Sunday, June 9, 2019

Problem Solving Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Problem Solving - Essay ExampleTwo live needed painting I had problems with the kitchen plumbing and had electrical issues with the lighting in both rooms. A contractor came by and gave me an estimated of $3000 for all three jobs. I needed to find some ideas. A way to save m bingley was to paint the rooms myself with the help of some of my friends. I could look in the yellow pages for the names of some handymen that might give me a lower estimate for the two stay jobs. In order to raise money to pay the contractor or the handyman I could have a garage sale. I talked to three handymen and one of them gave me an estimate of $1,150. I decided on a date for the garage sale. I raised $650 in the garage sale. I spend $400 on the paint and paint tools. I call my three friends and separated two weekends to paint the rooms. I took out $500 from my savings account. I called the handyman and nonplus a date for the repair work. Instead of $3000 I ended up spending $900 out of pocket expenses and the $650 from the garage sale. References (2011). The Simplex Process. Retrieved April 29, 2011 from http//

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