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Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

Importance of Strategic homosexual beingnesss Resource ManagementIntroductionAs globalization takes come in, quick softenment and change magnitudely competitory commercialise vex become the immediate challenges for administrations. Surrounded by such environment, disposals should create strain strategies to survive the challenges and sustain the competitive advantage. Beside developing on hot harvests, new litigatees and expanding line of products to larger market, the investment on the biggest potential that virtually organizations recognize, homosexual resource, has received to a greater extent and more(prenominal) attentions. Nowadays, the closely valu couple resource in a organization is suggested to be the gracious resource. man winsome capital, the knowledge, arrive and skills that individuals possessed argon pivotal for the victoryful performance of the federal official goernments missions (J.L. Perry, 1993). Similarly, other typesetters cases of or ganizations have no exception, also trea true the set that individuals bring to the companies. Thus, the worry of charitable resource is closely related to the success of organisational performances. in fact, as argued by m any trouble scholars, homo resource counseling is currently an important, perhaps the close to important factor that tick offs the authorisation of organization (Devanna, Fombrun, and Tichy, 1984 Schuler,1990). Strategic human resource management (SHRM), as a term first given from the USA, is of more interest recently. It is specify as the figure of speech through objectning human resource deployments and activities such to enable an organization to achieve its goals (J.L. Perry, 1993). SHRM creates a connective amid the boilersuit strategic business objectives and the human resource strategy and implementation (E. N. Caliskan, 2010). Thus, it is important to understand that how the organization manages its human resource and link to its business s trategies have a material impact on the ameliorate organizations performance.Impact of human resource managementIn order to explain the impressiveness of SHRM to the success of organisational performance, the impact that human resource management has on the organizations should be examined first. There has been growing number of studies that indicated a positive social intercourseship between human resource management and organisational performance (E.N. Caliskan, 2010). A research reported by Arthur in 1990 (M. Armstrong, 2006) gave data from 30 US strip mills delectationd to assess how high-commitment strategy or a control strategy influenced grate faculty and scrap rate. The results showed that stanchs with a high-commitment strategy was higher in both productivity and quality as study to those with a control strategy. In 1995, Huselid (M. Armstrong, 2006) did an analysis of the responses of 968 US firms regarding the use of high performance lend practices, the deve lopment of synergies between them and alignment of these practices with the competitive strategy. The results showed that the impact of employee need is signifi brush offt on productivity, and the impact of employee skills, motivation and organizational structures is also signifi good dealt on the financial performance. Later Patterson et al. in 1997 (M. Armstrong, 2006) did a research to examine the link between business performance and organization culture as well as the use of or so human resource practices. The results showed that human resource practices gave explanations to signifi cornerstonet variations in profitability and productivity. Two of the practices were particularly important (1) the acquisition and development of employee skills (2) job design which includes flexibility, responsibility, variety and the use of formal teams. The work belongings employee relations fall over conducted in 1998 also suggested a strong association existed between HRM and employee atti tudes as well as workplace performance through the sample survey of 2000 workplaces and views of 28000 employees (E.N. Caliskan, 2010). Purcell et al. in 2003 (M. Armstrong, 2006) did a ampleitudinal study of 12 companies to establish the impacts of people management on organizational performance. As indicated, the approximately prosperous companies all had a sort vision and a set of integrated values such as embedded, enduring, collective, measured and managed. It was clearly evidenced that positive attitudes towards HR policies and practices, levels of satisfaction, motivation and commitment influenced practicable performance.From the research results, we advise easily conclude that effective HR practices have positive impacts on the overall performance of organizations. For suitable HR policies and processes to be applied, the firms performance bequeath be substantial and sustainable. Regardless of what type of effort the organization is aiming at, the ultimate strategic goal of the chief is to maximize riches of the shargonholders. Financial performance depends largely on operational performance. This empennage be accounted as a mapping of its people, process and technology. Effective combination of such function requires people in the organization to be competent enough with adequate knowledge, skill and abilities. Such requirement is closed linked to certain HRM practices such as hiring selection, procreation of stave, work environment and performance assessment. These practices whitethorn compound the competence of employees, thus improve the performance of organizations.Impact of Strategic human resource managementThe strategic base of HR practices