Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tikka enterprise and saffronspices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Tikka enterprise and saffronspices - Essay Example the population of Indians in Scotland is large, the deal between the Tikka enterprises and Saffron Spice’s was that Tikka will be taught on how to prepare Indian foods. The task given to the Scottish company is the causative element of the conflict. In this case, socialization and interaction between team members dictate that there must be a hierarchy among the group members. Also, there must exist a limited resource/ need that every group member is struggling to attain (Furnell, 17). The conflict can be solved easily if both parties, especially, the Saffron Spice’s enterprise moves to court and make agreements with Barbara in the presence of the justice system. Naresh will, therefore, have a filed document that can sue the counterpart enterprise if they do not adhere to the agreement and make the required payments. For Tikka enterprises, both Indians and Scottish can be prepared different meals so that they can keep authentic food preferred by each race. Hence, this will improve the business (Furnell 7). In conclusion, satisfaction is the key factor in every business. On the other hand, every company wants to make maximum profits out of the ready market. Therefore, both companies can decide to operate the business together such that Indians are employed to cook for their fellow

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