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The Republicans Were Right, But The sanctity of the affidavit (Keillor 102), the controversial hot topic of this year. This is a subject that has sparked great debates not only to those in Congress, but among the American people as well. Some hold the oath as a promise of civility and humanity. On the other hand, others view the morality the oath is supposed to stand for as unreachable and unattainable. In my opinion garrison Keillor sums it up in his analyze, The Republicans Were Right, But. I feel this is a good essay based upon the authors argument of morality, his use of symbolism, and the entire social system of the essay.The rhetorical situation in any given essay or editorial contains deuce-ace main parts the author, the audience, and the medium. The author of this essay, Garrison Keillor, was born(p) and raised in Anoka, Minnesota in 1942. As Mr. Keillor points out quite clearly in the first separate of his essay, he is a democrat. correspond to the Minnesota Publi c Radio home page, he hosts a e real week talk show on public radio called A Prairie business firm Companion. He also hosts the Writers Almanac, a daily five-minute program. He is a rat contributor to Time Magazine, and the author of ten books, including Lake Wobegon Days (1985). Keillors written text of Lake Wobegon Days stock a Grammy award he has also received two ACE awards for cable TV and a George Foster Peabody Award. In 1994, he was inducted to the Radio Hall of Fame at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia). The intended audience for this essay is people that are kindle in current affairs. The medium for this essay is TIME Magazine, a habitual news purpose magazine. Given the rhetorical situation, his argument appears to be very specific.To argue is to attempt to convince a reader to agree with a point of view, to make a decision, or to pursue a special(prenominal) course of action (Eschholz, Rosa, and Clark 429). In an ar gument there are three main elements ethos, logos, and pathos. In ethos, the author tries to build his/her character to the audience. In this extra essay, Mr. Keillor does not build his credibility very well. The only information he reveals is that he is a democrat, which can be found in paragraph one of the essay. The details of Mr.

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