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Collectivism vs. Individualism Essay Example for Free

sovietism vs. Individualism EssayThe research to examine the cultural norms of Korea as compared to that of US, is based on two special(prenominal) core dimensions united States as an individualistic bucolic, and Korea as a collectivistic estate. In fact, this is the first issue that comes to mind, knowing that collectivism vs individualism is a major characteristic that differentiates these two countries. Lifestyle and living arrangementsIn a study by Lee and Ro Um (1992), it is discussed about the major difference between Koreans and Americans in their evaluations of overlap attributes was the different weights each put on the importance of the family. Koreans tended to be more family oriented in their increase evaluations than the Americans. This meant that the products were selected. Korea has a family-oriented culture. For a young couple, living with elders (parents) has been a cultural norm in Korea, although in United States this living style is unusual normatively and behavior each(prenominal)y. match to Korean National Statistics office, 1993, almost three out of four Koreans people jump ond 60 and over live with their children, a percentage of 74.7%. The percentage that lives with a married person only is 13.2% and living alone, 10.6%.Explore the gaming culture of KoreaWhy siemens Korean people convey granulosesIn South Korea more than half of the 50 million populations mold online games frequently. Gaming in this country is non just a hobby but a way of life. Currently in the country are 10 professional gaming leagues which are sponsored from the successful corporations such as SK Telecom and Samsung. According to a news article published CNN , in South Korea almost half of all games behave been exchange since the game launched in 1998. StarCraft is a legitimate business, ranking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in earning. According to a news article published in BBC 4, in South Korea games are nationally televised and they fill-up stadiums.Extremely frequent is the multi-player gaming. Being a professional movie-gamer is a serious business. They attract huge sums in sponsorship and can suck in more than $100,000 a year. Professional players in South Korea are treated likesports stars. Some of the most famous players from league matches and sponsorship could earn more than $400,000 per year. South Korea hosts the annual beingness Cyber Games. The country registered more than 15 million people for online gaming, which is 30% of the population.Gaming Addiction and the Government Intervention in South Korea As a consequence as a strong video game culture, South Korea since early 2000s reports of attached gamers dying or murdering loved ones in order to satisfy their addiction. When a mother tried to continue her son from playing games, he killed her. Approximately 14% of Koreans between ages 9 and 12 suffer from net addiction because there are cable channels devoted solely to the games.5 South Kor ea has been treating the disorder for years. In 2002 the government undefendable an Internet-addiction treatment center. In 2005, a 28 years old South Korean man went into cardiac arrest and died after reportedly playing an online game called StarCraft for 50 hours straight.The man did not sleep properly and did not eat well. He just made few bathroom breaks and for in truth short periods of sleep. In 2006 the government opened a hotline for gaming addicts. Moreover, hundreds of private hospitals and clinics in the country opened specializes units to treat the disorder. In 2010 the government ordered a nighttime shutdown for gamers. This happened after police detect a 3-month old baby who starved to death while her parents were busy with their virtual baby on a game. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ordered the three most popular operators of the games to block people under age 18 from playing games between midnight and 8 a.m. The government has significantly slowed dow n the Internet connections of young players if they play for lots of hours into the night. More over in the National Assembly several other bills were pending that would train kids gaming habits.Where South Korean people play gamesSouth Korean entertainment patience is telephone circuit based on home entertainment system such us console video game system, home theater etc. Instead it is created outside of the home in various places called Bangs. Recently South Korean people play games in the countrys Internet cafes, known as PC- Bangs. The PC Bangs are especially dominant in big cities like Seol, whereis a density of population. It is important that the PC-Bang industry now can provide computers and Internet service to those that previously did not have the economic conditions to make these technologies. Analysts consider that the social environment of the PC-Bang is the most important factor to make the PC Bang taking and popular to users. Other factors are the high-performanc e computers, high-speed internet connection and low fee usage. 6 nigh bangs are cheap the patrons pay an hourly fee, ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 USD an hour. In South Korea going to a bang is the aforesaid(prenominal) as going to the bar in USA.Economic ConditionsAccording to an article in , the industry of video game has a large share of South Koreas GDP. According to the Ministry of Culture, in 2008 the online-gaming industry gain $1.1 billion dollars in exports. Nexon and NCSOFT, South Koreas two largest game development companies reported a have net income of over $370 million in 2012. The entire game market is estimated at approximately $5 billion dollars annually, or about $100 per resident, which is more than three times what Americans spend. Games like StarCraft have sold over 4.5 million copies in South Korea, out of a worldwide total of 11 million. The equal article says that video games stimulate the black economy of the country. What they playRelatively a s mall upshot of games are played in South Korea, the most popular of them are League of Legends, FIFA Online 3, Sudden Attack, Lineage, dungeon Fighter, Blade Soul, Aion The Tower of Eternity, Echo Soul, Cyphers, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Warcraft 3. 9 StarCraft- The most popular game in South Korea of all the times is StarCraft. Star Craft is a military strategy game, which is developed by efflorescence Entertainment. 10 World of Warcraft (WOW) Another popular game at most of the time is the World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. World of Warcraft is a massively multi-player online role-playing game or MMORPG.

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