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Ways Hartley and Frayn present Childhood in The Go-Between and Spies Es

In the Go-Between, Hartley presents the world of sisterren and childhood through the first mortal story (from the viewpoints of the young and old king of beasts), social lions vivid imagination, the themes of growing up and self-aw beness, the conflict between the child and adult world, and the portrayal of Leo as a school boy. Firstly, the writer portrays the world of children through the first person narrative which encapsulates young Leos fresh, spontaneous optimism and hope towards the morning of a new era, My dreams for the twentieth century, and for myself, were coming true(Chapter 1. p. 28). Therefore, this device allows the ref direct access to the intensity yet simplicity of a childs point of view and enhances Leos personal feelings of subtle elation. Furthermore, we can follow out that Leo possesses a aboveboard sense of candidate as he is conveyed as embarking upon his journey in life with the termination confidence, For the first time I felt that I was someo ne (Chapter 1. p.25). Subsequently, this creates a child-like tone of adventure as Leo is described as a somewhat inexperienced and vivacious boy. In addition, the narrator sums up his young self in his own words resilienceresourcefulnessadaptability voluntary sympathy with human naturethose were the qualities I possessed in 1900 (Prologue. p. 19). Thus, jejune Leo is open to life and all its possibilities for success. However, the reader can see that the novelist is setting the scene for Leos expectations to be thwarted and as yet the older Leo recognizes that he was soaring too high, as illustrated by the reference to the legend of Icarus, You flew too near to the sun, and you were scorched (Chapter 1. p. 28). It can alike be seen that the older Leo is prep... ...sual atmosphere created by the heat contributes to Leos feeling that the world in his imagination has more humankind than everyday life. In addition, the weather acts as a metaphor for events which Leo cannot control, It all began with the weather defying me (Chapter 1. p. 39) and comes to symbolize the increasing emotional intensity of a young childs involvement in the adult world, tout ensemble the heat of the afternoon seemed to be concentrated where we stoodIt made me uncomfortable (Chapter 7. P. 82-83). This creates a mood of intense anticipation and suspense as the heat reflects how events are escalating out of control. Furthermore, the writer portrays the world of children through Leo and Marcuss occasional ritual of visiting the thermometer to track record temperatures as it adds to the mood of innocent expectation and conveys the simplicity of childhood pursuits.

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