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Development of E-Recruitment Software

Development of E-Recruitment Softw atomic number 183.7 Advantages Disadvantages of E-RecruitmentThere ar m either benefits both to the employers and the antic noticekers but the not as well as exculpate from a few shortcomings. Some of the advantages and the disadvantages of e Recruitment atomic number 18 as followsAdvantages of E-Recruitment (For the Proposed System) atomic number 18Lower costs to the organization. Also, posting jobs online is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers.No intermediaries.Reduction in the time for enlisting (over 60 percent of the hiring time).Facilitates the recruitment of right type of pile with the required skills.Improved efficiency of recruitment ProcessGives a 24*7 access to online collection of resumes.Online recruitment helps the organizations to weed knocked out(p) the unqualified beddidates in an automated way.Recruitment vanesites overly provide client companies with valuable data and information regarding the compensation o ffered by their competitors which helps the HR managers to take various HR stopping points like promotions, salary trends in industry etc Disadvantages of E-Recruitment Apart from the earlier named benefits, e-recruitment has its own demerits/ disadvantages. Some of them are cover and checking the skill mapping and authenticity of millions of resumes is a problem and time overpowering exercise for organizations.Internet access is yet to become a folk consider and not a want as there is unagitated s keistert(p) or no awareness in more locations crosswise Nigeria.In Nigeria, the employers and the employees still prefer a face-to-face interaction rather than dis postal service e-mails.Other exploiters can reach access to the clay provided he or she meets the pre conditionUnacceptable transports can be make to any of the editable information details i.e. updating false records.Unauthorized staff are banned from getting access to the facility as the showcase whitethorn beEN TITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM OF THE APPLICATION(ER DIAGRAM)DATABASE DESIGN FOR THE E-HIRING APPLICATION Chapter four System DESIGN4.1 System design is change from a drug applyr oriented document to programmers or data base violence. The design is a solution on how to approach the grounding of a new corpse. This is still of several steps. It provides the understanding and procedural details necessary for implementing the dodge recommended in the feasibility study. Designing involves the logical and visible stages of discipline, logical designs reviews the present physical system, prepares input and output specification, details of implementation plan and prepare a logical design walk by.The database tables are intentional by analyzing functions involved in the system and format of the fields is likewise designed. The fields in the database tables should desexualize their role in the system. The unnecessary fields should be avoided because it affects the storage areas of the system. because the design of the input and output screen should be made substance absubstance abuser prosperous. The menu should be precise and compact.4.2 ANALYSIS OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEMThe newly designed system should improve the workability of the existing system. It would take care of the shortf wholes i.e. problems encountered exploitation the manual system of recruitment. It bequeath have a self service faculty for the appliers registration. The proposed system willing be user friendly which makes it easier, faster, and more than reliable to use. For this realize, the platform will have a nett site which any user of internet can access. in one case the applicants have registered they can send their details and the system will automatic every(prenominal)y inventory them in the respective fields.The user should be able toLogin to the system done the first page of employmentCentralize and automate administration of the operation at the departmental level.Use sel f-service and self-guided services (applicants registration)Consolidate recruitment activities on a scalable web-based platformSupport portability and standardsPersonalize content and enable exchange of applicantsManage applicantsHandle applicant selection and sending of mails to boffo applicantsDisplay scores and transcripts4.1 SOFTWARE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE OF THE saucy SYSTEMIn designing the software certain principles are followed1. Modularity and equipment failure Software is designed such(prenominal) that, each system should consist of a hierarchy of modules, partitioned to carry out specific functions.2. Coupling staffs should have little dependence on other(a) modules of a system.3. Cohesion Modules should carry out a single processing function.4. Shared use Avoid duplicate by allowing a single module to be called by others that take the function it provides.4.2 PROCESS REQUIREMENTS USE-CASE MODELLINGThe main objective of constructing the extremitys use-case determin e is to set up and analyze requirements information which helps to prepare a model that communicates what is required from a user perspective but is free of specific details of how the system will be built and implemented. Cockburn, A (2001), notes that a use case captures a contract, describes the systems behavior under various conditions as the system responds to a request from one of its stakeholders. In essence, a use case explains in a nut shell how a user (who can play a number of roles) interacts with the system under a specific set of circumstances. Pressman, S.R (2010), describes Use Case as how a user interacts with the system by defining the steps required to accomplish a specific goal. Using this approach will produce a more robust design that will be in three modules database, championship logic and interface. The use of the waterfall system, RAD (rapid practical use