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Essay on Franncisco de Goya Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Essay on Franncisco de Goya - Research Paper characterThe first war word-painting that he created was Los Desastres de la Guerra -The disaster of wars (Castro). Goya produced some of the most disturbing paintings during his lowest five years. Goya had an ambitious personality (Castro). He was known to be proud and arrogant person. He was a genius artist and over the years the progress in his art pot be seen in his works (Castro). By studying Goya work in a chronological order, it is very noticeable, that over the years his worked not just improved but also got stranger. It is said that in the beginning, Goya drew very demoralized paintings which showed youth and happiness. Goya showed optimism in his initial works. For example, in his paintings The Flower Girls and The Little Giants he portrays youth and uses a across-the-board color schemes that gives the paintings a certain bliss. These early paintings use bright colors that give an aura of feel to them. However, in 1972, Goya suffe cerise from a serious illness and the age of 47 he had a medical control due to which he experienced loss of balance, had difficulty in walking with partial blindness and deafness (Emery). Some say that this was caused by a viral disease called VogtKoyanagiHarada syndrome (Emery). Over the years though he recovered from this disease but he became permanently deaf (Emery). This traumatic illness greatly impact the work he produced in later years of his life. The works after this illness shows great pessimism. For example, his painting The Execution on the Third of may shows darkness. He has used warm colors like brown, red and yellow and has a very bleak illustration. His work began to show the visions of his minds, visions that were contained the fantastic and ironic prototypes of the world nigh him. During the period of 1803 1805 he painted his two majas La maja vestida La and maja desnuda (Castro). The former unmatchable shows a clothed women and the later one h as the same women but nude. This was another addition to the collection of his risible paintings that even got him banned by the Catholic Church and made him face an inquisition (Castro). In1808, when Spain got invaded by catnap, Goya became the French court artist (Castro). In 1814 Goya painted his two of his most well known paintings The second of May in 1808 and The Third of May in 1808. These paintings showed the horror of war through which Spain went at the time when Napoleon invaded it. The Spanish civil were dragged and killed due to this invasion and the same has been shown in the paintings. In a way we can say that Goya portrayed reality in his war paintings. These paintings give a strong and brave image of the artist. These paintings also mark the start of the 19th century realism (Duthel). The last five years of his life, Goya lived in isolation and during that period he created the most bizarre work of his life called Las Pinturas Negras -the dark paintings. These are xiv paintings that he painted on the fence in of his house (Castro). According to the critics these painting were so shocking that they were only meant for his eyes (Castro). Out of these fourteen paintings the most disturbing and most famous one was Saturn devouring His Child. In this painting Goya has shown Saturn eating one of his son. Many say that Goya painted these paintings on his houses wall because he did not want the world to see them. When the Spanish government failed to restore, Goya went on a free exile in France

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