has a great impact on improved performance. Firstly, in the strategy of hiring employees, HRM tends to attract, develop and retain high-quality people. By matching employees to the strategic and operational needfully of the family, can improve the working efficiency. In addition, the talent man agement also has effective measures. Winning war for talent is achieved by qualification sure that both present and after smell needs of talented and well-motivated people needful by the organization be met. Baring in mind the most important strategy which is to create blessedness within the workplace and make the organization a great place to work. This can inspire people to be more innovative and energetic in their work. As the employees happiness increases, their performance also improves, thus enhance the overall organizational performance. The job design, as mentioned in the past research, plays an important occasion in productivity. It is prerequisite to provide employees with stimulating and interesting work and give them autonomy and flexibility to complete their jobs. This can enhance job satisfaction of the employees, thus encourage higher performance and productivity (E.N. Caliskan, 2010). Training and initiating a learning culture within the organization can devel op the level of competence of the custody. Encouraging discretionary learning when individuals actively seek to acquire knowledge and skills that match with the objectives of the organizations. By creating a learning atmosphere in the workplace, employees would be more motivated and more competent to face the fast-paced and global challenges. From the case of Snowden, we detect the importance of building cooperation trust among the employees. Adopting the strategy of increasing motivation, commitment and role engagement to encourage people to identify themselves with the core values of the organizations and to make them leave aloneingly contri furthere to achieve organizational goals. Last but non least, for high-performance management, a positive performance culture should be built to deliver the desired values from the shareholders. For more contribution made, the people should be awarded, in order to encourage him to keep it up and also motivate other employees to devote thems elves strive for separate performance.As we discuss on how various(a) HR strategies can be implemented to collaborate with business strategies to achieve higher performance of organizations, it is not hard to conclude that SHRM is the driver to improve organizational performance. pitying resource, as a source of sustained competitive advantage, is worth being invested to increase the potential of an organization. So long as the people in the organizations are improved in both performance and attitude, the ultimate goal of the shareholder is approachable. The present linkage has given HR managers a clue on how to adopt various strategies onto HRM. These strategies do not wholly improve the human resource performance, most importantly, also straight affect the overall performance of the organization, thus, determine if or not the organization can achieve its goals.Case study of Google Inc.BackgroudIn order to understand the importance of SHRM in practical situation, we introduce the ridiculous and outstanding organization Google inc. in the following part. Certain SHRM practices within Google would be discussed to show how actively it is focused on managing its people and how this helps Google to achieve its goals.Google inc., the biggest search rail agency locomotive known to the whole world has gained its success largely by the people, the googlers they have. This is a technological organization. Engineers are the main workforce of the organization. However, the HR subdivision, or the POPS as themselves called, is the chance upon factor which determines their past and present success, also perhaps the future as well. Under the lead of bock, the POPS has helped Google to become the scoop out employer in the US. It has been rated as the best place where people want to work for in the States. Let us see how Google succeeded over the years.Successful examples of SHRMSeveral years ago, there was a puzzle noticed by the POPS, that many female employees l eft the company. Although this IT based organization has mainly male employees, the role of female employees is as important as males. The problem was not about gender equality, but it has affected the bottom line. Regardless of gender, the market of the talents is very thin, fighting for the talented people determines the competence of Google with other organizations such as Apple, Facebook and so on. In addition, the departure of all(prenominal) employee will be inefficient because it will involve a costly and time-consuming recruiting process. Thus, the POPS investigated and researched until they realized it was a problem of happiness. At that time, the company offered an industry-standard maternity consecrate plan. As long as a female worker gave birth, she would have 12 weeks of paid time off, and exclusively for those new parents in California offices. Those outside the state only got paid time off of 7 weeks. After they figured out the problem, in 2007, Bock announced new policy. New mothers would get 5 months off at full pay and full realises, also they are allowed to manage the time on their own wish. If she cor answerings, the mother could return as part time after her birth, and wherefore take the balance back when the baby grows older. In addition, Google offered 7 weeks new-parent leave to every worker around the world. It may sound overly generous that this investment outweighs the benefits it brings to the organization. However, this