Sunday, April 21, 2019

Planning and Resourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Planning and Resourcing - Essay Exampleas de Trujillo, the Villas de Trujillo senior staff representative, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, the community of Villas de Trujillo community leaders, the major employees from the Department of wellness and representative of residents of Villas de Trujillo . All other organizations and departments were equally represented by experts in the respective fields. This includes the specialist in Dengue Fever and education, the generalist physicians, experts in health care research services, statistics and epidemiology and health plan administrator. In ensuring that the Dengue swear out Plan improvement project is successfully implemented, it is upon each stake holder to mold his or her part according to the requirements of the project. It is, therefore, of importance to clearly outline the duties and roles of each member.The Dengue community Action Program is funded by the US Agency International Development (USAID) who is the key project facilitators. I pass on be Project Manager who would manage the Project Team in ensuring they comply with the project objectives. I will help develop Project Plan with the project team while managing performance of the team. I will work to secure acceptance and approval some deliverables from the Project Sponsor or the Stakeholders. I will play a major role in communication. This includes reporting status, risk management, issue escalation and, in generally making sure the project meets the delivered in the budget, on the given schedule, and within a fixed scope. Other functions of the project manager are listed below.As the managing director of Villas de Trujillo hospital, I am mandated to oversee overall project coordination. On the overall the following additional roles are central to my work as a project manager. Developing and delivering the strategic plans of the project in the most effective yet efficient manner. As a managing director, I am accountable for the pro ject overall performance, as well as daily

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