Thursday, September 12, 2019

Legal Issues in Undocumented Immigrant Workers Essay

Legal Issues in Undocumented Immigrant Workers - Essay Example However, the development of such means as electronic verification systems (E-verify) has become a major blow to the industry especially to the companies that was dependent on these undocumented immigrants. This is due to a reduction in the labor pool, higher wages and the cost of hiring new staff might shoot, and what looked like a humming industry could be brought down to its knees.With the changes that are being advocated for by human rights activists and other international bodies, it has come a time when the hospitality industry with have to face the impact of the new legislations put in place to advocate for the rights of these undocumented immigrants. Not that these legislations have not been there before, but the fact is that the government is setting up more profound measures that will ensure that the immigrants do not suffer the same historical injustices as they have suffered before. This will also be aimed at ensuring that the job market in the states is decongested, allow ing room for the citizens to have access to job opportunities.Previously, legislations were aimed at barring entry of some illegal immigrants especially from Asia, Japan and Korea. The Quota Act aimed at reducing the number of immigrants entering the country and dictated a gradual incorporation of any foreign born immigrants. For example, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 that allowed H-2 visas to immigrants with labor skills to help in agriculture industry created an opportunity for immigrants to find legal refuge in the country.

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