Saturday, May 11, 2019

Steamboal Bill. Jr Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Steamboal Bill. Jr - Movie Review ExampleThis motion picture is a silent comedy thriller produced in 1928 by Charles Reisner featuring Buster Keaton and he has written the story along with Carl Harbaugh. It is a story about William Canfield (Steamboat Bill) who is a captain owning ship and is awaiting his tidings to come and join his phone line who has finished his graduation. But to his dismay, his son arrives with his lover who is the daughter of his business rival force. Steamboat gets jailed for misconduct and his son tries to save him from jail but end up in the middle of the cyclone storm. The storm strikes down expression and the wind buffet Steamboat bill Jr. He takes shelter under a tree and it gets uprooted and he land up at the waterfront. Then he gets chance to show his manlihood and ends the rivalry between William and King and save all of them from the accident.The story has a theme of rivalry and enjoyment of a son. The story has a focus on the rivalry between Ca nfield and King and which led both the people in trouble. This is too the reason why Canfield hesitates for the marriage between his son and lover. The other theme being the delicate triumph of son over his father where he saves his father and his rival from an accident. It is good to see that the movie has turbulent scenery which makes the movie a pleasant watch. The movie has a good measure of sympathy and suspense. The assorted episodes of the movie are depicted discreetly and this enhances the drama of the movie.The special effects of the movie are demarcation worthy as the picturization of storm was technically flawless. It was realistic and added to the technical quality of the movie. The hinders and special effects were imaginative and wildly inventive. The Keaton played as a good protagonist with his athletic expression and comedic physicality. Keatons stunt shots are immortal .The movie had romance, action and humor. The camera angles of the movie were interesting and there was an innovative

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