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A class is chemical compounds, all if which consists of chemically bonded atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen all alcohol molecules contain at least one hydroxyl group. When people say alcohol they usually think of beer, wine, or liquor, but there are several types of alcohol. An alcoholic beverage is a drink that contains ethyl alcohol. They are mostly made of grains or from grapes or other fruits. There are two main groups fermented and distilled drinks. Fermented drinks contain from five percent to twenty percent ethyl alcohol. Distilled contains twelve percent to fifty-five percent or more ethyl alcohol. The consumption of beverages containing alcohol has been practiced in all parts of the world for thousands of years. The first alcoholic beverages were fermented. Scenes showing fermentation appear on pottery made in Mesopotamia as early as 4200 B.C. Mankind early discovered that drinking the fermented juices of certain fruits, berries, and grain produced an extremely pleasant effect. Among primitive peoples, alcoholic drinks increased the excitement of tribal festivals. In more civilized nations, beers and wines in the daily diet were believed beneficial to health. During the 1800’s, a movement began in the United States to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. A constitutional amendment banning the beverages went into effect in 1920, but thousands of Americans defied the prohibition law. In 1930, the federal government estimated that about 800 million gallons of alcoholic beverages were being produced in the country annually. The prohibition amendment was repealed in 1933. When alcohol is taken into the stomach and intestines, it is absorbed and distributed rapidly throughout the entire body fluids and tissues. The body disposes of alcohol through oxidation. This process lasts as long as the alcohol remains in the system, it may require several hours after the last drink is taken. Small amounts of alcohol may relieve tension or fatigue and increase appetite. Large amounts inhibit or depress the higher mental processes, causing a rise in self-confidence and a reduction of feelings of anxiety and guilt.

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