Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Values and norms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Values and norms - Essay Example Generally a group defines the rules that will be used for deciding appropriate and inappropriate values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors (Changing minds, 2011). These rules become the norms for the common people. Folkways are the set of norms, values and virtues that have not been strictly put into law but are followed out of imitation and mild social pressure. The American society is a multitude of diverse cultures from across the world. As a result, American culture is deeply enriched by the values and norms of different culture. Some of the recognized values of America are: Individual freedom: The value of free individual leads to a person having control over his/her own destiny. This freedom entails the individual to choose his religion, profession, education in specific and in general the way s/he wants to spend her life. Privacy: Privacy is another important value that is followed in America. People in America don’t want anybody else to interfere in their affairs or give advices. People generally want others to mind their own businesses. American and Mexican cultures are different in more ways than in the ways they are similar. While Mexicans put family as the most important thing, which is above education and success. Americans consider punctuality as an essential trait whereas Mexicans consider it appropriate to be late to dinners. Another contrasting difference is in the position of the women in the society. While women in America have almost equal decision making powers as their husbands, they play a secondary role in

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