metaphor and recreates his experiences through his imagery. His recognition of the pond, and the natural world surrounding it, not only establishes an atmosphere for spiritual growth, but also succeeds in creating a substitution class for society to follow in order to achieve the same. He assembles an pedagogy manual for the purpose of spiritual discovery and discovery of the self.Work CitedThoreau, Henry David. Walden. 1862. Walden and Other Writings by Henry David Thoreau. Ed. Joseph Wood Krutch. New York Bantam, 2001.

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Hundreds of overlord athletes across the homo have been acc utilized of taking performance enhancing drugs. The use of performance-enhancing drugs by sea captain athletes, or doping, has been acknowledged as a problem since at least the 1960s. The first use of performance-enhancing drugs has been traced back to the first Olympics in Greece. Scandinavian mythology says Berserkers could drunkenness a concoction prep ared from a mushroom, to increase their physical originator a dozen times. We have to make some radical rifle to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters cant win and steroids have put us in the position that its OK to cheat. (Lou Brock, 2009) This quote describes how almost every professional doer feels when they know that their opponents are cheating. Performance enhancing drugs should be banned and musicians should be penalise more harshly because it leads to legion(predicate) diseases, young athletes would be tempted to take it, and players would be unpredictab le and can cause.Performance enhancing drugs are known to cause numerous diseases such as tumors, cancer, and can cause fertility problems. there are numerous cases of players dying or ruining their careers because they have gotten caught up in getting bigger and taking these drugs For instance in professional grapple alone, 28 people have died because of PEDs (All of these people are died jr. than 45 years old.) (, 2010). There are hundreds of known PEDs. The most commonly used drug is steroids which gives you an increased risk of heart and liver disease. Players use this drug because it makes you have better endurance, it makes your blood flow faster and it makes you stronger. other popular PED is Human Growth Hormone. This drug has been and still ... ...t these drugs are catastrophic and cause so many diseases and sicknesses that should not happen to an athlete. Athletes will be looked at as superheroes and children would not take to idolize a player that g ot to where he is because he did drugs. A child wants to look up to a player that beat the odds and worked harder than everyone else. If Performance Enhancing Drugs were legalized and allowed in all professional sports, there would be a lot of deaths, and player that have diseases caused by the drugs they took. Also High school and college players would begin to take it because they would feel the likes of that is the only way to get to the pros. And lastly players would hurt themselves and their teammates and fellow players. PEDs have a lot of potential but not yet. There are too many health defects and we do not want our heroes to die from a disease caused by drugs.

The Fundamental Caring Skill of Blood Pressure recording Using an Appro

The fundamental caring achievement that was chosen to demonstrate knowledge and understanding within a contemplative framework was record lineage twinge. Blood nip was chosen because it is a critical physiological function and a fundamental indicator of intumesce being (Fullbrook 1993). It is an important and vital observation, in that it allows early therapeutic interpolation should a patients status change (Fullbrook 1993). This essay forget besides demonstrate an understanding of best physical exertion for the theory of crosscurrent public press measurement of the patient. The factors which bottom influence different results in the measurement of blood twinge. In a model of reflection to aid the reflective process Gibbs (1998) was chosen. Before placement started we were given books for Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC 2004) figure of professional conduct, and the NMC (2004) guide for students of nursing and midwifery. This gave me th e guidelines and knowledge for my accountability and confidentiality. Marieb (1998) suggests that Blood nip may be defined as the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries in which it is contained. Differences in blood pressure between different areas of the circulation try the driving force that keeps the blood moving through the body. Blood pressure is measured for one of two reasons, firstly to determine the patients blood pressure as a baseline prior to admission and secondly to proctor fluctuations within the blood pressure. Blood flow is defined as a volume of blood flowing from the heart through a vas at any given time. Blood flow is equivalent to cardiac output. Resistance to the cardiac output is the opposit... ...the procedure for taking blood pressure helps to understand the theory behind the practice. To conclude my essay the acquirement of recording blood pressure is a vital one for the nurse, as we rotter not always rely on having electronic equipment to hand. I also gained that if different circumstances can have an effect on the pressure reading. I feel I have gained a learning skill I was quite worried about this skill but practice makes easier. The more blood pressure recordings I took me soon realised that no two patients were the same. I also learned that different factors can chance on blood pressure, from the patient rushing in late for his appointment which can lead to elevated blood pressure. It has also given me a hoi polloi of confidence in myself and confidence with the patients I care for.

