Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Reaction Paper About UNICEF Cities Failing Children Essay Example for Free

Reaction Paper About UNICEF Cities Failing Children Essay As a Filipino and youth of this country, I’ve appreciated UNICEF’s efforts in regards with the children who are in need. It is not easy to aggregate data of the country’s status just to check how are the citizens especially the children are treated and supported by the countries, particularly of their local governments or cities where they are settling. However, the report and data were compiled and reported by State of the World’s Children of UNICEF though it was an article, reported few years ago (March 7, 2012), still it makes me feel uncomfortable and burdened, knowing that many children are deprived of most basic services and necessities that actually they should have. In addition, UNICEF cited Philippines as an example of their article entitled, Cities Failing Children. The report states that children (Filipinos) who live in poor urban even other class of urban communities experience deprivations such as lack of decent housing and limited access to clean water and they are more exposed to disaster risks and are also more prone to neglect, abuse, and exploitation. It proves that our government is not doing the part that they should be performing, like what we have learned from our previous lesson, Power of the State – the three inherent power of state specifically the police power, which states that it is the sovereign power to promote and protect the general welfare; it is the most pervasive and the least limitable of the three powers of the state, the most essential, consistent and illimitable which enables the State to prohibit all hurtful things to the comfort, safety and welfare of the society, these just become meaningless at all for in reality, this power is not being fully exercised and practiced by our government. In my opinion, our government should at least exert extra sympathy or attention with this kind of problems rather than to their own agendas and non-sense conflicts of their parties. I think it is not impossible for the Philippines to cure and solve this kind of problem if we just unite and our government stop their not-so-needed plans because I strongly believe that the true wealth of the nation is the children and next generation, but if this problem continues and will not be given attention, I assume that next coming years will be more hard to live for. Nevertheless, it’s not late to do something for this kind of problem it is just a matter of love, passion and honesty of our government and even of  us that are more blessed than them. Further, I never lose hope that one day Philippine government and possibly with the help of UNICEF, will use the power of the state to build and create a better future for our generation especially for those children deprived of their basic needs or even their basic rights and solve a lot of problem within these children. Therefore, as a Filipino informed of this matter, we should take responsibility to do something for our beloved country. I have learned that I should have not take for granted things that I have because almost half of our population are deprived of the basic needs that I already have. I don’t want to promise anything but I will try to do the best I can to serve and help our nation. Hoping that after few years, UNICEF’s report about Philippines even their report about the world will be better and be full of hope and great future for the people and most of all, for the children.

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