Saturday, October 5, 2019

See assessment criteria below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

See assessment criteria below - Essay Example For many years the theology of forgiveness was just that a theological concept, as this research will try and show. However, as the purpose of this research has stated, forgiveness is needed to heal mentally and physically because it is intertwined within many other theories in health care, be it mental health or traditional health care. In conclusion, the research defines that compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and understanding are all societal emotions that fit well into the treatment of mental health care and of which promote a better well defined individual through the treatment process. Before the 1980’s the theology of forgiveness was not very central to the aspect of mental health care but in the past decade many mental health care providers have realized this societal emotion plays a dramatic role in many of the models of mental health. The idea of Spirituality, Physical Well-Being, and Philosophical thought all apparently have a part in the treatment program in mental health care, and the concept of forgiveness is the primary idea in this care paradigm (Scobie & Scobie 1998, p.374). The reason for this is quite logical, because it has been implemented to define sociological behavior as a state of mind affected by various emotions, and one’s actions sometimes require the response of forgiveness in order for a patient or an individual out in society to be able to move past their adversities. If they can not do this then they tend to focus on the adverse elements surrounding them. Their personality, behavior, and physical well being gradually become more attuned to a negative pattern, which then leads to a situation where it becomes harder to provide essential mental health care to help them recover from their disorder. In recent years there has been an abundance of psychotherapeutic information written in regards to this basic theory. One must let go of

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