Wednesday, November 13, 2019

In Favor of Marijuana Legalization Essay -- Illegal Drugs Legalize Nar

In Favor of Marijuana Legalization My personal opinion in the argument of legalizing marijuana is that I really cannot see the harm in it. This of course is a bold and naive statement. There is a lot of contributing factors into my bold and naive statement that if understood will explain my callow view. It is widely known that the Supreme Court voted in a 6-3 outcome against legalizing the use of medical marijuana for glaucoma patients. The court ruled that ?medical necessity? is no defense to the distribution or use of marijuana, which is classified as a ?Schedule I? drug under the Controlled Substances Act in 1970(Tabetha). American citizens that are found guilty of using cannabis are charged with a fine of $1000, or sentenced to six months in jail. Marijuana is the most used drug in the United States and about sixty million Americans over the age of twelve have tried it at least once despite the fact of the forbiddance by the American government. Many studies have shown evidence of beneficial use of cannabis and that it is also less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol. Cannabis is the short for the scientific name Cannabis Sativa, which contains THC. Tetrahdrocannabinol (THC) is chemical that affects a person?s mood and feelings. It is also a lower, or relaxant, meaning that it slows down brain function. It can give people symptoms such as hallucinations, sedation or stimulation. When the cannabis leaves and flowers, or bud, are dried they can be smoked like a cigarette or put in food as marijuana. Hashish, a far more potent version of marijuana, is the resign of the plant and is referred to as hash which can be formed into cubes, or also eaten or smoked. When using cannabis, it is entered the bloodstr... ...l/alcohol/alcohol.html>. Rajee, Suri. Weed Wars. CNN. CNN Interactive, 1997. 9 Mar. 2008 . Spelhaug, Nicole. Marijuana as Medicine. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education. Mayoclinic, 2006. 9 Mar. 2008 . Potter, Beverly, and Dan Joy. The Healing Magic of Cannabis. Berkely: Ronin, 1998. 101-150. Harry, Gray M. Why Not Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Common Sense. Common Senses for Drug Policy, 2006. 9 Mar. 2008 . Deluca, Alexander. Crimes of Indescretion:Marijuana Arrests Made in the United States. Addiction, Pain, & Public Health Website. 2005. 9 Mar. 2008 . Krause, Mike. Pot Enforcement Waste F Resources. Independant Institute. 2006. 9 Mar. 2008 .

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