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Classical Mythology - Odyssey Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Classical Mythology - Odyssey - Research wallpaper ExampleHe considered himself as having the same status with King Oedipus (Schefold & Giuliani, 29). This meant that people had to get to the king through and through him. He appeared to have the capability to be a bother to the people if he was the king. However, Creon argued that he was the whizz who made Oedipus the king. After Laius death, the king of Thebes was Creon. However, after his city was tormented by the Sphinx, he announced that anyone with a solution would get both his sister, Jocasta, and his crown. He never went back to that promise.Creon and Odyssey tend to share a flesh of similarities. None of the characters seems to be entirely good or bad. Creon is known to have come up with a harsh law that discouraging people from mourning Polyneices. The penalisation for breaking that rule would be death. accord to Creon, burying and mourning Polyneice was considered to be a criminal act. The penalty was death by stoning in a public square. However, after discovering Antigone was involved in burying Polyneices, he issued a different punishment to her. This revealed that he is not as terrible as he appeals. He ordered that both Antigone and Ismene be guarded well (Marks et al, 53). Creon appears to be stubborn with regard to the harsh law he had proposed. Odysseus, who was the king of Ithaca, appeared to be victorious for ten years. He effectively defended Ithaca in the period of the Trojan War. Although he appeared to be a noble person, it indulged in adultery and forsook his wife, Penelope. This revealed that he was not as respectable as many business leader have thought. Odysseus lay with his wife every night but was unresponsive to her desire.Creon and Odysseus appeared to be flawed in their character. Creon appeared to have excessive pride. He claimed to have exclusive power to give orders in the entire city. As the king, he was the only one issuing orders in the city. His character came out a s domineering and insensitive (Beye, 17).

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