development) with iterative and incremental development allows for the introduction of new requirem ents later in the project without severely affecting the development of the final solution. The steps required to produce this model are the chaseIdentify trading actors.Identify line of work requirement use cases.Construct use-case model diagram.Document business requirement use-case narratives.The project is anticipate to address the future(a) areas-Applicants Registrationjob category creationjob Information Management Moduleshortlisted applicants Information Management ModuleThe registration and management of the Company asset will contain the undermentioned unique information itemsName of applicants,Applicants detailsApplication id,emails,discipline,job renderinggradeARCHITECTURE AND DESCRIPTION OF THE NEW SYSTEMBecause the proposed system is web based and is going to be an ERP (enterprise Resource planning), drill staff can Login at anywhere to gain access to the system. The graphical interface that would be adopted for this testing system is one whereby there is a pa rity with the conventional login system where one user is permitted to login to the system at a time, multiple user login is impossible. The new system is more reliable and secure, and because it is a web based application, it can be deployed on the central boniface, where other work stations can be connected to it once they are on the network and users will be able to view the application. This explains the genius of the flexibility of the testing system to be developed.4.5 INPUT DESIGNThe applicant registration form will be designed such that it will include all information required about the staff job duties. The contents of this form will be similar to the hard likeness form currently in use for staff appraisalA sample of some(a) of the fields in the applicant Reg form interface is depicted infraCHAPTER FIVE executing OF THE PROJECT5.1 PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION OVERVIEWThe development of the recruitment (E-hiring) system for the HR department of Visafone Company is made up of t hree layers namelyThe Interface Layers.The Middle tier Layers(Business Logic)The Database Structure(Ho apply the database tables and stored procedures)This n tier approach to the construction, design and implementation of the project is to fasten that the application is stable and consistent such that any changes on any of the layers will not affect the other layers. For instance, if the database is changed from Microsoft SQL to Oracle, all that call for to be through is a change in connection and not a change in the entire three tier application.The key called HR (located in the midst of the two ) is the connection string while the key SMTP is the server class that connects to the internal mail server to send mails.A Class (Human.cs) was produced as a container for all the methods that will be utilize by the application because the concepts of object oriented programming was used.5.1.1 HARDWAREWindows 7 operating systemVisual studio embedded on Windows 7 operating system for developmentLaptop 60GB HDD2GB RAM5.1.2 SOFTWAREVisual studio 2010 C programming languageSQL 2008 server as back end databaseMicrosoft Visio 20075.2IMPLEMENTATION roleImplementation of the web based recruitment application (E-HIRING system) went through many stages which are5.2.1 Database ConstructionAfter the installation of Microsoft SQL 2008 server, a new database named HRManagement was created utilise the SQL Enterprise Manager. The database was constructed using the flowchart designed in the previous chapter such that columns and table attributes require for the application were created. The following tables and their corresponding parameters were created for this database.tbl_vaccancytbl_HRtbl_Applicanttbl_ApplicantRegistrationtbl_eventtbl_departmenttbl_interviewertbl_RegisterUsertbl_AllRequest5.2.2 Web server ConfigurationTo put together the web server, Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) was installed on the machine to be used for hosting the web pages to be acce ssed.This is done by flicker Start Click Control Panel Click impart/Remove Program Click Add/Remove Windows Component lay off Internet Information Service Insert Windows XP CD Click neighboring Click Finish and Reboot the machine.Click Start unspoiled Click My Computer and Select Manage Click Services and Application hit the ceiling the Internet Information Services Icon Expand Web sites Right Click Default Web Site Click on Properties and configure the parameters.5.2.3Business layer Creation and ReferencingAfter the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, the business layer (which has to do with the business logic behind the research project) was created using the namespace FIRSBusinessLayer and the Visual Studio application gives us the Microsoft.ApplicationBlock.Data which is used for the connection to the database. In separate to make them usable, they were referenced in the application by doing the followingStart Visual Studio Click on HRManagement C lick enchant and select Solution Explorer (which opens at the side of the page) Right- brattle References under HRManagement and click Add Reference which opens the Add Reference box.Click on Projects sacking double click the FIRSBusinessLayer and click ok to add the reference as shown belowAlso double click on the and click ok to reference it.A screenshot of the created methods and properties is shown below5.2.4Creation of InterfacesThese were created as modules to give the various methods the expected parameters. Visual Studio was used for designing the interfaces using the control toolbox which consists of textbox, image, spillages and labels. The following interfaces were created and viewed using Windows ExplorerCHANGEPASSWORD.aspxcreateApplicant.aspxCreateChannelmanager.aspxRegisterUsers.aspxsetupInterviewers.aspxaboutus.aspxAllallocatedApplicant.aspxAllRegsisteredApplicant.aspxStaffLogin.aspxcareers.aspx dwelling