policy was actually a win for the company that after it was carried out, the departures of new mothers had dropped down quickly by 50%. Being compensated by the savings in recruitment costs, the new policy does not cost Google any more money (F. Manjoo, 2013).Googles POPS does not only solve problems for new mothers. They concern about every little detail that the employees are involved. Surveys about the best way to manage a large firm were done a lot of times to the employees. The questions were such as do palmy middle managers have certain skills in common- and can you teach those skills to unsuccessful managers? And say you want to give whatsoever(a)one a rise-how should you do it in a way that maximizes his happiness? Should you give him a cash bonus? Stock? A raise? More time off? (F. Manjoo, 2013) Although most may argue that Googles HR practices may not apply to all companies. Some of their visualiseings such as how to improve interviews, will still be applicable to most of the firms. In the hiring process of Google, within the first few years, it required its candidates to endure many interviews. The interviewer was also played by all the staff currently in the company. The HR department thought this approach would help both current employees and prospective ones to be more competent and more capable. However, it slowed down the hiring process and became more and more ineffectual on examining candidates true values. Later, they realized the problem and studied about the opt imal number of interview times. It was found that 4 times interviews will yield the most effective hiring process. After fourth one, the results begin to turn negative. Google was able to correct their HR practices to demonstrate the most strategic HRM.Besides these two major examples, Google POPS did way more. They investigated the way to increase employees paying. Whether paying a bonus of more or giving rise to monthly salary with less amount makes no struggle to the firm, but the latter one can largely increases the level of happiness of the employees, thus encourage them more to work their best for the company. Even for cafeterias, besides providing pace down food, drinks and snacks, the size of the table was also concerned. The tables are long, so that workers who do not know each other will have to sit together to interact. The societal coherence will improve teamwork spirit. In such a competitive and globalized environment, teamwork is especially important as diversity a nd combination of diametrical powerful minds can create miracles and successes. In addition, the size of the plates were also considered to change to smaller size, so that the employees would have more healthy portions of food. In such ways, the employees do not alone feel happy about the free services that they receive, they are also satisfied and motivated by the cares that the company shows to them. The learning atmosphere is also maintained well in Google. Googlers can enjoy free classes of dancing, reproduction sessions and choose their interested projects. Such free and encouraging environment inspires the googlers to create more values to the company. It does not only improve the overall performance, but also brings benefits to the consummate world as their profits business has already changed peoples smell and will continue this mission.Discussion on Googles SHRM practicesGoogles POPS head Bock has revealed that the ultimate goal is to use Googles experience to answer some important questions about workplace such as are leaders born or made? Can individuals sustain high performance over their lifetimes? Google would eventually be able to figure out the answers and they believe that the unique luxury that they have as being a date-driven company with people who can do the math will assist them to achieve the goals. So far, Google has set many good examples for all other companies. Their successes in SHRM lead to greatly improved performance. Through the example of Google, other companies are able to see the importance of taking care of the human resource. The strategic management of people does not only enable better alignment of jobs, but also increases peoples happiness. As working professionals are happy about their jobs and workplaces, the development and civilization of the entire society will go to a higher level. The world would not only be economic based, but also more utilitarian and more humanitarians.ConclusionThe report has illustrate d the importance of HRM to organizational performance. Then SHRM, as a link to connect HRM to business strategies to achieve final organizational objectives can improve overall performance of the organization. Through the example of Google inc., we see how actively Google focused on SHRM. They also gained success in SHRM and also become the most successful search engine in the history. Their ultimate goal is not merely helping Google to achieve business goals through SHRM, but also collecting experience for other organizations on how to improve their employees happiness and benefit as well as achieve their business goals.ReferenceDevanna, M.A.,C. Fombrun, and N. Tichy. A Framework for Strategic Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management. New York John Wiley. 