Friday, May 10, 2019

Summarize the article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Summarize the article - examine ExampleThe results were then analyzed to determine the factors that affect the development of false belief understanding in children. Overall, the results suggest that false belief understanding develops as age increases. Also, it has a strong relation with prevalent language ability. These relationships can be explained in several ways. One possible explanation is that the children need to break linguistic ability to understand and respond to the tasks given to them. Complexity of the language in which the task is presented may make the child unable to respond to it, however simple the task is for him. The level of understanding of a child can also affect his ability to perform equally difficult tasks. He may fully understand and interpret one aspect of the task, but may prove incompetent to stock out a nonher equally difficult task. The findings suggest that there is no constituent of childrens store in solving false belief tasks. However, fa mily size is positively related to false belief understanding. The heading of one or more siblings increases interactions like tricking and teasing etc. that fosters false belief understanding. Children may bring out their siblings and develop an understanding of false belief even when their linguistic ability is poor suggesting that competence is not entirely dependent on language. Hence, family size and linguistic ability both play a role in false belief understanding.

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