Monday, May 13, 2019

Mining Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mining - testify ExampleThe article then develops the basis for the study as a determination of the effectiveness of schoolbook exploit techniques for detecting Web-based Internet wickedness at the work place as rise up as accuracy and efficiency of some techniques comp ared to others. This makes the proofreader have a comprehensive understanding of the article and how it leave be organized making it a good and excellent article in terms of opinion development. The article then reviews literature on mesh abuse, approach and text mining techniques, empirical findings and results and the cobblers last part presented is the managerial implications and future research directions as envisaged by the authors. The article is organized in a manner to give the reader a clear understanding from the needs for the research, findings, and conclusions made as hearty as further research recommendations.The authors give a clear exposition of the literature on network abuse to bring the re ader up to speed on the research undertaken on mesh abuse in the work place. There are three major categories of literature reviewed by the authors including measures to prevent internet abuse behavior, measurements of evaluating the behavior and factors that augment the behavior as well as the monitoring and blocking of employees internet usage. The main approach taken by the study is the detection of web-based abuse through text mining approach excluding non-web based abuse and e-mail abuse as a means to complement the exist techniques. The authors give a clear exposition to the reader of the methods of classification, data collection methods and preparation as well as the design taken to ensure the results reached are quality and supported by evidence.After the results are analyzed using standard regression, standard deviations, Chi-test, and F-test, the conclusions and recommendations are presented at the end of the article. The analysis is in-depth to allow the reader to comp rehend the steps taken to reach the

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