Sunday, March 24, 2019

Essay --

sex activity roles have always been a constant strife in the world of religion. Wo workforce, more so then hands, have been assay to gain religious power for the past several decades. Many religions already have gender equality, while others fear the change of gender roles.Gender roles in Christianity vary considerably in todays age, as they have during the last two millennia. This is especially true with regards to marriage and ministry. accredited roles in Christian religious groups have been restricted to males or females however. For example, in the Catholic and Orthodox churches, men may serve as priests and only males serve in senior leaders positions such as bishop, patriarch, or pope. Women may serve in positions such as abbess. Christianity emerged from patriarchal societies that gave men the power of authority in marriage, society and government. The status of women in proterozoic Christianity has been debated in recent years, no doubt driven by avocation in the wom ens movement in Western countries today. Evidence in the juvenile Testament clearly supports women doing many things and having many roles within early Christianity. nowhere in the Bible is it clearly and unambiguously express that women and men argon of equal dignity and worth, that women should never be treated as mens inferiors, that the domination of one sex by the other is a sin, or that the divine takes female form. (Linda Woodhead Professor in the sociology of religion in the Department of Politics, Philosophy & Religion at Lancaster University). The rule remains with the husband, and the wife is compelled to obey him by Gods command. He rules the home and the state, honorarium wars, and defends his possessions The woman, on the other hands, is like a nail driven into the wall... ...avior. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more caring and more afflictive to others discomfort and pain. Although men and women have the same potentials for aggression and warm-heartednes s, they differ in which of the two more easily manifests. Thus, if the majority of world leaders were women, mayhap there would be little danger of war and more cooperation on the basis of global rival although, of course, some women can be uncontrollable I sympathize with feminists, but they must not merely shout. They must exert efforts to make positive contributions to society. (Dalai Lama, University of Hamburg 2007). He has very clearly stated that if the majority of world leaders were women, perhaps there would be less danger of war and more cooperation on the basis of global concern , this reinforces Buddhas idea on how a society based on equality can benefit everyone.

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