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Learning Skills for Open and Distance Learners

reading Skills for Open and Distance Learners1.0 INTRODUCTIONOnline occupyedness is un expendd type of further studies totallyow by superiorer schoolman erudition around the world. Before higher academic information governance offer this style of acquirement rule, traditional scholarship such as guild room assembleing or face to face learning, part term learning and distance learning was achievement skilfuly born professional role player and great management leader.The demanding of the professional skill worker increase in earnest e very(prenominal) years and the aw beness intimately further studies by pack specially gravid guess water higher academic learning institution think the overbold track to aliment and give a fortune to adult people to upgrade their academic qualification and upgrade their living.The academic professional all(prenominal) day burn their midnight oil to think the new kind of learning to fulfill this adult people need and effect the best practice of learning to suit with adult people life-style mostly running(a) and having have family. These academic professional lastly pull by out a brilliant ideas to support new learning method acting for adult people. The Online Learning was introduced to the open market and the result is sufficiently supporting(a) adult people to further their consider. accord to Tham (2004), learner who evolved from distance learning and traditional face to face classroom at a time change to online learning method. Although this new learning method is design to suit adult learners, adult learners still necessitate a problem especially in the world-class year of beginning the online learners. In this paper we depart discuss about the problem face up by beginning online learners and typically try to dissolve it accordingly support from professional thinker facts.2.0 BACKGROUND OF LEARNING ONLINEIn this Information Era, Computers and Internet is very crucial media for chann eling information. Its means Online Learning method use this type of media for learning touch on. Academic institution use computers and net profit and adding this media to create a study environmental class for their online pupils. This situation is formula like an invisible classroom to the online student (Tham, 2004). According to Chen sun (2008) to condition an integrate online learning module, it involve six dimension criteria.To develop online method criteria, Learners, Instructors, Design, Technology, Environment and Course mix together to fulfill Online Learning methodology. forthwith we want to focusing one of six criteria that will be discussed with deeper and examine. Although the all six criteria important in online learning, students capability itself to separate the v criteria that need to be prioritized. Be a beginner in online learners is a challenging because learners are compulsory to learn by itself. According to ash (2010), online learner only spends 2 (two) hours and 15 minutes for lesson in a classroom per week and spends almost the rest of lesson virtually from home. It make reason from Tham (2004) renderment invisible classroom. direct your own learning classroom at home using the technology and commandmental material provide from academic institution.3.0 FINDING PROBLEM VERSUS SOLVE PROBLEMBe a beginners of online learners is very challenging decision. Mostly online learners are adult working and own family person. They moldiness add more burden thing in their live. The flexible cartridge clip is the major fact adult people attract to use online learning to fulfill their dream to grab degree or master scroll, solely as online learners you essential deduct time for learning, working, social, family and resting yourself. Someone said pecuniary and working condition also the problem set about by beginner online learners. These problems are happen actually before becoming online learners. These people will think and doi ng some research before choose online learning as their learning study method for further their education. They must(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)iness specifytle all financial and working condition matter before graves with academic institution.Now we will discuss about the problem after student enroll to academic institution and becoming online learners. The most important problem faced by beginning online learners is their witticism issue. According to Combes,(2006). The major issue in mentality problem of beginning in online learners is lack of mentality. He go back out is four (4) issues on mental problems which occurred to online learners namely most closing off and lack of personal identity, lack of motivating, lack of authorisation and concern.3.1 Isolation and lack of identityThis mental issue about this mentality problem is the whole step deep shoot when online student start enroll as online learners. When online learners start their learning process a t home, actually their friend only books and personal computer in front it. What speck inside online learners thats time is retirement. According to Pond (1998) loneliness define as an enduring condition of emotional distress that arises when a person feels estranged from, misunderstood, or rejected by others and or lacks subdue social patterns for desired activities, particularly activities that provide a sense of social integration and opportunities for emotional intimacy. Online learners will not have immediate and stiff access to lectures and peers when learning activities begin. No fast respond about their encumbrance make online learners unhappy and the social time with their colleague also conquer due to increase time for spending in learning make loneliness or feel of isolation becoming worst. Now we learn how to defeat this problem related to online learners. According to Rosenblit, (2005) Academic institution must providing good interaction between online learners and four-in-hand. Active peer greatly needful to always contact with online learners to help among themselves. What is most important once is every online learner should give information on this problem and understand that state and acquaintance to resolve. Online learners also be encouraged to hold grouped discussion once in a while with peer to share contendledge and their problem and dont keep your problem alone.3.2 escape of pauperization motive is important mental support to achieve high quality as online learners. indigence is consist of psychological, biological, social and cognitive cause direct behavior (Fulmer 2009). Motivation is spirit hidden inside a person. Online learner with week motivation will cause him unenterprising, often absent from class and no mean in manage self learning. Lack of motivation is a dear problem for online learners and the percentage to fail is highest. How to overcome this problem? To motivate online learners is not akin with traditio nal learners. It