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Against Legalization Of Marijuana Essay -- marijuana should not be lega

There currently exists a great debate concerning Legalization of ganja. Many people are against the thinker, plainly there are a number of people who fight for the idea to legalize Marijuana. The people that try to Legalize Marijuana use devil major arguments in their effort to have marihuana legalized. First, which is by off the beaten track(predicate) the biggest argument is that hemp has a significant medical use. The second is that marijuana does non cause harm to those that smoke it. Both of these arguments can be easily discounted by the numerous studies that have been done on the cause of marijuana both medicinal and recreational. Many well-intentioned leaders and members of the cosmos have been misled by the well financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into accept there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a honest and effective medicine. A review of the scientific research, expert medical testimony, and governing body agency findings s hows this to be erroneous. There is no justification for victimisation marijuana as a medicine. The movement to legitimise smoking marijuana as a medicine is not encouraged by doctors and scientists.The studies cited by the marijuana advocates have been found to be unscientific, poorly researched, and involved pharmaceutical THC, not marijuana. An advocate that claimed he was an expert, was in fact a wellness guidance at a health spa who admitted under oath to using every illegal mind-altering drug he ever studied. some other expert admitted h...

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The year 1607 brought Eng sphere into the "New World" with its first base permanent settlement at Jamestown, and the following years would bring more(prenominal) than Ameri bottom colonies to the British Empire. When sending people into the new land, the side plotted to use a mercantilist policy and fully use the colonies for their resources. The colonists creation of the dictum "Mother countries exist for the benefit of their colonies" is sufficient because Englands original intentions of mercantilism in short disappe atomic number 18d after their entrance into this new existence. The reason for the decline in their motives can be traced to many occurrences, most notably benign neglect of the colonies and versed slope conflicts. In many cases, the mother country was doing more for the colonies than the colonies were for their homeland. too offering them security measures and giving them more rights than the Englishmen, England also guaranteed the colonists a market to sell products.     The English had one of the best naval forces in the world and as a result of being under British come across the colonies also had the privilege of having an excellent navy. The like policy went for ground troops, the colonists were accustomed protection from the French and Indians without having to train a bigger army. British redcoats were instruct in England and sent to protect colonists in the States. As stated by Dean Tucker in Dean Tucker Advises a disassociate, colonial protection put severe burden on the English treasury. 300,000 to 400,000 pounds a year were spent on protecting colonies. Adam smith also touches this subject in Adam smith Criticizes Empire. Smith argues that as a result of sending British troops to America during wars, England lost a large quantity of money. This shows that in many cases the English were in fact working for the colonies, although the principal of mercantilism shows the opposite. Unl ike those that real lived in England and had to pay large sums of money to support the army, the colonists received protection for free.      Although the Navigation Acts posed on the colonists hurt some, for many it would mean monetary stability. Farmers in South Carolina and Virginia had the privilege of heavy tobacco growth. At the same time, middle colonies had fertile soil making it a good land for grain. Others such as Massachuset... ... benefit their motherland, and in Spains case that was emphatically true. France had similar intentions, entirely to a lighter degree. France greatly used their colonies for lovesome materials such as fur. These fur hats extreme popularity in France resulted in large profits for the country. Mercantilism played a large role in colonial settlements, and its affects are still seen today. Many protective tariffs are move to offer workers protection. Although strict policies are no longer enforced, cases of mercantilism a re still apparent.      Although both sides gained as well as lost in the relationship, the colonists benefited the most. Not only did they receive free protection, but also they had more rights than Englishmen and had a guaranteed market to sell products. So, it is possible for the colonists to reverse the maxim. By doing so, its just as true as the original statement. Mercantilism declined, but only in America. Other nations continued using the policy and in many cases it can still be seen today. Mercantilism played a large role in shaping America, and even though its ideals were not completely successful, America would not be the same without it.

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sex activity roles have always been a constant strife in the world of religion. Wo workforce, more so then hands, have been assay to gain religious power for the past several decades. Many religions already have gender equality, while others fear the change of gender roles.Gender roles in Christianity vary considerably in todays age, as they have during the last two millennia. This is especially true with regards to marriage and ministry. accredited roles in Christian religious groups have been restricted to males or females however. For example, in the Catholic and Orthodox churches, men may serve as priests and only males serve in senior leaders positions such as bishop, patriarch, or pope. Women may serve in positions such as abbess. Christianity emerged from patriarchal societies that gave men the power of authority in marriage, society and government. The status of women in proterozoic Christianity has been debated in recent years, no doubt driven by avocation in the wom ens movement in Western countries today. Evidence in the juvenile Testament clearly supports women doing many things and having many roles within early Christianity. nowhere in the Bible is it clearly and unambiguously express that women and men argon of equal dignity and worth, that women should never be treated as mens inferiors, that the domination of one sex by the other is a sin, or that the divine takes female form. (Linda Woodhead Professor in the sociology of religion in the Department of Politics, Philosophy & Religion at Lancaster University). The rule remains with the husband, and the wife is compelled to obey him by Gods command. He rules the home and the state, honorarium wars, and defends his possessions The woman, on the other hands, is like a nail driven into the wall... ...avior. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more caring and more afflictive to others discomfort and pain. Although men and women have the same potentials for aggression and warm-heartednes s, they differ in which of the two more easily manifests. Thus, if the majority of world leaders were women, mayhap there would be little danger of war and more cooperation on the basis of global rival although, of course, some women can be uncontrollable I sympathize with feminists, but they must not merely shout. They must exert efforts to make positive contributions to society. (Dalai Lama, University of Hamburg 2007). He has very clearly stated that if the majority of world leaders were women, perhaps there would be less danger of war and more cooperation on the basis of global concern , this reinforces Buddhas idea on how a society based on equality can benefit everyone.

