Thursday, August 8, 2019

Contemporary issues in business (DEBENHAMS) Essay

Contemporary issues in business (DEBENHAMS) - Essay Example According to the company reports, it has acquired enhanced market share pertaining to women’s wear along with men’s wear, whereas in relation to children’s wear it has acquired considerably less amount of market share as it stood at the tenth position. The company since 20 years as an open system is investing in British design pertaining to its exclusive designers. In the year 2012, the company had been awarded ‘Multichannel Retail’ award (Debenhams Retail plc, 2001). This report intends to discuss the external drivers of change that lays a greater impact on the company’s operations. Moreover, the probable negative forces to change will also be recognised in the report in keeping with Debenhams present operational environment. 2.0 Today’s Drivers of Change: PESTEL Analysis of Debenhams Retail sector frames an important part of the United Kingdom’s economy. Drivers of change are applied to derive information regarding the companyà ¢â‚¬â„¢s operational activities. These factors remain external but create a major impact on the organisational operations. This segment of the study will focus on the drivers that foster changes within the retail sector of the UK. Moreover, the implications of these drivers result in internal change within Debenhams as well. The demographic scenarios, the influence of globalisation of the current UK industrial sector and the advanced technical changes have laid a major influence on the retail industry as well. 2.1 Political In order to ensure a competitive analysis of Debenhams within the UK, it is necessary to assess the environment within which the company is presently operating. It has been observed that the retailers are greatly affected by one of the decisive drivers of change i.e. the political structure along with trends in numerous ways. The political influence is essentially created on the retail sector by the power exerted by the politicians pertaining to locations. In the UK, these politicians exert power by on the basis of the ‘land-use planning system’. In this context, the mentioned particular system is primarily about the planning developed by the local authorities. In keeping with these particular activities, government has power to intervene in order to provide direction and guidance regarding the development and opportunities along with proposals (IMI, 2010). Moreover, it has been assumed that regulations prevailing within the UK industrial sector focus mainly on training. In this regard, training expenses act as a driving force within the UK retail sector. Therefore, Debenhams needs to comply with training requirements and regulations to operate within the UK sector. In terms of regulations and governmental impact, it can be noted that in the UK, there are certain national policies being framed on skills and education. These particular national policies lay a major impact on the sector related to skills demand along with supply. Availability of

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