Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Big Move to College Essay -- Personal Experience Narratives

The Big Move to College Moving away from home has been one of the biggest ch all in allenges that I have had to face so far in the eighteen geezerhood of my life. Moving from my home t accept to the collge dorm was a difficult passage that was necessary for growing up both mentally and physically as an individual. The little more than pentad hundred miles that separates me from my friends and family has allowed me to become the person I am today, and the distance allows me to grow and become more familiar with things that are a building block revolutionary experience for me. One of the many new things that I have had to deal with was making new friends in my environment. As I drove away from my house on the morning of lordly 20th 2005, not only was I saying goodbye to my own dwell and bathroom, but I was also saying goodbye to my family and friends. I just left my house, and had not make it to the freeway that was less than five minutes away from my house when the tears began to form in my blue angel eyes, and in no time they were falling down my cheeks and splashing into my lap. term driving on the freeway for what seemed like only a hardly a(prenominal) minutes, I realized that I would now have to face the detail that I am now old enough, and hopefully mature enough, to dissent college in a different state. I turned on loud, prodigal music to distract me from all the doubts and fears I had intimately college. Eventually I began to think less and less of all the worries I had and more about the new life and friends I would soon have because of this experience. When we arrived at Federal Arizona University, my mom and I made several trips from both of our cars to the room that I would now call my own. Finally, when we were both breathless and tired, she told me that sh... ... state. At first, the passing was tough, but through a simple dinner with girls from my hall, my college experience was made that much better. We all have the p air of freshmen, Megan and Amber, to thank for bringing our whole hall together through the trip to Oreganos for dinner. Little did we know at the time, that we would end up being the best of friends in a matter of weeks. Months later, we all remain close and we know we can trust severally other with our deepest, darkest secrets, and even our lives. Although we do have our quarrels once in a blue moon, when anyone has a problem with another person, the problem is settled in a matter of minutes. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to meet Megan, Renee, Kaycee, Amber, Kara, Arika, Liz and Leah. I believe we will all stay in touch through trials and tribulations during and after college.

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