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Simulated business: JKL Industries Essay

Business and strategic be afterMissionJKL Industries is an Australian owned company selling forklifts, sm exclusively trucks and sp argon parts to application. We bed value to customers and investors through our highly trained, motivated, and expert hightail itforce.VisionJKL Industries believes in underdeveloped and unlocking the potential of its people to everyow the company to become the leading supplier of forklifts, sm every last(predicate), intermediate and large trucks in Australia.Company valuesPerformance chastity survey for investors, customers and employeesPersonal and professional developmentDiversitySustainability.Strategic planningGoalsStrategic objectivesOperational objectives go forth value to investors and ownersIncrease overall gainfulness by 10% over next three years abase costs through negotiations with suppliersReduce costs through HR commission efficienciesIncrease revenue through providing increased customer value plump underperforming commercializ es JKL give withdraw from the rental market and close the rental component within the next 18 monthsHR partners with profession to military service tune achieve financial goals HR completes scan of outside conditions and market/ assiduity forces impacting competitiveness and capability development ply value to customersJKL allow delay to sell and service forklifts and expand their market share by 7% within the next 1218 months Provide quality customer serviceJKL will expand existing classifyes to accept the sale of medium and large trucks within 18 monthsHR partners with business organization to help business meet customer necessitate HR partners with front line managers to help them meet the needs of customers through motivated, competent and well- equipped staff soften merciful potentialProvide required teachDeliver cultivation to upskill rental employeesRecruitConduct skills audits and needs analysis for all portions to be filled by recruitment strategyBecome an employer of choiceProvide own(prenominal) development plans for all employeesProvide best in industry programs incentives and HR servicesManage performance and adherence to governanceal values realized twice-yearly performance reviewsCommunicate nerveal values and code of conductContinuously rectify trading operations and focussing efficiency supervise performance in all areas of strategy and operational efficiencyMonitor direction inputs such as completion of reporting and coaching requirementsMonitor stock turns of forklifts, trucks, etc.Monitor HR service delivery efficiencyOperational planJKL intends to follow through operational plans to realise strategic objectives. Key aspects to operations entangle tender resources, performance management, physical and financial resources and workflow.Human resourcesThe organisation is currently exploitation a HR business partner model with a human resources baronr aligned to each of the three key business areas Sales, buy the farm rentals, and service. JKL employees over 190 personnel in the following categories as show in the organisation chart below.The Managing Director reports to a board of directors and is ground in the Sydney corporate office, along with the Operations Manager, HR Department and the finance and government team. The HR Manager reports to the operations manager and heads up the HR centres of excellence that include recruitment, learning and development, and employee relations and services. In each of the state-based sites at that place is a branch office consisting of an office building, warehouse, service department and gross gross gross revenue office. The Human Resources Officers (Business Partners) report to both the HR Manager at boss Office and their respective managers in the branches. A summary of human resources at each location appears belowSydney head officePersonnel30 full-time and casual sales and customer service people (8 sales consultants 8 retail sales consulta nts 5 mechanics 3 assimilators, 3 HR officers 3 administrative assistantsAccounts Manager and 2 accountantssenior management team (3) + one Branch Manager (Operations Manager, HR Manager, Finance and Administration Manager CEO and managing directors.BranchesEach branch employs the following personnel30 full-time and casual sales and customer service people (8 sales consultants 8 retail sales consultants 5 mechanics 3 apprentices, 3 HR officers 3 administrative assistantsBranch Manager.Office requirementsSydney Head officeSize 15,000 squarely metres (70% space available for sales and rentals 25 available for servicing) super mezzanine office space (occupied by higher-ranking counsel Team). Loading bay with large capacity.BranchesAverage Size 12,000 square metres (70% space available for sales and rentals 25 available for servicing) Large mezzanine open-plan office space with separate access (was antecedently rented out to a telemarketing company)Loading bay with large capacity. direct chapiter requirementsJKL requires approximately 13 million dollars in working capital to sustain the business and ensure it meets all opening and ongoing financial obligations.Operational expensesWages, salaries$6,000,000Consultancy fees$150,000Communication expenses$120,000Marketing$2,400,000Premises expenses$3,000,000Insurance$356,000Depreciation and amortization$540,000Office supplies$180,000Training$180,000Total Expenses$12,926,000Insurance requirementsJKL will consume to draw costs for business liability insurance. The estimated cost for this requirement is $356,000 per year. Operational workflowSales1. Negotiate with suppliers.2. Receive and warehouse products.3. Provide service and discipline to customers.4. Receive payment.5. Arrange delivery of items (if required).Rentals1. Conduct market look to posit needs.2. Negotiate with suppliers.3. Receive and warehouse rental products.4. Provide service and knowledge to rental customers.5. Receive payment.6. Arrange de livery of items (if required).Service1. Conduct market research to determine needs.2. Negotiate with suppliers.3. Receive and warehouse service supplies.4. Provide service and information to service customers.5. Receive payment.JKL accepts cash, EFTPOS and major credit cards. faith terms are available for trades.Operating hoursJKL go bads Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. JKL will