Monday, February 18, 2019

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Executive Overview at that place is a definite desire for better handicraft data to take place drivers more choice and control for avoiding concern congestion. And whats more, today there is no viable solution to alleviate the unnecessary aggravation and background the loss of valuable time & money. Interviewing a sample of commuter, taxi, and package actors line drivers identified a demand for timely and readily available commerce related congestion information. Package delivery, taxi/shuttle, rental car, and commuter drivers give benefit from a real-time system that provides accurate updated art precedent information and offers alternate(a) routing recommendations merged with an existing invehicle sailplaning device. TAS (Traffic Avoidance System) involves softw are that bequeath integrate seamlessly with multiple hardware systems. It will be introduced to the time-sensitive package delivery companies that operate in the near traffic congested cities in the U.S. Thi s device will benefit clients by thriftiness them time and money. TAS&61667 will help these companies achieve warring advantage by improving their services, reducing penalties, and improving guest retention. Business success and gaining competitive advantage are thus the compelling reason to buy, making TAS&61667 a highly desirable solution.II.Problem StatementMost, if not all would ascertain that traffic congestion is a common problem in and somewhat large, highly populated cities in the US today. Everyday in the US millions of people exhaust into their vehicles and drive some to get to and from work or school, others running errands, or traveling to close and far-away vacation destinations. Many are on the road all day and/or night because their jobs consist primarily of, or require extensive driving. People from different walks of breeding (who we have interviewed to-date ) share a common outrage from poor traffic conditions and a helplessness in their inability to avoid being stuck almost say they hate traffic, wish they didnt have to ever get on the road during rush hour, cant wait until I start working from home to avoid the hours in traffic netherworld Rush hour / peak travel times, accidents, road construction, and detours are among the most common reasons for traffic problems, but regardless of the cause and impact, traffic jams always lead to frustra... ...traffic advisory system that provides accurate updated traffic conditions information and offers alternative routing recommendations at ones vehicle, at every drivers fingerprints in a proactive way. This system will be integrated with an existing invehicle navigation & information device.TAS is such a solution. To develop such a solution, our company has conducted a number of customer interviews as a crucial starting point for our (initial) food market search and this paper will further explore the findings and study the market luck to launch TAS&61667 for success and alleviate ma ny peoples traffic related frustrations, lost time & money.IV.Market AnalysisIn analyzing the market opportunity we have focused on the classic model of estimating market size, deriving macro & micro segmentation and settling on picking criteria that would best match with trends suggested from customer feedback.XIII.ConclusionMarket research has demo a need for TAS&61667. The product will be piloted with a scummy package delivery/courier company to ensure feasibility and customer satisfaction.

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