Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Case Study on Descriptive Statistical Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On Descriptive Statistical - Case Study Example n various states of the US economy, it is important to find out how far the given observations are scattered around the mean observation for which the standard deviation is used as a reliable measure. For the same reason, this paper has also taken the support of a histogram. The purpose of a histogram is to find out the frequency density, i.e., how the observations are clustered within the different classes. The data for the number of students enrolled in US public elementary schools is obtained from the 2004 report published by the US National Center for Education. This data has been used to find out the spread of elementary education among various states in the US economy. But, before progressing it is important to define some useful statistics that will help to draw empirical conclusions. The degree of scatteredness is measured be the standard deviation; but before defining it, it is necessary to calculate the mean of the observations, because, the scatteredness of observations actually suggests how far they are dispersed about their mean value. Now, mean is defined as, Besides, the coefficient of variation for the concerned data is also being calculated since it will help in finding out the percentage of variations present in the data being collected. Coefficient of variation is defined as, The standard deviation statistic so obtained implies that the observations are rather too highly scattered about their mean value (670.2). This fact is prominent from the value of the coefficient of variation which indicates that the observations are scattered by a degree of 120% around their mean value. The histogram derived from the data show that most of the observations are scattered towards the leftmost position in the graph, thus yielding a positively skewed curve. From the curve, however, one obvious point is that very few states have a high number of students enrolled in public elementary schools. The purpose of this paper was to find out the spread of

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