Thursday, March 21, 2019

Racism Essay -- Racial Relations, White

The first, and perhaps most crucial, business organization is that of facing the fact that some of what we white the great unwashed d profess is unearned. Its a truism that we dont really make it on our own we all micturate plenty of help to achieve whatever we achieve. (Jensen, 1)When reflecting on this statement you bulge out to see that what Jensen is telling us is genuinely true. Since born, and while growing up, legion(predicate) white people have been handed everything needed to succeed and feel the necessary tools and help to achieve anything. We dont realize this because many an(prenominal) of us argon continually congratulated on the success actually fostered through the people who recognize and care for us. What people need to realize is that there are people who are not born into these situations, and are continually fighting to conk away from their abusive families that do not support them. A irregular fear is crasser White peoples fear of losing what we ha ve -- literally the fear of losing things we own if at some point the economic. political, and cordial systems in which we live conk out more just and equitable. (Jensen, 1)Everyone fears losing something that they are accustomed to, whether it be material goods, social status, or power. People are often simulateed psychologically when they have something, and for whites, it would make them feel less superior than other races if they did lose something. many whites feel that they lose power when other races break through barriers and operate more powerful than they are. Jensen reaffirms the idea that people are born into a society where affluence and material comfort will obviously affect how someone feels and reacts to losing whatever they have lost.A third fear involves a slightly different scenario -- a world in which ... ...enating to people of discolor people of colors identities, experiences, and ways of communication are often outside the very restricted languag e and the very limited representations of people like them in the stories they read. (Marrero, 10)Marrero brings up a very interesting point when showing the commentator that people are sometimes limited in ways of communicating because of the classroom setting they are surrounded with. When you reflect on how many teachers use dominant paradigms in their teachings, you begin to realize that students voices are inherently constrained. You then begin to ask yourself the scary questions of how many people have already been restricted from using their own voice and how many stay on to be in this situation today? People are uneffective to develop a broader world view unless we are able to harken to how other people communicate.

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