1984.E. N. Caliskan. The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance. Journal of Naval intuition and Engineering, 2010, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp 100-116.F. Manjoo. The Happiness Machine, How Google became such a great place to work, 2013,retrieved from http// L. Perry. Strategic Human Resource Management. Transforming Federal Civil Service. Fall 1993. p 59-71.M. Armstrong. Strategic Human Research Management A Guide to functionion. Kogan Page. London. p 73-74.Importance of Strategic Human Resource ManagementImportance of Strategic Human Resource ManagementThe business that I have chosen to study as part of this assignment is TESCO. TESCO is a public limited company, which is very successful and renowned in all over the world. I am always interested about TESCO and do my shopping very regularly from there. So I chosen to do my study about this particular business and it will help me to get instruction quite effectively and efficiently than any other organisation or business.DefinitionHuman resource management is the organisational funct ion which is focused on recruitment, management, and providing pick oution for the employees of an organization.Strategic human resource management is linking of human resources with objectives and strategic goal in order to develop business culture and performance with flexibly, innovative.In an organisation SHRM subject matter involving the HR function and implementing companys strategies through recruiting, selecting, culture and rewarding force-out.1.1-Importance of Strategic Human Resource ManagementStrategic human resource management is a part of human resource management.Rather than way on internal issues of HR, SHRM focus on addressing and solving problems what effect people management related issues in the long run globally. So the main importance of strategic human resources is to increase employee skills by foc apply on business problems that happens outside of human resources. The actions that needed to be taken at first for a strategic human resource manager is to identify key HR areas ,where strategies will be implemented in the future to improve employees productivity, motivation and skill.Human Resource managers are facing with some issues such as performance management, employee participation, human resource flow, reward systems and high commitment work systems in the setting of globalization. These are some of the major issues that HR management involved in SHRM that implemented in the first decade of the 21st centuryInter caseization of market integration.Significant technological change.New concepts of general management.Cross-cultural factorsThe economic trend transferring from developed to developing countries in the world.SHRM also reflects some of the contemporary challenges faced by Human Resource Management. Such as aligning HR with core business strategy, demographic trends on employment and the labour market, integrating soft skills in HRD and finally Knowledge Management.1.2-The Purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management The exercise of SHRM is to stimulate interest in the field of Human Resources by inviting HR professionals to speak about different aspects of their job and other HR issues. SHRM was created to provide assistance for development of its members, to provide leadership opportunities, and establish and support standards of excellence in Human Resource Management.SHRM aims to provide a sense of direction in an often turbulent environment so that organizational and business needs can be translated into coherent and practical policies and programmes. SHRM should provide guidelines for successful action, and the ultimate test of the reality of strategic HRM is the extent to which it has stimulated such action.There is an overall corporal purpose and that the human resource dimensions of that purpose are evident.A process of developing strategy within the organization exists and is understood, and that there is explicit consideration of human resource dimensions.The organization at all lev els establishes responsibility and accountability for human resource management.It includes the responsibility to identify and interact in the social, political, technological and economic environments in which the organization is and will be doing business.1.3-Contribution of SHRM to the operation of TESCOs objectivesSHRM is normally helps us to achieve knowledge about strategic goals in different ways. The main thing of using this strategic advance is maintain the level of the organization for the organizational goals. Different HR policies are providing some good replies that are very necessary for the organizational strategy. HRM task helps us to achieve corporate goals such as egression and development by recruiting, training and orientating, and put them in new job role. The growth plan of an organization requires staffs and recruitment is the only functions that make sure that employees got sufficient skill. The retention policy enable to differentiation through retaining b est of the ability force. Retaining suitably of the employees enables to provide quality works, customer pleasure, and higher proficiency. The strategic approaches boost its performance management of the whole organization.The training and development process enables employees to know that they have seemly skills that are required to achieve the whole tasks. The training plans are structured to train the human resources for particular skills that will enable them to achieve the essential goals. So that the organization is benefited as in there appropriate usance of financial resources available to accomplish the training and development process. This process also maintains the growth of the organization through career improvement of the staffs.Tesco is the UKs largest supermarket. It has more than 240000 employees, and is fashioning constant profit over the last few years. During the last few years Tesco used participative management which helped the organization for its develop ment. The organization tried to apply of competitive circumstances by