Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Robot Lab Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Robot Lab Report - Essay ExampleTo define more precisely, Robot is a device that automatically performs complicated often repetitive tasks (merriam-webster). The task is instructed to the robot in the form of programs using any programming language. Robot can either be guided using a hostile control or can be made completely automatic by pre-defining the directions in the program thereby replacing the complete human interventions. wiz such application of automated robots would be in industries where these robots handle tasks like cutting, welding, packing and moving to the correct destinations and so on, thereby increasing productivity, safety and profitability. though the initial cost of purchasing a robot is comparatively higher, the advantages they offer simply overwhelms them. As a part of our Robot study course, we have intentional and programmed one such automated robot using Lego NXT, a programmable robotics kit from Lego. Lego NXT comes with a brick shaped device called NXT Intelligent Brick which forms the brain of the robot. This device can be thought of an intelligent micro computer that can be programmable with many compatible programming languages. It can operate with up to four sensors and up to three motors. It also comes with an in-built LCD display and necessary buttons to navigate the user interfaces using hierarchical menus and a speaker to play sound files. Simple programs can be developed using this menus and more complicated programs can be downloaded through USB or Bluetooth. Though it can be programmed with many compatible languages, we have elect Lejos, a high level open source language based on Java, for programming the device. A step by step procedure on how we have developed the robot is summarized below Sensor Calibration A sensor (also called detector) is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signaling which can be read by an observer or by an instrument (Wikipedia). Sensor is like an eye for the Robot, without which they are actually blind. A robot uses sensors for detecting what is happening around them so that they can respond or react to varying circumstances. In our design, we have used a simple supersonic sensor. This ultrasonic sensor is attached to the Lego NXT brick and series of bill were taken in order to calibrate the sensor. The various factors involved in sensor calibration entangle sensitivity- the smallest heighten in input that will be detectable in the output, range- the minimum and maximum distances it a can measure, precision- the degree of reproducibility of a measurement i.e if the same value were calculated a multiple of times, and good sensor would output exactly the same value every time, resolution- the smallest detectable incremental change of input parameter that can be measured in the output signal, accuracy- the maximum difference between the actual value (which can be measured by a ruler) and the indicated value at the output of the sensor, telephone wirearity- an expression of the extent to which the actual measured curve of a sensor departs from the ideal straight line and Hysteresis- the measure of capability of the sensor to follow the changes of the input parameter regardless of which direction the change is made. The measurement for each factor is recorded and the device is calibrated. Odometry and brain dead Reckoning Now that we have calibrated the sensor for the robot to recognize when to respond, the next step is to help the robot know

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