Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Abusive Usage of Internet Can Destroy Society Essay

Abusive Usage of Internet Can Destroy Society - sample ExampleAdditionally, it has provided a convenient means of conducting business, networking and social interaction. In the midst of all these remarkable fetes, meshing also poses great threats to the comparable society that it has benefited. Arguably, use of net profit within rational realms is safe and just both in short and long term. Internet usage in the workplace makes the operations quick, effective, and reliable. However, insult of the earnings in an organization ahs detrimental effects that can destroy the organization and the society (Anandarajan, 2006, p. 15-17). This paper, in that locationfore, presents an contention on how abusive usage of internet can destroy society. Sedentary Behavior The fact that internet has made communication possible by just a click of a button poses a serious threat to the society. It is a common phenomenon to see people bewilderting in front of their computers the consentaneous da y and get all their needs accomplished. Whereas it is possible to meet our needs through internet use, the same can potentially pose a great health risk to the society. Sedentary behavior has accommodate the order of the day as the society use internet for virtually all activities. It is only a matter of time before an appreciable size of the society becomes physically inactive. Indeed, some scientists put up flagged inactive behavior as one of the causes of overweight, obesity, stress, and other related diseases. This is certainly destroying the society and the same will sustain unless the society develops moderate use of the internet. Overdependence Although the internet is a relevant source of entropy, overdependence on the internet is arguably one of the factors that have led to a lazy society and ridiculous quality of education. Ideally, all the nurture we need is in the internet and hence students and researchers have turned to the internet for the provision of this in formation quite of going to the libraries and other physical sources (University of Notre Dame, 2008, p.1). This has led to immense levels of laziness since the students will only need to sit in front of a computer and do their studies. In addition, the overdependence on the internet has led to poor quality of educations as the students and researches simply rely on the internet information with no further insights to the topics in question. Hence, issues of plagiarism that negate quality are very rampant in the modern information sector. Moreover, unwarranted time spent on the internet can jeopardize a marriage, as the partners will have no time for marital issues (Young, 1998, p.222-224). Moral and Ethical issues The internet has clear-cut avenues to immorality and unethical behaviors. Where there are no age limitations to the access of internet in the world, the internet contains subtle and immoral information that is highly accessible to all. Contents of pornography (Erooga, 2 012, p.14), drug abuse, terrorism, and other unpleasant attributes feature in the internet (Asian School of Cyber Laws, 2003, p.2). Additionally, children can become victims of sex offenders who use the internet to target children, lure them, and communicate with other sex offenders (Davidson, 2008, p.66). Students and minors misuse the internet by accessing the sites that influence them to immoral and unethical behaviors. Teens copy these behaviors therefore degrading morality in the society. In addition, internet users misuse the internet by login to music sites manage YouTube and downloading videos, movies, and audio music free. These acts promote music piracy and are against music copyrights and patents. Hence, they are unethical as they deny the music producers and artists their due returns. This oppression

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