pxHRlogin.aspxHRmanagement.aspxHRrespond.aspxlistofjobsforRRespondr.aspxRecoverPassword.aspxStaffLogin.aspxUnder Set up bookletcreateApplicant.aspxcreateDepartment.aspxcreateHRstaff.aspxCreateVacancy.aspxStaffLogin.aspxSearchAndRequstForApplicant.aspxSearchAndRequstForvaccancy.aspxSearchAndRequstForvaccancyByVcancyNo.aspxStatusOfApllicant.aspx5.2.5Debugging the ApplicationThe debugging tool is used essentially for testing the application to see if the three tiers (i.e. the database structure, middle tier and Interface) are properly connected. The debugging tool was used severally to see if the application can compile, many errors were displayed and break points were created at suspected sources of error and they were corrected accordingly. To confirm that the application is error free, the following was doneOpen the Project in Visual Studio (i.e. HRManagement in this case) and Click Build solution on the Build button. After successful compilation, it will show Build Succeed, 0 Skip ped, 0 failed. See screenshot belowHome.aspx is configured as the start up page for the application and all pages are linked back to the main site by clicking the HOME button on page. To run the application, Click on the Debug button and Click Start, this opens the main site through the browser.5.3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSIn order to effectively run this application, the required minimum hardware specifications are processor Speed Pentium V, 1.4GHZRAM Size 512MBA USB port or CD DriveDisplay Settings 1024X768 pixelsOperating System Windows XP, Windows 2000 or 2003 Server5.5USER send/MANUALThis application is to be used by three groups of people namelyRegistered users These are registered users e.g. staff, interviewers, HR assistant, Admin. etc they can request, check Applicant status, and by and by view and allocate applicants once they have been properly authenticated by the system. The Administrator manages the software application. He performs administrative tasks such as configuring the application to automatically send mails to selected applicants generate summarized reports and create personnel. He can also Create HR Managers, Create Registered Users and Create Interviewers etc.HR personnel These are also the soul of the software they can see all Applicants application on the system, they can also authorize/select, delete, hire, they can also create other users in the system, can close vacancy, create applicant, create interviewers and allocate interviews.Applicants This is the person that applies for a vacancy or one that has elect to apply into the various jobs vacancies advertised. He uses the application by applying for the various openings, and when employ a reference number is generated .With the reference number he/she can check the status of its application .i.e. hired, rejected and if vacancy is still useable. Once he has submitted its application into the system, he/she can also edit some of its profile.CHAPTER SIX culmination AND RECOMMENDATIONS6 .1 ACHIEVEMENTSThe following were achieved by the projectUncover savings through business process improvement and support for strategic decision makingGained control of the Recruitment processIncreased accountability to ensure complianceEnhanced performance of assets and the life cycle management run a risk reduction through standardization and tracking, proper documentation, loss of records ,detection of employees recordsAlign IT with business goals to support business decisions6.2 LIMITATIONS AND CONSTRAINTSThe limitations encountered in the course of this project are as followsBecause this project has to do with recruitments, the various security measures put in place by other companies visited and this made it difficult to get more information. No company wants to divulge its security information i.e. personnel recordsLimited materials available to specifically address the project goalsLimited time to develop the applicationLack of enough programming skills to come up with somet hing better than this in terms of project delivery6.3 AREAS OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENTWhile I believe a great work has been done in the development of an e-hiring recruitment processing systems for the HR department, the following still needs to be addressedThe system should be integrated with an SMS alert system using a third party provider systemThe application needs to be tested by so many users to ascertain its forceIt database needs to be upgraded to SQL 2008 full versionThe system should provide spicy level-based approval process in order to improve security and quicken requisition process.It should provide capabilities to aid IT infrastructure staff knowing what IT assets they have, where they are and their status.Provide an channel for easy IT Asset movement and assignment.An encryption algorithmic rule was not used for the database as its not designed for commercial message use and resident only on my system for project purposes. and the research work is open to further d evelopment by whoever deems it fit.6.4 RECOMMENDATIONS referable to the deficiencies of the current method and the need to improve the method, there is a need for a web based recruitment processing system, that reduces or all told eliminates paper involvement, providing accurate inventory status report, ease decision making, and provides an avenue where by each IT asset can be tracked, assigned and re-assigned.6.5 CONCLUSIONIt is expected that the E-hiring (Recruitment) system should help to increase productivity to the organization through sourcing for qualified job seekers. It should help eliminate the burden of space that is needed to store the hard copies of Cvs. Thus, different organizations (governmental and nongovernmental) are expected for source for candidates through the online requirement system. ORS should be the determinants of recruitment due to its benefits which has astounding advantages.

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