Thursday, October 17, 2019


DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (DFC) - Essay Example The department’s yearly budget targets protection of over a hundred thousand youths while at the same time strengthening families around the commonwealth (Working at the Department of Children and Families, 2011). The paper will also focus at the type of work done at the department with the employees who are family centered, child driven, community focused, strength based, commitment to continuous learning as well as being committed to cultural/diversity competences. The paper will also discuss the various national and state policies that aim at preventing mistreatment of the children and preserving their rights. The American citizen as well as professionals associated with child health believes that parents have the responsibility of caring and nurturing their children while protecting them from harm. However, the state may be allowed to intervene in cases where the parents have failed to honor their duties and in cases of abuse. The children and family department aims at ensuring that children thrive and grow in a home environment that is nurturing. The approach sometime often entails making challenging and difficult decisions in which children are removed from their home environment and placed in environment that are more stable. The department is able to deal with numerous problems that affect children and their families such as abandonment, neglect and suspected child abuse. Such issues have raised concerns and the authorities have taken measures to stop them from happening in the community. The children and family departments have put in place various legislations with the intention of ensuring that people who suspects abuse of children have a mandate to report through telephone or any mean so that the children may be rescued and transferred to a better environment. One of the goals of the department is to stop neglect and child abuse. The department receives numerous reports of neglect and abuse of chi ldren

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