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ICT in Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

ICT in Education - Essay Example1-2, 2002). They further inform us that It is the use of computers as communications tools (as s considerably up as aids to learning, teaching and assessment) that presents the key educational development (Bhanot, & Fallows, pp. 1-2, 2002).ICT is proved to have a tough impact on sociological environment of the world narrowing down to the personal lives of the common tender-hearted being (Yuen, Law, & Wong, 2003). With the passage of time, ICT in education is getting more easily in the reach of pack due to the gradual price decline (Selwood, & Pilkington, 2005). Emerging as a pervasive marker for the flip of peoples lives, ICT has now begun to make greater impact It has come to bear a positive effect on the way schools and other educational institutions were traditionally run before. ... h the observation that ICT has redefined learning and teaching and is well on the way to changing the future principles, practices, policies, and underlying episte mological issues that define the value, worth, meaning, and delivery of educational serve (p. 220). ICT in Elementary SchoolsChasing the impact of ICT in elementary schools, Lim, C. P., & Tay, L. Y. (2003, p. 1) inform us that ICT is more like a neutral tool that depends more on the lesson plan strategies, management of work being put to the students, and on the teaching to them as how to effectively manage different showcases of ICT tools. However, this very tool can be positively employ to develop a higher-order thinking in the pupils. They studied the ICT tools for developing the higher-order thinking in students and listed bug out some useful inventories. Their study revealed that there are six interrelated implications of how ICT tools can be utilise to engage students in higher-order thinking in an elementary school environment Lim, C. P., & Tay, L. Y. (2003, p. 1). First is the objectives of the lesson that according to them plays an substantial role in shaping the deve lopment of the lesson (p.1). Next, are the orienting activities that enable among learner a champion of autonomy. Number three is the right time ICT tool training to the students so that they can engage themselves with ICT tools and get cracking learning. Number four is the integration of different ICT tools so that students can achieve instructional objectives in a rapid manner. On number five on their list is The classification of a particular type of ICT tool is not based only on its features or characteristics but also on how it is used (Lim, C. P., & Tay, L. Y., 2003, p. 1). Last on their inventory is the effective management of ICT resources

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