Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Every Rose has its Thorn Essay

The rose is a beautiful flower. Its appearance is positive; however a rose does have thorns; its thorns are a part of who it is. If a person wants to have a rose, he/she will also have to accept the thorns, even though they are painful. A rose can resemble a person whom you love; if you wish to love them you must also love them when they are at their worst of moods, which is the only way you can have them at their best. Roses are not perfect; they have blemishes just like everything else in the world. There was a rock song in the late 1980’s by the band poison. The lyrics were based on Bret Michaels’ life experience where he learned that while he was on the road touring, his partner was with another man. Upon learning of this upsetting news, he quickly wrote the lyrics with the help of his acoustic guitar, which eventually turned into the acoustic’s that can be heard throughout the song. Every rose has its thorn is an analogy that symbolizes both the good and bad things of a relationship, where love can be as sweet as a rose, but loss of love can be as harsh as rose thorns. Just like every night has its dawn, night and dawn, like a rose and thorns, further emphasize the contrasting perspective of love. In life everything is not going to be perfect. There is always something that looks to good to be true. Life is going to shovel dirt on top of you. The trick to getting out of the dirt is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping-stone. We can get out of the deepest dirt piles just by not stopping, and never giving up. Shake it off and take a step upward Life is filled with ups and downs. We face problems every now and then. Like they say â€Å"Every Rose Has Its Thorn†, every problem that we face provides an opportunity to improve ourselves. If we manage to find the silver lining, we can convert those problems into opportunities for success. Read more:  Person you admire speech essay A negative that I have when managing my employees is when I give out an assignment, and it’s not followed the way I want it to be followed. Although it may have the same outcome, I tend to like it done the way I would have done it. At the end of the day as long as it is done the right way, it should not matter how it was accomplished. Therefore, when living life, keep in mind that every  rose has its thorn. In most cases the thorn represents a negative. When you encounter negatives, always try to turn it into a positive. Live so that the person you become in the future can look back with gratitude and admiration at the person you are right today.

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