be operational yearround except federal and state holidays (as they apply to each branch).JKL policies and proceduresJKL has a number of policies and procedures to support its ticker values and to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.Code of conductJKL Industries acknowledges its role as a responsible corporate citizen. JKLs success will result non simply from satisfying specific equipment needs for a quality product at reasonable prices, nevertheless from conducting its business with oneness and in accordance with the core values of the organisation.Employees and officers of JKL are ex pected to fuck off note and support the core values of the organisationPerformance excellenceValue for investors, customers and employeesPersonal and professional developmentDiversitySustainabilityRespect others and treat others (colleagues, managers, reports, clients, customers and organisational stakeholders) with blondness typify in accordance with applicable statute law, standards and industry codes of practice present honestly to entertain the reputation of JKL avoid the fact or bearing of conflict of vex Protect the seclusion of others in accordance with organisational loneliness and recordkeeping policies.Legislative requirementsIt is company polity to comply in all respect with local/state/federal government legislation. The germane(predicate) legislation that needs to be complied with includes Competition and Consumer sham 2010Disability secretion manage 1992 agree concern Opportunity for Women in the employmentplace Act 1999 Fair Work Act 2009Freedom of I nformation Act 1982Privacy Act 1988racial discrimination Act 1975 sanctuary, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988Sex Discrimination Act 1984State and territory health and pencil eraser legislationJKLs form _or_ system of government of compliance with legislation requires each employee to understand the legislation germane(predicate) to their position. Managers and employees of JKL are expected to conduct their operations in a air consistent with all applicable legislation. relevant legislation is available for indite through senior management, HR or via access to the internet. State legislation and summary notes are accessed on state government websites. A lookout to accessing federal and state legislation, court decisions, key national and state bodies and research tools is available at Parliament of Australia, Key internet links on Australian law, viewed January 2014, .Health, preventive and rehabilitation indemnityThe purport of this insurance policy is to state the organisations payload to reducing and managing health and safety risks, and delivering workers compensation and rehabilitation and first aid training. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL.applicable legislation includes gum elastic, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Cwlth)Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW)state health and safety Acts that apply to each branch (check your states legislation) Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW)Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1988 (NSW). The JKL health, safety and rehabilitation policy are displayed in all work locations. JKLs commitment to the work health and safety is further detailed as part of the JKL Work Health and Safety Management Standards.Workplace harassment, victimisation and blustery policyThe intent of this policy is to underscore the organisations commitment to the elimination of all forms of bullying and harassment in the employment. All employees have the u pright to conduct their work within a sane, supportive, high-performance environment. Harassment, victimisation and bullying in the workplace are illegal and such actions are not tolerated by JKL. round members found to be harassing or bullying other members of staff or customers will face disciplinary action ranging from counselling and performance management to summary dismissal. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL. Relevant legislation may include, but is not expressage toDisability Discrimination Act 1992Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 Racial Discrimination Act 1975Sex Discrimination Act 1984Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).Anti-discrimination and equal probability policyThe purpose of this policy is to underscore the organisations commitment tothe fair treatment of all personnel and customers. JKL Industries values the diversity of its team, clients and communities and respects the rights of individuals an d groups to operate in an environment free of discrimination. Access and equity (diversity and anti-discrimination) is fundamental to the operations of JKL. It is embedded in policies, practices and forward planning. JKL recognises the importance of diversity in achieving our vision. JKL understands the business environment and actively assists customers to reach their optimum potential. Our primary objective is to be solution-oriented and focused on customer needs. JKL recognises that valuing diversity is pivotal to achieving its vision. A welcoming, supportive environment will be provided leading to positive learning and employment, and individuals having the opportunity to reach their optimum potential.At JKL, anyone engaged in employment or the provision or receipt of training and/or services has the right to operate in an environment that is free from discrimination on the case of age breastfeeding disability industrial bodily process logical put forwardual drill marital post physical features political belief or activity pregnancy race religious belief or activity sex gender identity sexual orientation parental or carer status employment activity or personal association with any individuals with these characteristics. Procedures are in place for handling any grievances including complaints of discrimination, unfair treatment or harassment. Complaints will be taken seriously and every effort will be made to resolve them quickly, impartially, empathically and with enamor confidentiality. Victimisation of complainant/s and witness/es is illegal. Complaints may also be lodged with a relevant government agency or regulatory body. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL. Relevant legislation may include, but is not restrain toDisability Discrimination Act 1992Equal Employment Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 Racial Discrimination Act 1975Sex Discrimination Act 1984Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).JKL is co mmitted to upholding affirmative action, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation. This legislation is detailed atLegislation, Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, viewed January 2014, .Privacy policyThe purpose of this policy is to outline JKLs commitment to protecting the right to silence of both employees and customers.Customer information is treated under the following rules.1. arrayOrganisations must ensure that individuals are aware their personal information is world collected, why, who it might be passed on to and that they can ask the organisation what personal information it holds some them.2. UsePersonal information may not be collected unless it is necessary for an organisations activities and must nevertheless be used for the purpose it was collected.3. entropy qualityOrganisations must take steps to ensure that the personal information they collect is accurate, complete and up-to-date. 4. Data securityAn organisation must take reasonable steps to protect the personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.5. OpennessAn organisation must have a policy memorial outlining its information handling practices and make this available to anyone who asks.6. Access and studyGenerally, an organisation must give an individual access to personal information it holds near the individual on request.7. IdentifiersGenerally, an organisation must not adopt, use or disclose an identifier that has been assigned by a Commonwealth government agency.8. namelessnessOrganisations must give people the option to interact anonymously whenever it is lawful and practicable to do so9. Transborder data flowsAn organisation can provided transfer personal information to a recipient in a foreign country in circumstances where the information will have appropriate protection.10. Sensitive informationSensitive information (such as about someones health, political opinions or se xual preference), may provided when be collected with the consent of the individual (unless a public interest exception applies). JKL takes care to respectemployees to privacy and fully complies with our obligations under relevant legislation. Employee records are exempt from the Privacy Act.Records includeemployee records and personnel filesreferee reportsworkplace surveillance and monitoring.Although such records are exempt from the Privacy Act, JKL commits to protecting the privacy of employees through providing access to own records where available or practicable for correction undertaking not to pass on data to others or external parties except for the strict purposes of undertaking JKL business or without express permission. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL.Relevant legislation may include, but is not limited toPrivacy Act 1988Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.Recordkeeping policyThe purpose of this policy is to outline the orga nisations approach to recordkeeping. At JKL, records management systems are based on developing and implementing recordkeeping policies, procedures, and practices to meet the operational needs of the organisation and that comply with externally imposed standards such as legislation. Implementation strategies for recordkeeping systems include ensuring the system to meets all of the operational and strategic needs of JKL documenting the system (see procedures)training personnel to create and store recordssetting standards for recordkeeping and monitoring the use of systems ensuring all legislative requirements are met, including for retention periods. JKL adheres to the Australian and international standard for recordkeeping, AS ISO 15489 2002 Records Management. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL. Relevant legislation may include, but is not limited toPrivacy Act 1988anti-discrimination legislation.Recordkeeping proceduresFile managementCreate a per sonal subfolder within the server (using your name as the subfolder name) to hold your casual working files. Do not store company data on your C drive (i.e. do not save work only to your computer, rather than to the network) unless absolutely necessary. Company data should be stored in the appropriate server drive. Unlike the servers which are backed up automatically, data on your own computer is not backed up and your work may be lost if you experience a system crash. If you use a laptop and require access to files offsite, you will be set up with remote access to server files away from the office. When documents are completed, they should be protected to the appropriate completed work folder in your department.FilenamesFilename should include authors last name, title of report (or abbreviated title of report), and date of submission. Back-upsBack-up copies of all electronic files on the server are made twice weekly. If you go an extended time away from the office network using a laptop, it is your responsibility to ensure local copies of company files are backed up. vocational education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships policy The purpose of this policy is to underscore JKLs commitment to developing hands capability and developing its people. JKL is committed to providing young and new-sprung(prenominal) graduates in gaining employment in the industry. Apprentices and trainees are rostered on each invoke with at least one vocationally competent person who supervises the apprentice/trainees work and performance of duties. JKL directs all clients to the relevant guide to apprenticeships and traineeships and the relevant government websites.This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL.Performance management policyThe purpose of this policy is to underscore JKLs commitment to monitoring performance, developing workforce capability and developing its people. Performance reviews should be held twice yearly by managers. Per formanceshould be monitored against agreed KPIs and feedback provided on a regular basis. This policy applies to all officers, employees and contractors of JKL.Relevant legislation may include, but is not limited toPrivacy Act 1988anti-discrimination legislationequal employment opportunity legislation.

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