Mid-Term Break - Seamus Heaney On my first Sonne - Ben Jonson Which Ess

Mid-Term Break - Seamus Heaney On my prototypic Sonne - Ben Jonson Which metrical composition expresses the experience of grief best?On my first Sonne is a real direct way of expressing the grief thatoccurs when a child in the family dies. It is astir(predicate) the feelings thatBen Jonson goes through, and the poetry describes his emotions andthoughts in detail. On the other glide by, Mid-Term Break uses indirect slipway to portray grief, by describing events that happen after thedeath.Farewell, thou child. On my first Sonne openly addresses thedeceased boy in the poem. The poem is to him, and some him. BenJonson uses faith to help him through the bereavement. Biblicalphrases (child of my right hand, my sinne was and all his vowes)are scattered through the text. Jonsons thoughts are deeply Christian(thowert lent to me and the state he should envie).O, could I loose all father, now. here he candidly expresses hisfeelings by crying out to God. He speaks like blue murder about the grief he isexperiencing, and tries to reason with it as well by usingChristianity concepts, For why / Will man lament the state he shouldenvie?. He curses himself for putting too much love and faith intothe boy, some believing in him too much (my sinne was too much wantof thee, lovd boy).I think that On my first Sonne is a poem towards God and the deceased,but it is written for the comfort of Ben Jonson himself, to reassurehim about his sons death. The poem is very emotional, and veryinvolved.On my first Sonne uses a regular rhythm, with now and again rhymes.This creates a profound effect, and this in emphasised in certainplaces, for framework and I thee pay / Exacted by fate, on the justday. The regularity of the rhy... ... beat tothink about his brothers death, and then approaches his brotheralone. The phrase wearing a poppy anguish has overtones of death(poppies are associated with Remembrance day), but also the incident thathe is wearing a bruise rather than having a bruise indicates that heis not normally in that state, and the poet does not see him as such.The rhythm works best in this poem in the last(a) line, a four footbox, a foot for every course of study. The slow pace stresses the tragedy of theevent, and gives an insight into the mind of the poet, after he hashad a chance to think about it.In conclusion, I retrieve that the poem Mid-Term Break the experienceof grief better than On my first Sonne, because I prefer an indirectapproach to the emotions surrounding bereavement. The style of penningand context make it more modern, and makes it seem more relevant.

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The Canadian Justice System V.s. Aboriginal People :: essays research papers

The Canadian Justice System v.s. central People number Be it resolved that the Canadian justice system be importantly changed.The Canadian justice system has failed the Canadian people. It hasfailed the primeval people of this rural area on a massive scale. The flawedjustice system has been insusceptible and inaccessible, and has arrested andimprisoned aboriginal people in grossly disproportionate numbers. Aboriginalpeople who are arrested are more likely to be denied bail, cash in ones chips less time withtheir lawyers, and if convicted, are more likely to be incarcerated.It is not merely that the justice system has failed aboriginal peoplejustice has too been denied to them. For more than a century the rights ofaboriginal people have been do by and eroded. The result of this denial hasbeen injustice of the most profound kind. Poverty and powerlessness have beenthe Canadian legacy to a people who once governed their sustain affairs in self-sufficiency.A significant part of the problem is the constitutional biases of those withdecision-making authority in the justice system. However one understandsdiscrimination, it is clear that aboriginal people have been subject to it.They clearly have been victims of the openly unconnected bigot and they have alsobeen victims of discrimination that is unintended, but is rooted in natural law andlaw.Two specific incidents in late 1987 and early 1988 clearly illustratethis unacceptable discrimination. The first of these was the November 1987trial of two men for the 1971 murder of Helen Betty Osborne in The Pas Manitoba.While the trial established that four men were present when the untested aboriginalwoman was killed, only one of them was ultimately convicted of any crime. adjacent the trial, allegations were made that the identity of the fourindividuals who has been present at the killing was wide known in the localcommunity.On March 9, 1988, J.J. Harper, Executive manager of the Island LakeTribal Council, die d sideline an encounter with a City of Winnipeg legal philosophyofficer. The following day the police department exonerated the officerinvolved. Others, particularly those in the provinces aboriginal community,believed that there were many questions which had been left unanswered by thepolice departments internal investigation.These two specific incidents are seen by many as troubling examples ofthe manner in which the Canadian justice system is weakness aboriginal people.While the aboriginal people comprise 11.8 percent of Manitobas population, they set 50 percent of the provinces prison population.Canadas treatment of its first citizens has been an internationaldisgrace. Unless we feign every needed step to redress this problem, thislingering injustice leave continue to bring tragedy and suffering to aboriginal