because Online learners almost an adult person. They have be diametrical approach or strategy to motivate them. They are 5 ill-use to motivate learners.3.2.1. Reward myselfPeople always get motivated by rewarding something. Setup a goal for yourself and reward yourself. Example, if I go off finish this semester, My family and I will take a vacation to Manchester, England.3.2.2. Make legitimate my cartroad has real valueBefore you start learning, make sure you choose caterpillar track rotter reward you something very valuable. Example, if Im get P.H.D, all my article and books will be recognize and the publishing company will offer me as a Chief Editor.3.2.3. Help me act betterYou must relate what you learn with your working environment. If you choose course similarly with your real working environment, it make you perform better in your studies and your job.3.2.4. Set clear view for the courseYou must setup your mind, the course that you learn will give y ou new information and you will use that information later. These tips also need help by a instruct to explain what you will learn and achieves after finish it.3.2.5. Tell me if Im impairmentThese tips also need tutor fully cooperation. You may ask your tutor to tell you if you do something wrong with your quiz, assignment or in learning process. Sometimes adult learners also need a little trouble to keep them continually motivate. They technique and method to criticize online learner must be suitable. Offences criticize online learner will probably become worst.3.3 Lack of confidenceLack of confidence also an issue for online learners. 47.5% citing lack of confidence when they use internet for their study (Combes 2006). This student actually want more practical assistance when enroll to the academic institution. Confident means full trusts, believe in one self, abilities and reliability to think. People always said, if we have confidents, we have ability to success. How to trav ail up confident? They have five (5) tips to overcome this problem.3.3.1. Find supportYou have your own family and you need them now to support and understand you as online learners. Your also can find support around your peer and friend. All this combination of support can drive up your confidence back.3.3.2. Apply your skillYou are online learners because you are working person. Try impose your working skill to your learning environment. If you working as a shift hours, it means you can work in the morning, good afternoon and night. So you can take this working environment to your learning environment. You can do learning process in the morning, afternoon or at night. That is your advantage3.3.3. Set reasonable goalYou must set a goal for what u doing. If you now as online learners, you must set a goal to get a diploma, degree, master or P.H.D. whatever happen. print your goal in a white board, working table or else where that easy to you to see.3.3.4 Develop a routineYou must d evelop your own time management planner to arrange your study time, working time, family and resting hour. If you set a daily planner to manage your activities, please stick on it. Try to arrange activities at the same time everyday, because if you do the same thing and the same time everyday, lastly it become your routine.3.3.5 Never wiretap dreamingDreaming is not a good thinker merely sometime dreaming is good depends on the situation. Dreaming to be success is good thinker but it must follow with effort. With a high passion and never enlistment effort is the key to success. Online learning must dream to grab a scroll of their certificate on the full point of the high profile convocation event everyday.3.4 anxiousnessAnxiety is feeling inside online learners if they dont well prepare. 51% experiencing anxiety when using the internet for study (combes 2006). The impact of anxiety always happen at younger online learners. According to wikipedia, Anxiety define as psychological state characterized by somatic, emotional, cognitive and behavioral components either the absence or presence of psychological stress, feeling of fear, worry, uneasiness and dread. In learner plan Anxiety is define as psychological and physical response to treat a self concept characterized by subjective, consciously perceived feelings of tension( Vitasari 2010). According to Mauri (1992), the major problem of anxiety is panic situation. How to overcome panic situation? According to Gard (1999), panic must be overlays carefully before it become panic attack. These is are one-third (3) tips to overcome this problem.3.4.1 Know root before dealThat mean learners must know randomly about the course and the syllabus before attention to face to face meeting. Example, work seeker also must know about the company history first before attend an interview.3.4.2 ever so relaxLearn to relax yourself when panic situation appear. Take a deep breath and exhale with your mouth slowly. Try to calm down and try to think creatively to overcome that situation. Get help if you cannot handle that situation by yourself.3.4.3 Believe yours religiousAlways pray to neutralise you from panic situation. We believe all religious have their own way to overcome this panic situation.4.0 CONCLUSIONThey are many problem faced by beginner online learners. Financial and Working matter are not relevant problem by beginner online learners. The major problem is mentality issue. Isolation and lack of identity, lack of motivation, lack of confidence and anxiety are the major problem will faced all beginner online learners. To overcome isolation and lack of identity, academic institution must providing good interaction between online learners and tutors and active peer.Five (5) tips like reward myself, make sure my course has real value, help me perform better, set clear expectation for the course and tell me if Im wrong are the tips to overcome lack of motivation problem. They have also five (5) tips to overcome lack of confidence. Find support, apply your skill, set reasonable goal, develop a routine and never stop dreaming is the key to avoid lack of confidence. Anxiety are similarly to panic situation. Three (3) tips to overcome this problem are know first before deal, always relax and believe yours religious.5.0 REFERENCESKim, K.J. (2009). Motivational challenges of adult learners in self-directed E-Learning.Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 20(3), 317. Retrieved (OUM Digital program library)Ash, K. (2010). Blended learning seeks the right mix School combine virtual and face-to-face teachers to meet student needs. study Week, 30(4), 8. Retrieved (OUM Digital Library)Tham, C.M, Werner, J.M. (2004). Designing and evaluating E-learning in highereducation A review and recommendations. Journal of Leadership Organizational Studies, 11(2), 15. Retrieved from (OUM DigitalLibrary)Combes, B., Anderson, K. (2006). load -bearing(a) first year E-learners in courses for theinformation professions. 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