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Research Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Research Paper - Assignment Example Furthermore, a questionnaire survey has been conducted with ten respondents in order to recognize their experiences regarding racial disparity of the US criminal justice system. Introduction In the United States (US), the legal system has been developed considerably in order to provide equal treatment to every citizen. However, in the critical fields of law such as in the criminal justice system, increased cases of racism can be observed. Although the criminal justice based regulations in the US are facially unbiased, they are imposed in such a way, which provides biased outcomes. Irrespective of deploying different acts, the US is unable to prohibit discernments based on race. For instance, in the year 1964, the US government had approved Civil Rights Act in order to forbid discernments. However, a considerable proportion of African American individuals were determined to have served certain period of time in prison. Then again, in the year 1968, the US government had passed Fair Ho using Act, yet substantial number of Blacks or Hispanics served in prison cell at that specific period of time (Weich & Angulo, 2011). Although several people believe that the US has overcome discrimination driven history, racism still creates a major impact on the organizational policies and criminal law practices. Focusing on this aspect, the paper intends to assess if the US criminal justice system is racist. Both primary and secondary researches have been conducted in order to evaluate the criminal justice system of the US. As a part of primary research, a survey has been undertaken with ten respondents in order to understand their opinions regarding the subject. Besides, different secondary sources such as textbook and literatures have been evaluated to gather an understanding related to the topic. Literature Review The criminal justice system through which lawbreakers are arrested and penalized is considered as one of the key pillars of democracy. However, in order to stay fea sible, the public must have faith in the justice system. Every phase of criminal justice system i.e. from initial investigation to prosecution, equal treatment of individuals needs to be ascertained. Yet, the US criminal justice system is far from an ideal legal structure. Several researches suggested that in the US, Blacks, Hispanics and other subgroups are mistreated through inconsistent targeting and biased treatments by law enforcement administrators. They are racially charged by discriminatory sentencing activities, resulting in the failure of equitable criminal justice legislations. Context of Racism in the US In the 17th century, racism began to rear its ugly head in different facets in the US such as in the fields of employment and justice system. In the 18th century, the conduct of racial discrimination had increased and became synonymous to the US. During 19th century, race was observed to be a subdivision of human beings that discriminate one individual from others. The g eneral concept of race surfaced in 20th century and continues to impact different legal facets of the US throughout 21st century. In most circumstances, African Americans are historically observed as inferiors across different attributes (SAGE Publications, 2013). The disparate treatment of individuals in the US justice system starts in the initial phase of the system. Police

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