Thursday, March 14, 2019

Death Penalty Essay -- essays research papers

conclusion penalty Barbaric or Justice?Julian Ptachin was only 14 geezerhood old in October 1997 when a inebriated driver smashed into his parents van. His Dad, a physician, had to hold Julian while he died on the side of the road. The drunk driver was a three-timed convicted, repeat offender. He was convicted of second-degree murder and was ordered to arrange eight years in jail. Doesnt something seem wrong with this cinema? Repeat crime convicts are running down the streets rapid endangering our children, our love ones, and even us. What can us, as citizens, do to stop these heinous crimes? The Death Penalty. The Death Penalty has been around for several hundred years. One of the commencement ceremony people to first enforce the death penalty was the Babylonians who would use the trunk of an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.(Matthew 538, KJV) Throughtaboo this reign the Babylonians were very successful and were considered very strong when it came to war tactics. I n ancient times there was no repeat offenders, no repeated crimes, and everybody knew what they had to do to layover alive.Today repeat offenders are walking our streets that we walk on everyday. some(prenominal) newspapers put out names of energizeual offenders who are let out on bail, but yet receive lots of negative feedback for the use of privacy. The American people should have a right to know who the sex offenders are and where i...

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