Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Gospels--Mark Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The Gospels--Mark - Essay Example Based on the reading in your text, what would be your argument for/against this belief? I would disagree with a person that said the blessing of the children advocated infant baptism. The context of the blessing was simply a way for Jesus to show that children were of worth in the sight of God. Baptism, on the other hand, is an expression of faith that involves the making of covenants with God. Infants cannot reason at this level, therefore I do not fell that Jesus blessing children was a mandate for infant baptism. Verse 21 is most important according to Brooks because this is where it is indicated that Jesus spoke to the rich young man with love, not condemnation. This indicates the tone that Jesus took towards the rich. Jesus loved everyone. He also indicated that it was the trust in riches that was the real sin, not the riches themselves. Much of the specific nature concerning the passion prediction in Mark centers on the anointing of Christ with oil. In other versions, it is clear that Jesus hints at his passing and that he will soon not be able to be with his disciples. In Mark, he clearly states that he is going to die and that the anointing has happened, as a prelude to is impending burial. 5. When James and John requested that they be seated in the most prominent places in Jesus glory, He asked them if they could drink the cup He drank or be baptized with the baptism He was baptized with. Some scholars believe these were no the words of Christ, but from the early church. Based on your reading, present your argument for or against these words being inserted in Scripture by the early church after the resurrection of Christ. I would argue that these words were Christ’s because they are in keeping with the message that he had been teaching to his disciples all along. He had been reminding them that he would not always be with them, that he would be going away and that he would leave a Comforter to

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