Saturday, September 7, 2019

Aassignment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Aassignment - Assignment Example To make the community aware of the importance of cleaning to prevent mosquitoes, an overall community cleaning program may be organized with the local government. This program, titled as Clean My Own Space entails every household to go out on a designated day to clean up their space and have a community leader assess the cleanliness of their space. Successful households will receive a souvenir shirt (max of 2 for those with two representatives) to commend their efforts. The household with the best waste segregation and disposal practices will receive a special award from the mayor. This way, the inhabitants will be more aware of the importance of clean space to control the spread of mosquitoes. I was in a bookstore looking for â€Å"Dork Diaries† by Rachel Renee Russell, a book my niece wished for Christmas. The store assistant seemed to be very busy when I approached her. I tried to find the book myself but learned that it was on a shelf at a securely locked counter. I approached the woman for the second time to inquire editions of the book. She told me that there are two, one that comes in a set of 6 and another in 3. I preferred the second due to its price but before I bought it, I asked the assistant about the difference in the titles. The assistant seemed irritated and tried to dismiss me by saying that the books are just the same. I insisted that there must be a difference based on the obvious difference in the number of books. She just said that the 6-pack set is hard-bound while the other is soft-bound. I still insisted that she hand me over the books so I could see for myself. When she pretended not to notice me, I said, â€Å"Aren’t you the one in charge here? I hope you’d give me attention because you can’t expect anyone to do your job for you.† Upon hearing this, the woman turned to my direction and got me the

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