Monday, March 25, 2019

Mercantilism Essay -- essays research papers

The year 1607 brought Eng sphere into the "New World" with its first base permanent settlement at Jamestown, and the following years would bring more(prenominal) than Ameri bottom colonies to the British Empire. When sending people into the new land, the side plotted to use a mercantilist policy and fully use the colonies for their resources. The colonists creation of the dictum "Mother countries exist for the benefit of their colonies" is sufficient because Englands original intentions of mercantilism in short disappe atomic number 18d after their entrance into this new existence. The reason for the decline in their motives can be traced to many occurrences, most notably benign neglect of the colonies and versed slope conflicts. In many cases, the mother country was doing more for the colonies than the colonies were for their homeland. too offering them security measures and giving them more rights than the Englishmen, England also guaranteed the colonists a market to sell products.     The English had one of the best naval forces in the world and as a result of being under British come across the colonies also had the privilege of having an excellent navy. The like policy went for ground troops, the colonists were accustomed protection from the French and Indians without having to train a bigger army. British redcoats were instruct in England and sent to protect colonists in the States. As stated by Dean Tucker in Dean Tucker Advises a disassociate, colonial protection put severe burden on the English treasury. 300,000 to 400,000 pounds a year were spent on protecting colonies. Adam smith also touches this subject in Adam smith Criticizes Empire. Smith argues that as a result of sending British troops to America during wars, England lost a large quantity of money. This shows that in many cases the English were in fact working for the colonies, although the principal of mercantilism shows the opposite. Unl ike those that real lived in England and had to pay large sums of money to support the army, the colonists received protection for free.      Although the Navigation Acts posed on the colonists hurt some, for many it would mean monetary stability. Farmers in South Carolina and Virginia had the privilege of heavy tobacco growth. At the same time, middle colonies had fertile soil making it a good land for grain. Others such as Massachuset... ... benefit their motherland, and in Spains case that was emphatically true. France had similar intentions, entirely to a lighter degree. France greatly used their colonies for lovesome materials such as fur. These fur hats extreme popularity in France resulted in large profits for the country. Mercantilism played a large role in colonial settlements, and its affects are still seen today. Many protective tariffs are move to offer workers protection. Although strict policies are no longer enforced, cases of mercantilism a re still apparent.      Although both sides gained as well as lost in the relationship, the colonists benefited the most. Not only did they receive free protection, but also they had more rights than Englishmen and had a guaranteed market to sell products. So, it is possible for the colonists to reverse the maxim. By doing so, its just as true as the original statement. Mercantilism declined, but only in America. Other nations continued using the policy and in many cases it can still be seen today. Mercantilism played a large role in shaping America, and even though its ideals were not completely successful, America would not be the same without it.

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