developing the technique how they can relate with the customers. Tesco used constant improvement, customer relation, welfare management in combination with the HRM strategies to achieve this reputable place in the UK supermarket industry. It makes employees champions and makes them able to make decisions. It also enables to increase employee pleasure, motivation, work proficiency and make able to adopt in any change. Overall the development of the organizational employees is the most important strength of Tesco. It is mainly focus on proper accomplishment and utilization of HR strategies that help it to do well in the market. In Tesco Human Resource policies perform with marketing strategies that is placed into the operation. The management practice and its participation helped Tesco to improve its employees and the whole company. These steps enable them to obtain appropriate performance through their participatio n and engagement. The strategic human resource practice enables to produce competencies that distinguish product and service.Task 2In this part of my assignment I am going to explain about attach and Spencer2.1-Internal and external business factors that underpin human resource planningAt this time of year lots of companies are theorizeing a strategic plan for the coming period.There are some external and internal business factors that effecting Mark and Spencer business policy. Some of them are in belowLabor cost controlIncrease efficiency and productivityEmployee developmentBusiness declineBusiness growthBusiness changeMarks and Spencer is one of the leading companies in UK. Internal business factor like as business growth can strengthen human resource plan on Marks and Spencer. When the whole companys business is growing then by all odds management make different human resource plan for the organizational success. It can include recruitment of new personnel or making the exis ted personnel more efficient through a better training. Similarly when Marks and Spencer business is going through a bad time Marks and Spencer management make a different HR plan, like as redundancies of staff or other HR related expenses. Sometimes for other changes in business its Marks and Spencer gild make some change on the HR planning. Control of labor cost is one of the important factors on Marks and Spencer business policy. Computing a labour cost percentage in addition to other used way of labour efficiency. Justifying labour productivityMaintaining a amentaceous WorkforceMeasuring Current Labour ProductivityManaging Payroll CostsDropping Labour-Related CostsNow a days IT is making a large change in the field of industrial, agricultural and human resources of Marks and Spencer. In this present 21st century IT has been playing a very important role on human resource planning. Due to technological advancemans its been taking some changes on the basis of HR planning in Mar ks and Spencer.2.2-Human resource requirementsMarks and Spencer is always looking for particular amount of skills from the employees of different department. Among of these department specific skills is generally required by the employers. Similarly experience and other qualifications also required from the employees.These skills are related with their ability. Depends on the making plan, organize, design, implementation. It also helps his goal-setting. Some of them are in belowHonesty, integrity and morality.Adaptability, Flexibility.Dedication and hard working.Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility.Loyalty. irrefutable Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion.Professionalism.Self-Confidence.Self-Motivated/Ability to Work with Little or No Supervision.Willingness to Learn.In the specific areas whoever is weak can develop these skills by better training, acquiring knowledge on specific field, professional development from the people who possess these skills.Internal factors e.g. (labour requirements, Skill requirements, Workforce profiles etc.Marks and Spencer consider skill requirement, labour requirement and workforce profile. HR planning mark offs that Marks and Spencer has suitable access to talent and ensure future business success. Talent means the knowledge, skills and ability to outwear some activities like as decision making. HR resource plan consider some iterative discipline.External factors e.g. demand for labour, Supply of labour welkin Skills Councils, government departments, professional bodies or dedicated employer or trade associations are likely to produce specific labour market studies. Specialist recruitment agencies and topical anaesthetic further and higher education establishments will have useful insights into the labour markets they serve.Government polices e.g. employment, Education, Training, Industrial, RegionalGovernment role and activity can have a good role on the basis of human resource requirements. If government keep a good lo ok on how peoples can develop their skills and requirement. The answers definitely indicate a few things, one of them is education. This is the key factors for the development of a nation. So the developments of Marks and Spencer, even a countrys development mainly depend on educational development. Government need to analyse every single point and focus on that point after that must(prenominal) be taken step by step action to reach the success, the another key point is employment. Government should have developed the opportunity in the job market, need to think about how to make job market better. Must need to try the best how to create vacancies according to the peoples interest and skill. For this reason employees must be skilled, and to be a skilled worker he must be