Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Artist Perception - Art and You Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Artist Perception - Art and You - Essay ExampleFor this reason, we cannot base our arts education on photographs and reproductions of works of art. Photographs only give two-dimensional view of an object or person resulting in omission of important aspects. Reproduction of photographs is subject to bias as the painter may decide to include what they carry fit. As a result we can never completely understand the importance of art in any given era or culture (Marmor, 1997).In order for one to gain a deeper understanding of most of the art works, they have to see the object. As was mentioned earlier, photographs and their reproductions are subject to bias. Photographers choose views and angles that they approximate are most appropriate, beautiful and appealing to the eyes. As a result, some very crucial study is left out. When detailed understanding of human culture is to be obtained, a researcher has to be at the site (in person) so as to gain step-by-step analysis of the object.Art is one of the most interest things that are appreciated worldwide. Personally I love paintings since they portray human talent at work. presumptuousness a chance to visit some of the ancient paintings, I would visit Leonardo da Vincis painting of Monalissa. This is because da Vinci was one of the finest painters in human history. He took his time perfecting the paint every time. It is say that it took him three years to complete the master piece. I would love to find out more about the painting and da Vinci himself (Marmor, 1997)Every time a person decides to do something, they do it for a reason. The alike way artists have their own reasons for doing for doing specific art works. Therefore knowing artists at personal take creates a better understanding of art works. Interaction with artists can help us understand their prospect and reasons for creating given art works (Marmor, 1997). A good

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