Saturday, July 27, 2019

An Ounce of Cure by Alice Munro Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

An Ounce of Cure by Alice Munro - Essay Example The author expresses the intensity of immaturity within the character in hr own words which says â€Å"I know I did not wash my face that night – to keep the imprint of those kisses intact† (Munro 17). The girl is unable to control her emotions and is in love with a young man called Martin Collingwood. Sadly this affair leaves her heart broken and depressed. This is evident in the changes in her appearance; she was turning pale for which her mother had to provide iron pills. Being a mature adult her mother was not much bothered to her that Martin has left her because she never felt that it was â€Å"so much for the better. I never saw a boy so stuck on himself† (Munro 17). Obviously the girl is unable to assess people and judged the boy by the sensations he aroused in her through his kisses and presence. After their separation she visits places where she can possibly locate him and is always eager to mention his name during conversations. The narrator herself adm its to this as she says, â€Å"Remember all the stupid, sad, half-ashamed things†¦that people in love always do† (Munro 17). This is especially true with adolescent love.

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