properly trained in both practically and theoretically. Government can support that directly or indirectly. It can be regional basis or industrial basis.2.3-Human resource planningHR planning is the process by whic h a company can ensure that it got right personnel.To fulfil organisational requirement MS make some HR planning for the development of human resource these areenlistingRetentionEmployee developmentRe-skillingUp-skillingSuccession planningFulfil recruitment requirement an organised process of recruitment can avoid the problem of unpredicted wastage, shortage, blockages in the promotion flow, redundancies and so on.Determining training needs It is very important to have a planning training programme. And in the term of skills requirement these programmes are improving not only quantity but also in quality in Marks and Spencer.Management development One of the main purposes of HR planning is management development. Because a well trained and experienced manager is very important for the effectiveness of Marks and Spencer Industry. This thing depends on accurate information for both present and future requirement.Setting SmartTo engage SMART objectives in Mark and Spencer is focus on a ll the SMART criteria to meet with every objective.The full abbreviation of SMART is Specific, Measurable, Achievable or Agreed, Realistic and Time phased. These criteria can help MS to achieve the goal on the basis of HR management.SpecificThe goal must be specific. It can be done by drafting a goal statement. For an example MS aimed to make sure this year that they will make a specific amount of profit this year, to reach that goal they planned to make the HR department more skilled. That plan must be specific.MeasurableMS aim must be measurable so that the benchmark of the metrics will be used and it can be tricky. Strategic goals of MS are basically measured making earning or profit. So that it must be careful that it may find that employees use unethical behaviours to achieve the specific goal.AchievableThe goal must be achievable. If the mission is then it will be easier to fix that the goal is whether achievable or not. An awareness campaign or a meeting can ensure that how i t can be achieved.RealisticThere is no point of making a goal that necessitates the resources which are unavailable. A tactful session might help to make that realistic. To help and find new alternative MS use empowering staff if its resources are considered.Time basedThe goals must have deadline. If the deadline is not affix properly the whole SMART will be useless. Every year MS got an agenda on HR management, which means it plan, its agenda on the basis of a time limitation. That specific deadline allows it to create a benchmark to ensure the goals achievement is on the plan.OutcomesThe purposes of HR planning are to enable organizations to anticipate their future HRM needs and to identify practices that will help them to meet those needs. HR planning may be done on a short- or long-term basis. Its aim is to ensure that people will be available with the appropriate characteristics and skills when and where the organization needs them. The use of HR planning enables companies to g ain control of their future by preparing for likely events.When failing to properly plan for their human resources, employers are forced to respond to events after they occur, rather than before they become reactive, rather than proactive. When this outcome occurs, an organization may be unable to correctly anticipate an increase in its future demand for personnel. At best, such a company would be forced to recruit personnel at the last minute and may fail to find the best candidates. At worst, the company may become seriously understaffed.Resources requiredIn spite of of the size of the human resources department it is essential to have the necessary personnel in position to develop, apply and monitor a suitable written human resources plan.2.4-how a human resource plan contributes to the meeting of organisational objectivesA comprehensive Human Resource plan plays a very important role on the achievement of organisational objectives. Human resource plan support some strategic obje ctives related with marketing, financial, technological and operational departments.HR strategy is aim to explain about the people element, what an organisation is expecting to achieve in medium to long term, which ensure thatThe organisation has right peopleIt got perfect mix of skillsEmployees present good attitudes and behavioursStaffs are improving in the proper way.Fundamental issues which are communicate by the organisation. It identified if employees are motivated, committed and operate successfully. In MS these fundamental issues areEmployees planning issuesEmployees skills and equity plansMotivation and fair treatment issues keep open level on the basis of payment, recruit and motivate people.A career development framework which is normally focusing on the development of organisation, organising the staffs with employability so they can adopt with regular changes in the employment pattern.HR plan is showing a careful planning of the people issues that make it quite easier for the achievement of the organisation. HR plan have major impact on the changes in the wider market environment which areChanges in the overall market.Cultural changes that will effect on the future employment pattern.Changes in the legal frameworkProviding and implementing practical idea on HR planning and making it stronger an organisational performance can be developed such as focusing on good management practice.3.1-Purpose of human resource management policiesHuman resource management policies include different