Saturday, March 16, 2019

Omar Epps Essay -- Actor Love and Basketball Movies Essays

Omar Epps In the movies, honor and Basketball, and The Program the viewer can affect various similarities that develop. One of the obvious comparisons can be resonaten in how the pseudo Omar Epps performs and the similar situations hes faced with. In both films, he goes through struggles and reveals the life of a highly recruited athlete. The Program is produced by surface-to-air missileuel Goldwyn, Jr., turn Love and Basketball is produced by Spike Lee and Sam Kitt. Love and Basketball is a movie that combines a love story with how basketball game affects the relationship of two high school sweethearts. The two main characters in the movie are Quincy and his girlfriend, Monica. Quincy is played by Omar Epps and the story begins with showing how he is a very talented athlete in the central percentage of Los Angeles. He goes to a high school by the name of Crenshaw and is the attracter of their well-known basketball team. By the end of his senior year, many colleg es somewhat the nation want him to come and represent their school. Quincy eventually tells all of his fans and supporters he has chosen to go to the University of Southern California. In the mean time, his soon to be girlfriend, Monica, is also expected to attend the same college. Later in the movie, Quincy and Monica give way along together and problems start to rise. Because Quincy is so popular with all the girls on campus he ends his relationship with Monica and starts his quest for the right girl to marry. On another note, throughout the movie a very noticeable trait that Quincy displays is his confidence. For instance, Quincy always seems to get what he wants and his attitude towards everything is he will eventually be the best. This is broadly seen in his actions around girls and on the bask... with Autumn because he is confident in his capabilities. Another correlation between the two films is the family problems they face. Each character comes from a h ome where the parents arent together anymore or they really never knew them. Lastly, Omar Epps is rewarded with the girl of his dreams in each motion picture, and it ends in a pouffe tale fashion. Looking at each movie, the observer can see why Omar Epps was chosen for the main roles. He does a great personal credit line of presenting a college athlete faced with hardships and how to deal with adversity. His actions in both movies are comparable and because he plays an athlete, they have the same general theme. Each implementation feeds off the other and after making The Program, Spike Lee and Sam Kitt probably thought Omar Epps would be perfect for Love and Basketball. In the end, he did a pretty good job.

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