Tuesday, October 15, 2019

World Music - Authenticity and Ethucs in World Music Essay

World Music - Authenticity and Ethucs in World Music - Essay Example According to Byrne, â€Å"What is considered authentic today was probably some kind of bastard fusion a few years ago.† (â€Å"I Hate World Music†). Similar views are expressed by Sasha Frere-Jones who comments (â€Å"Bingo in Swansea†): â€Å"World music† is a category that does nobody any favors. Entirely disparate performers, like the dapper Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso and the African blues guitarist Ali Farka Toure, get lumped together in American record stores simply because they don’t sing exclusively in English. Personally speaking, I do not agree with this at all. I am a fan of fusion music. Not only do such recordings provide us a celestial insight into various vivid and exotic ethnicities of the world, they also offer a unique blend of different cultures to meet our ever-changing tastes. An authentic World Music is spontaneous and preserves the actual events, apart from being directly carried on from cultural tradition. The true music prodigies of the world are those who play not merely for money but primarily for their indomitable passion for music. We talk about ‘Globalization’. Is it only restricted to world business and economical spectrum? If the answer is no, then why can’t we accept the mingling of cultures? In fact, we have already accepted it long time back. If it would not have been so, we would have stuck to burgers and pies rather than extending our taste-buds to pizzas, momos, chowmein, enchiladas, nachos, and endless menu of dishes from all around the globe. For those who are of the opinion that world music is misleading the present youth, I would like to ask, â€Å"When we can encourage multinational companies and rejoice multi-cuisine restaurants, then can’t we have a similar passion for multi-cultured music?† Variety is indeed the spice of life. In our busy and stressful schedules, tuning on to the apt music is a real healer. I

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