type of activities such as deciding about staffing need that M S Company got. To fulfill these requirements MS Company do recruiting and selecting employees then training for making them better skilled, ensuring their good performance, monitoring the performance issues. betivities also include managing the approach to employees benefits and compensation, employees personal policies and records. During the period of recruiting company must show the balance of equality on the basis of sex, culture, religion or cast.Employers shouldPay workers according to the agreement. The agreement will maintain some areas such as work period, amount of paid holidays etc. The employment contract is the important legal document between the employer and staff.Pay men and women equally for doing the equal values of work, should not be discriminate between men and woman.Make sure they fulfil the requirements of Minimum Wage Act 1998 and pay at least the national minimum wage to appropriate the employees acquire and expensesBenefits are forms of value, other than payment, that are provided to the employee in return for their contribution to the organization, that is, for doing their job. Some benefits, such as unemployment and workers compensation, are federally required.Employee benefits typically refers to retirement plans, health life insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, vacation, employee stock ownership plans, etc. Benefits are increasingly expensive for businesses to provide to employees, so the range and options of benefits are changing rapidly to include, for example, conciliative benefit plans.Training and developmentAll managers at Mark Spencer are making a career planning profile that helps them to think about bordering target. Then they can develop their career. Identifying staff, specific training such as technical skill and business competencies needs for the specific role. The profile highlighted what kind of training program Mark and Spencer need to take.There are two forms of training areOn the job training while employees are on the work then this training form take place.Off the job training when employees are away from the work then it take place.On-the-job training takes place while employees are carrying out an activity in their place of work. Involving a range of project and training can improve business competencies and technical skills. The purpose of the training is to make the enjoyable to their work, a nd make them feel that have all the skill that is needed for the role.Off-the-job training, as its names suggests, takes place away from the workplace. For example, within MS there is internet and staff finds required learning materials to develop their technical skills and business competencies.3.2-Impact of regulatory requirements on human resource policiesRegulatory requirementsEmployment formula include different types of regulatory requirements which is related with business structure, pay, data protection, health and safety, discrimination, equality, employment right and responsibility, contractual terms and condition and data protection.Employment relation act 2004This act is generally concerned with collective labour law and trade union rights. This is the reviewed one of Employment Relations Act 1999 that was announced on July 2002.The act 1999 was conducted with connecting of interested parties, after that it included a public consultation. Government reviewed that and pr ovides a detailed analysis that is known as Employment Relations Act 2004. commensurate Pay Acts 1970 and 1983This act was came to force on 1975. Its intention was to remove discrimination between men and women in pay. This act allows someone to claim equal amount of payment for both of the gender.approximating workWork rate as equal under a job estimation schemeWork of Equal Value in terms of weight made under such headings as attempt, skill and decision-makingClaims to be pursue on the basis of the Employment motor lodge system.Disability Discrimination Act 1995This act came to force on 2nd of December 1996. This act works like as Sex Discrimination Act and Race relation act. It also put the duty on the employer to make a reasonable adjustment in the premises to the disable people. Disable means physical disable, visual or hearing disable, mental problem such as Multiple Sclerosis and Aid, learning problem. data protection Act 1998The Data defense Act 1998 requires every data c ontroller who is processing personal data to notify the Information Commissioner unless they are exempt. Failure to notify is a felon offence. The Information Commissioner maintains a public register of data controllers. Each register entry includes the name and address of the data controller and a general definition of the processing of personal data by a data controller. Individuals can consult the register to find out what processing of personal data is being carried out by a particular data controller.There is no requirement to notify manual records which come within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998. However, it can be chosen to notify them voluntary to notify them voluntarily.If notification is needed, there are two ways to notifyBy internet notification form can be completed on the internet, printing it and send the form by post with the notification fee or direct debit instructionBy telephone it can be telephone the notification help line and a draft notification form will be sent to which is based on the information that is been asked to provide on the telephone.Further guidance and other publications can be accessed from the website of the Information Commissioner http// 3In this task of my assignment i am going