Monday, October 7, 2019

FMEA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

FMEA - Assignment Example It just happened as I predicted. A cold icy wind was whipping my fur while my heart was beating heavy like the â€Å"tum tum† drums of West Africa. My whiskers started to shiver like a twig in the middle of a storm, as snowflakes were sticking on my eyelashes. It was indeed cold like hell. The night snowstorm seemed to have fought the whole Wednesday night, causing several accidents that messed up traffic. Across the state, Highway Patrol troopers were seen in response to several crashes. Furthermore, as I sloped down the road, I witnessed casualties of the act of god. Two drivers were killed in the wee hours when their cars slid off snow-covered roads and struck trees. According to the running gossip around the scene, when I stopped to witness, the driver was killed when his car hit an embankment on before hitting a tree. In both cases, troopers concluded that the drivers had exceeded safe speeds for the slippery roadways. School buses were stuck in traffic the whole night until morning. Moreover, the streets were clogged as cars became trapped in gridlock because of the snow that ruled the highways. Indeed, it was a situation of life and death. In addition, I almost had an accident; my car was stuck at the bottom of a sloping corner. I decided to ditch my car after it spun out, trudged through the snow, and make it to school safely. Normally in 30 minutes, I could have driven to School; however it took me two hours, of which was a hilarious adventure. That snowstorm caught the populace off guard, including forecasters. The state Department of Transportation had been poised to spray brine on Triangle roads during the day Monday, in advance of snowfall that was not expected until the Tuesday night. However, the forecasts were all incorrect, and the snow came in a lot earlier at night. The snowstorm that occurred that night was indeed terrible. It reminds me of a story

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