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Juvenile Justice Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Juvenile Justice Policy - Essay ExampleThey are not wary of what will happen next because it is their choice. They took that stake with the rationality of mind that it will be for the better.But the cases I have stated in a higher place are something that can not be applied to every last(predicate) societies and countries. For one apparent reason not every family can afford to send their children to school. Another reason is that there is an issue about removing children away from their family and displace them to a residential schools or boarding schools. This is a insurance indemnity that many people are against with because there is the violation of the freedom to choose. Affected families have excessively stated different repercussions of the policy to the children and to the families of the children. Since it is a policy, no one can go against with it. But the question remains, is the policy really effective Do the policy makers uphold the objectives of the policy And hav e they really thought of welfare of the kids Or they are just serving their vested interestsIn the United States there is a policy wherein the Juvenile or the Family Court has given the authority to remove the children from their homes because of the following reasons 1.) The child has been delinquent 2.) The child has no parents reservation him or her dependent or abandoned and the child has no guardian 3.) The needs of the child are not supplemented by his or her family - he is neglected and lastly, 4.) The child is being handle in any forms or in any way. Aside from this policy, there is another existing policy that is similar to the one I have mentioned above but is very different in terms of the grounds why there is a need for removing kids from their home. The policy is very popular in spousal relationship America where you can find most of the American-Indian. And the policy is removing Native American children from their homes and sending them into residential schools whe re according to the authorities it would help the children to learn civilizing lifestyle. Thus making them civilized people.Historical Justification of the Policy and Its ImplementationIt all started when European Missionaries came to North America and lives with them. Through their observations they noticed that the people are uncivilized. So they thought that it is scoop out for the community of the Native Americans if they would separate the children away from their families. By doing so, the children will be taught on how to be a civilized person (following of course the European lifestyle). The European Missionaries thusly build residential schools. They have stated two reasons, and these are 1.) the very apparent reason is separating the children away from their family and 2.) they deliberate that native culture is not good to preserve. That time they have in mind and they do believe that native culture is no use and soon it will eventually die. They also believe that all people would develop into someone like the civilized Europeans who consider themselves as advanced. The European Missionaries arc this policy but in the long run the Canadian churches and the government helped the missionaries in implementing the policy. It is then that it became an official Canadian policy in support for educating American-Indian Children.The residential schoo

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