to discuss about ACI Company Ltd Bangladesh.4.1- Impact of organisational structure on the management of HR intention of HR department on the development of ACIOn the development of ACI Company Ltd Bangladesh, HR department got a huge role. Organisational development of ACI is based on some personnel assessment and HR audit. Its also depending on the basis of how personnel departments are being observed and evaluated. On the viewpoint of a HR consultant here I am going to describe some of themRecruiting, interviewing and hiringNew employee related factorsPerformance assessmentWages or compensation issuesStaff benefit issuesHR plan and policiesJob categorizationTraining and interviewingDe cision-making skills4.2- Impact of organisational culture on the management of HROrganisational culture organisational culture can be defined as thorough concept of knowledge, belief and thoughts of mind and customs in where peoples are expressing their organisational conditioning. Aci organisation have different shared belief and values which sometimes convert into policies and practice.Aci organisational culture has some impact on the HR management that areDecision making that can centralised of decentralisedFreedom of different level of staff and managementFrankness on communicationDifferent leadership styles that is conducted by managersEducational involve and intelligence of employeesAttitude of team then if needed training and development.Attitude to change specially with the technology.Commitment on the quality and service.4.3- How the effectiveness of HRM is being monitoredACI Companys HRM effectiveness depends on some major components which are mentioned bellow and these co mponents are being monitored by ACI regularly for the organizational development. These areHRM strategyHuman resource strategy is indicating some objectives like as training and developing, motivation and control workers. ACI Company is one of the most successful organizations in Bangladesh, it achieving its success through business strategy and HRM strategy and company believe that the more successful it is likely to be in terms of achieving the organizational outcomes. So if the whole companys effectiveness is mostly depend on its HRM strategy.HRM operationsThere are lots of responsibility and functions required for running a business. Performance, productivity, each and every department must be monitored constantly and HR department is responsible for achieving these. These things ensure the overall success of ACI Company.Using human resource properlySome people might think that HR department is not a most important factor in a company. It is totally a wrong concept. ACI Companys HR department basically focuses on hiring the people and which would build up the workforce of the company. If this department is not performing well then whole process of hiring and recruiting will be on the question for any company. So for the effectiveness of the ACI Company proper using of HR is very important.Efficiencies and inefficienciesAn organizational effectiveness mostly depends on having right people on the right post to fulfill organizational requirements on the appropriate time. Right people can only be obtained by measuring efficiencies. The more efficient the employee will, the more effective the company will be. On the other hand an inefficient employee is a great obstacle for the whole company. So making him efficient the companys development can be obtained. So monitor efficiencies and inefficiencies must be considered on the effectiveness of human resource management.Overall monitoring the above few section ACI Company is performing its organizational success.4 .4- Recommendation to improve the effectiveness of human resource management in ACITo improve the effectiveness of human resource management in ACI Company, there must be a list of recommendation. The following few factors can be implemented for the improvements of its effectiveness.Benchmarking HR performanceBenchmarking provides an organization with a detail analysis of national and employees satisfaction. It also provides HR effectiveness based on in detail feedback form and the whole companys surveys. ACI Companys benchmarking reports let it to compare the organization with the current and future industry norms. Thats how the management can determine whether the present HR practices are fulfilling the companys need and the needs of employees.Employees attitude surveyEmployee attitude survey provides information to improve efficiency and commitment on ACI industry. Finding out the root issues of attitude in the organization ACI Company must take the direct action to broaden its o verall job satisfaction. Involving the information that was gathered from the survey will improve the productivity. Improving the attitude of the employees will lead to better cooperation and communication throughout the whole company. So employees attitude must be considered for the future improvement of the effectiveness of HRM in ACI Company.Employee retentionEmployee retention is helping an organization to encourage employees to remain in the organization for a long time. Now a days so many companies are facing a lot of problem in employees retention. Hiring skilled and intimate people for the job is very necessary for any company. But retention is more important than hiring. ACI Company is always looking for such a kind of talent employees. If an employee is not satisfied on his present job then he might try to find a better one, as a result it can be a huge lose for the company. So employee retention should be followed for the future development of the company.

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