Friday, November 1, 2019

Midnight summer dream play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Midnight summer dream play - Essay Example Like other Shakespeare’s plays I would have imagined the outfits to me a bit more antique. Although the costumes were not what I expected I was not disappointed. One of my favorite parts of the play was the outfits worn by the characters. I mostly enjoyed the outfits of the fairies, specifically the fairy king and queen. The outfits I learned were designed and hand-made which I thought was cool. Throughout the play, I paid special attention to the two outfits as well as all the accessories worn by the fairy king and queen. I could imagine that the hair on the fairy queen took very long to be made. Another ensemble that I enjoyed is that of all the fairies and Puck. The paint all over their bodies and their faces added to their animalistic look, all the characters made their hair crazy in a different way from each other, which I thought was really cool because each fairy claimed to have different powers. Another aspect of the play I enjoyed was the set. The theatre room is small yet the entire play takes place in the forest and although you would think that this would limit the movement of the characters, it ended up being the complete opposite. Many actors moved across the whole set, going in and out of different exits making great use of the stage. Characters such as Puck and the fairies had some of the most unique movements. I loved the structure and transition of the play and actors movements. It made audience glued to the stage and always in suspense. Certainly, the performers incorporated all the aspects of an excellent play namely main story, pinnacle, and an epoch of falling action yet surpassed by joyous moments that seemed to show the end of the story. The atheists made the story strange yet interesting. Importantly, they never lost Shakespear’s original theme and glamour despite of the differences and acting styles of integrating happy amusing epilogue even during tensions.

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