Thursday, March 14, 2019

Christian Unity and Ecumenism Essay -- Ecumenicalism, Ecumenical Movem

The ideal of unity seems to be of great importance in the sacred world, but rarely is it ever achieved among professed delivery boyians. However, it is vit ally important to pick up unity in its Biblical light. Jesus prayed in John 1721, That they all may be unmatched, as thou, Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. By definition, unity is the state of being one. In order to have a unified church every member must be one one with the Father and the give-and-take. Subsequently, to achieve such an oneness, each member must be perfectly holy, because God is holy. Unfortunately, this is where a clear contrast is do between the saints and mere religious professors. Religious professors practice ecumenism at the cost of disregarding Gods word. Religion will sacrifice the doctrine of Christ in order to achieve an outward union. Religion will bring forth allowances for sin, worldliness, heresies, and othe r spirits of ungodliness in order to gain a universal, all inclusive church. Ecumenism is the spirit of the age and its origins can be traced to the pits of hell, the promoter of Babylon. Ecumenical spirits influence various religions to lay parenthesis theological differences, and accept and tolerate diverse beliefs coming together and forming ecclesiastical bonds. Historically, Catholics and Protestants fought each other, and not only by dint of verbal exchange, but through physical means as well. World and religious leaders forthwith advocate accepting all faiths and tolerance of differing viewpoints. For the most part they take a hop the ideals of the general consensus. Popular opinion suggests that there are various paths to God, and it is assign minded to believe there is only on... short of it will be eternally lost. The message of the Church of God is come out of her my quite a little and be not a partaker of her (Babylon) sins. Come out of all false religion, even if it be under the guise Church of God. depart sects, denominations, and systems of men Forsake ecumenism for it is the promotion of Satan and is available at a bargain rate at almost every religious grocers market, but at the price of eternal damnation. It costs nothing to find out the compliment of religious establishments, but will cost man his instinct because it does not obtain the approval of God. Ecumenism is of the flesh and has deceived and will slip by to deceive multitudes. There is only one kind of unity that meets the approval of heaven and the criteria of Gods word, and it is the unity of the spirit. May fellowship first begin with God, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

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