Monday, August 26, 2019

Write about movies with solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Write about movies with solution - Essay Example In as much as the movies might be fascinating, keen considerations should be the theme of the movies as they pass extremely relevant as well as pertinent information. The first movie Soylent green is a fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer, which highlights police genres and procedural investigations into a murder of a dystopian wealthy businessperson due to environmental problems. The environmental threats covered in the movie include overpopulation, pollution, poverty, depleted resources, dying oceans as well as the green house effect. The movies find a basis on the survival of people on the many-processed food that people relay on, including Soylent green. With a high population of over 40 million in New York, the housing conditions are unreliable and dilapidated. The city has a characteristic of homeless people found in the streets, which only survives on portions of food produces by Soylent Corporation. The corporation produces a new product in the market Soylent green made of high-energy plankton, more palatable and nutritious than other varieties. In the movie detective, Robert Thorn investigates the murder of William R. Simonson a director of the Soylent Corporation. As the investigations proceed, many things unfold when the New York Governor Joseph Snatini a onetime collaborate to Simonson; orders the closing of the case. When thorn disobeys, he sends him an assassin in a ration distribution facility; unfortunately, the assassin cannot accomplish the task successfully. Thorn then takes oceanography reports together with other researchers such as the exchange corporations. After a thorough research, they find out Soylent green is made from processed human remains. To a further surprise, he also finds out; it is the dead people, which make Soylent green. He survives from an attempted murder spreading the gospel that Soynet green is not food but dead people. Secondly

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