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Research and Analysis Business Problems Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

And Analysis Business Problems - Research Paper ExampleJC Penneys accomplishment is seen to be less in com comparisonison with its competitors. At present, JCP is functioning to discard this previous image and is trying to concentrate instead on reasonable pricing, attractive trade and highlighting the exclusive brands that are offered. By analyzing the stimulating plans revealed by JCP, it is found that there are enduring areas the company has not concentrated on. These gaps may perk up problems in the long run and have a negative effect on innovation that the company is trying to accomplish. To sufficiently address and recognize the viable issues still prevailing within the new strategy for JCP, it is very important to understand the current position of the company. So as to recognize the newly project changes and how they will really impact the company, it is important to acknowledge from where the company started, where it is at present and also where it is going. The analysis will connect jointly both periods of JCP and soak up the four major environments (PEST) of the company. By analyzing the strategies of the company, any gaps within the plan are assessed and solutions are presented from an outside point of view. Going back to the original format of the department livestock is one of the recommendations, which would provide JCP with an opportunity of formulating a store separately. The area needs to consider properly before going ahead with this recommendation. Discussions must be done with suppliers to decide the sensibleness of introducing new store areas. Moreover, the company must consider performing a wide market study to scan if consumers are attracted in a central point ground one stop shop or not. It is also recommended to create partnerships between JC Penney and other trendy or guest preferred brands within the new areas of market. This is a modest risk recommendation as it engages integrating a second company into the variety mix for just now an imperfect time period. The retailer has proven they can provide good value and pricing, but they have also ignored the more obvious problems of distressing merchandise mix and styles. While JC cent can compete on traditional and formal clothing, an understanding of newer styles seems to escape the companys fashion buyers (Lee par 6). The companys current triumphant partnership with Sephora, a cosmetic chain, has paved way for JCP to partner with stylish and popular brands. It challenges the ability to assign and blood products within the suitable time as well as budget that have already been set. It is also recommended to focus on implementing new product changes to find out into the existing image that JCP has shaped. This alteration to choose merchandise and separating merchandise could result in creating various challenges for JCP. It is also found that low inventory levels can adversely affect the fulfillment of customer demand and diminish sales and brand loyalty (Item 1A. Risk Factors pg 5). Position JC Penney Company, Inc. (JCP) is one of the main top department store retailers in America. James Cash Penney started the first JC Penney department store in 1902, initially named The Golden Rule. Ever since, with 1033 JC Penney department stores in 49 states and Puerto Rico (JC Penny 2006 web Pages and Annual Report par 3), it has turned out to be one of the leading retailers in the discount segment and department of the retail

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